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Curse of the Sands 27 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 27th July 2021 DK tells Siya that she must have come to this palace to fool Mohini, but this palace has many secrets which Siya does not know. Siya thinks she knows all her secrets and will provoke DK so much that she herself takes her to Dayimaa’s body. She drops tea on DK. DK shouts in pain. Mohini emerges and asks what happened now. DK says Kali burnt her. Siya/Kali starts her drama and says she got tea for DK, but she did not drink it and throwing it on herself blaming her instead. 

Mohini warns DK to not trouble Kali again and walks away. DK fumes that Siya has made her helpless and even being a chudail she cannot do anything. Kali then walks into Rana’s room and seeing him sound alseep smells him and realizes he is not yet drunk. He wakes up and shouts what is he doing here. Mohini walks in next and asks what is Kali doing here. Kali says she was checking if he is drunk or not. Mohini calms down. Rana shouts he needs to sleep and is not a chudail like Mohini to be awake all the time. He pushes Mohini out and locks door.

Vanraaj repeatedly carves Siya’s name on his hand and it heals. He determines to keep injuring himself and not let Siya’s name fade away from his hand. Jhumri enters spreading smoke, Rana falls asleep.

Kali takes Mohini out and tries to calm her down. Mohini fumes that Rana always insults her calling chudail and does not value her love, enough now she will punish Rana for his arrogance and ignoring her. Siya tries to calm her down, but then sees DK walking away and thinks she must be going towards Dayimaa’s body. She thinks to follow DK, but gets worried that Mohini may harm Rana.

Curse of the Sands 27 July 2021: Raj Jyotishji walks into Vanraj’s room and asks Jhumri what is she doing here. Jhumri nervously says she came to apply medicine on Vanraj’s wounds. Raj Jyotishji asks what is this smoke. Jhumi nervously sets off smoke. Raj Jyotishji asks her to go out, he will apply medicine on Vanraj’s wound. She walks away making jealous face. Raj Jyotishji then checks Vanraj’s hand and seeing Siya’s name thinks he knew Vanraj would have done this, good he came at right time and did not let Jhumri see it.

Siya/Kali follows DK. DK gets suspicious and turns back. Kali hides and follows her again. DK turns. Rana holds Kali aside just then.

Kali/Siya follows DK when Rana holds her and pulls her aside, then apologizes and says he did not want to drag her like this. Kali sees him shivering and asks if Manmohini did something. He requests her to get back his alcohol. Kali says he promised not to touch liquor till he finds sketch girl. He asks her to search girl soon then, he cannot stay away from alcohol. Kaali sees DK walking far away and thinks she needs to help Ram/Rana now than following DK. She takes Rana to his room and tries to calm him down while he fights alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He falls asleep. She thinks how to tell that she is the girl he is searching for and hopes he accepts her with her true identity. She hears someone comingt and hides. Mohini walks in with Maya and Madira and says she needs ret ke raja’s help to control Rana.

Mohini leaves for desert to meet ret ke raja. Mohini thinks she should find out what his ret ke raja issue is, but will first find out where DK is. She uses GPS to track DK. Mohini reaches desert and dances on Rakta Charitra…song to call Ret ke raja. Ret ke raja emerges and says she forgot him after her goal is met, now he cannot make her back as human. Mohini pleads to forgive her and help her achieving her intention. Ret ke raja says she cannot become human, but if she kills Rana, he can rebirth with new identity and then she can get Rana. Mohini agrees and returns home laughing and thinking she will kill Rana and get him forever.

Curse of the Sands 27 July 2021 zee world: Mohini tracks DK’s location to burial ground and walks towards her, but finds a dummy instead. DK kicks her into coffin and says she planned to trap her and now she will expose her true identity to Mohini. Mohini in her room sees her skin bleeding and realizes kali is in trouble. She shouts kali. Rana wakes up hearing kali’s name and walking to her asks if kali is fine. Mohini says yes and thinks she should find out where Kali is. DK closes kali’s coffin while she pleads not to. She thinks now Mohini has to listen to her.

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