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Curse of the Sands 3 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 3rd August 2021 Rana requests Kali/Siya to stay tonight with him as he will not get sleep and may go back to alcoholism. Kali asks not to think of it, she will not let his life be ruined, he can go and rest. He nods okay. She tries to sleep on the floor when he insists she sleeps on the bed while he sleeps on the floor as they both are Mohini’s servants. He makes her sleep on the bed and drapes a blanket over her. He himself then sleeps on the floor reminiscing Kali’s concern for him. He gets up and sits next to Kali holding her hand.

The next morning, Kali takes juice for Mohini and sees her crying lying on the floor. Mohini asks her to get out. Kali thinks she cannot go without calming Mohini. She says she will not go even if Mohini kills her. Mohini shouts that a common human Rana rejected her love; she killed his whole family to get him, but he ruined her plan; now she will show desert’s bhura jaddoo/black magic. She asks Kali to go as no human can see her magic. Siya returns to Dayimaa and informs that Mohini will use bhura jadoo, she needs to do something and teach Mohini a lesson.

Rana waits for Kali eagerly. Kali walks in and says he acts like an angry young man the whole day, but last night he was afraid to sleep alone. He says he was emotional last night. She continues her commentary and offers him water. He holds her hand. She gets nervous. He leaves his hand and says he is tired of chudails and requests her to help him get out of this mess, he needs his life and identity back. Kali promises to help him even by giving her life. She makes him sit and asks why can’t he himself get out of this place. Rana says he cannot as he promised Mohini. He then sees Mohini walking towards his room and throwing food pushes Kali to get out. Kali pleads Mohini to do something before Rana harms himself. Mohini opens the room door via black magic and walks in. Rana holding a glass piece on his wrist threatens to stop right there, else he will kill himself.

Mohini walks into Rana’s room and sees him holding a broken glass piece on his wrist and warning her to stay away, else he will cut his wrist. Kali/Siya, Dayimaa, Maya, and Madira also walk in and Kali pleads with him not to harm himself. Rana warns her to stay away and confronts Mohini that she called him her slave yesterday and showed that he is just her puppet. Mohini apologizes and requests not to harm himself. Ram says she should not do any black magic on him. Mohini promises. Rana says if she breaks her promise, he will break his promise and no longer be her protector, threatening her to cut his wrist. Mohini says she will not promise anything like this. Rana says to keep her promise with herself and wait for him for another 500 years as she will not get him in this life; he cuts his wrist. Siya and Mohini stand shocked. Rana collapses. Mohini does black magic on Rana’s wrist and cures his hand. Rana wakes up. Mohini says she has right on not only his life but also his death; he cannot even breathe or lessen his life without her permission, so technically if she is chudail, her black magic made him half pisach/evil. Rana warns her that whenever she is not around him, he will kill himself. Kali tells Mohini that Rana has lost his mental balance and may kill himself, asks her to come out with her. Mohini says she will not go away from Rana. Dayimaa/DK and Maya/Madira also insist on her and say they will watch Rana. Rana laughs at Mohini that he will execute his plan. Mohini walks away with Kali. Rana hopes Kali succeeds in her plan and reminisces Kali promising she will free him from Mohini’s black magic and the rest of their plan.

Kali/Siya takes Mohini out and insists she to promise Mohini. Mohini says she will not. Kali asks if she trusts her powers, then she should agree. She returns back to Rana’s room. Dayimaa asks if Mohini did not agree. Mohini walks in and says she is ready to promise. Rana asks her to promise that if she breaks her promise, she will lose him. Mohini stands silently. Rana shouts he knew Mohini will not promise. Mohini promises that she, chudail of chudails, will not use her black magic on Rana and if she breaks a promise, Rana can leave her forever.

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