Curse of the Sands 31 August 2021: Ram enters wearing Krishna’s attire. People chant Kunwar saa ki Jai. Siya walks down wearing her usual dress. People discuss kunwar rani saa did not wear Radha’s attire; they request her to wear Radha’s dress as their Radha and Krishna’s dance is the highlight of Janmashtami. Ram asks if he will have a chance to dance with his Radha. 

Zee world Curse of the Sands update Tuesday 31 August 2021

Siya says she is having headaches and cannot dance. Bindu asks Ram to go and change then. Gopika walks in delivering dialogues and dances as Radha with Ram on Radha Kaise Na Jale…song. People discuss who is she, one says she is the one who saved Kunwarsaa’s illegitimate child. Dayimaa thinks she will not allow this new woman to spoil Ram and Siya’s relationship.

After the dance performance, Dayimaa as Ravan says it is time for Kanha to break Dahi handi. Siya asks Ram to lift Mann. Ram does. Mann breaks Dahi’s handi and shouts. Siya gets tensed. Mann laughs. Siya pampers him. Dayimaa stands tensed seeing her plan failed. Siya asks her why she looks tense,d looks like she has seen her before. Dyimaa doesn’t speak. Mann insists her chance is clothed as it’s itching. Siya takes him to his room to change and walks away.

Mallika asks Ram to do something before Siya forces him to consider Mann as his legal heir. Siya returns and does not see Mann in his room, runs out crying and searching him all around. She runs down to Ram and says Mann is missing. Ram asks if she searched the whole house. She says yes. Gopika asks where did the kid go. Ram calls the police who asks to show CCTV footage. Siya is shocked to see Dayimaa kidnapping Mann. Gopika reminisces seeing that.

Dayimaa kidnaps Mann and drags him into the jungle. Mann reminisces Siya telling Sita’s story where when Ravan kidnapped her she dropped her jewelry on the way so that Ram could reach her. He does the same. Ram with Siya searches Mann in the jungle when Siya finds Mann’s belongings and informs Ram. They continue searching for him. Dayimaa drags Mann near the fire pit to kill him but slips towards it. Mann pulls her away. Dayimaa gets emotional and asks why he saved her when she wants to kill him. He says rasgulla taught him to be good to everyone and protect innocents. Dayimaa says when her kunwar rani saa is upbringing him, how can he go wrong, she realized her mistake and will accept him as Ram and Siya’s heir.

Gopika enters tying Dayimma to a tree and pulls her neck via rope. Dayimaa asks who is she. She says she is her biggest enemy, ret ki Dulhan ran ki rani Mohini. Dayimaa is shocked to hear that and throws holy ash on her. She collapses. Dayimaa says evil cannot win, she will expose her true identity to everyone.

Mohini gets up and laughs asking how was her acting. She reveals that Mann is her son and he will be Ram’s heir, he will rule Behramgarh as an evil king and spread evilness. Dayimaa says Siya’s teachings have changed Mann. Mohini says now Mann will kill her and asks Mann to kill the old lady. Mann reminisces Siya’s teachings that one who protects people is like a god and says no. Siya hears his voice and rushes towards it. Mohini insists Mann kill her, but Mann says he will not as his rasgulla taught to protect innocents. Mohini gets alert seeing Siya and Ram coming.

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