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Curse of the Sands 14 July 2021: Curse of the Sands update Wednesday 14th July 2021 Siya/Kali picks dahibhalle thinking Ram would never forget her prepared dahibhalle, but Rana/Ram throwing them away. Vivian walks to her and asks who likes dahibhalle. Siya says her husband. Vivian asks who else here likes dahibhalle. Siya starts her drama and cries loudly gather everyone present there. She gives knife to Vivian and asks to kill her as Mohini has already killed her husband. 

Mohini walks to her and asks to calm down. Siya continues her drama. Mohini asks Vivian to apologize kali. Vivian says he will not apologize servant. Mohini warns to apologize, else she will shut his mouth forever. He apologizes. Siya says if someone troubles her, she would obviously cry. Rana warns her to stop crying as she is crying since yesterday. Siya thinks if Ram did not regain his memory with dahibhalle, she has one more plan.

Vanraj gets concerned for Siya and decides to meet her right now. Raj jyotish ji stops him and says he cannot meet Kunwar rani saa till she wants as Kunwar rani saa herself chose this path. Vanraj says he is worried for Siya’s safety. Raj jyotishji warns to call Siya as Kunwar rani saa.

Siya picks perfume and thinks Ram always gifted her only this perfume and loves it, his memory will be back smelling this perfume. she applies perfume and walks into Rana’s room with fruits. Mohini smells perfume and searches who has applied it. She sees Mallika and asks if she can smell perfume. Mallika says she is having cold and cannot smell anything. DK walks in next. Mohini asks if she can smell perfume. DK says it is so pleasant, when did she get it. Mohini says it is Siya’s perfume and someone has applied it, they need to find out. Siya walks into Rana’s room with fruits. Inebriated Rana shouts what kind of bad smell is this, if she applied it. Siya says yes. He says he will apply her better perfume and pours liquor on her head. Mohini walks in and stops him. He walks away saying her nazar battu was smelling bad, so he bathed her with better perfume. Siya stands crying..

Curse of the Sands update Wednesday 14 July 2021 Vanraj holds burning camphor on his palm and prays Devimaa for Siya’s safety. Kajri fumes seeing it that she loves Vanraj, but he hates her and is behind Siya. In palace, Siya keeps Siya Ram’s bracelet in Rana’s towel and thinks Ram will identify it for sure.

Rana walks out after bathe and seeing bracelet throws it away saying who kept it. Once he leaves, Siya picks bracelet crying and thinking how can Ram forget her completely. Vivian walks in and says his doubt was right, she is Siya and not Kali. Siya gets nervous. Vivian says Siya protected her family, but her family killed her, today he is seeing miracle and Siya is right in front of him, she tried to hide her identity via black color, but she could not hide from Vivian, she proved she is Siya by using Siya Ram’s bracelet.

Vivian catches Kali picking Siya Ram bracelet and says he was right, she is Siya and proved it by picking this bracelet. Siya says she found it here and picked it. Vivian warns to stop her drama, she came here to turn Rana to Ram, her plan will fail though and Mohini will win. Siya says he is holding this bracelet, doe that mean he is Siya. Vivian says she herself will reveal to Mohini that she is Siya. Siya asks why will she. Vivian drags her to jungle saying if she is not his relative and Rana is not interested in her, he can use her can use her and she can consider him as her husband for a day. Siya pleads to spare her and runs. He catches her and pulls her towards him. On the other side, Vanraj gets worried for Siya and tries to leave home when Raj jyotishji stops him.

Siya kicks Vivian and says it is better to kill an evil like him and throws a hug stone boulder on him. He escapes and tries to attack Siya. Vanraj reaches and with his lion arm attack kills Vivian. Vivian falls down dead. Siya asks why did he come here. Vanraj says he saved her on time, else Vivian would have killed her. He insists her not to go back to haveli and to return with him. She pushes him and says she will not return until she kills Mohini and revives Ram. She tries to pull Vivian with great difficulty. Vanraj helps her and says he will support her in all her decisions.

Curse of the Sands written update Wednesday 14 July 2021: Siya carries Vivian’s dead body to haveli. Inebriated Rana senses someone present and asks who is it. Siya waves Vivian’s hand and makes Vivian fall on bed to make it look like Vivian is heavily inebriated. Rana walks to Vivian and asks if he is also inebriated due to wicked women in this haveli. He returns to his room and sleeps. Mohini returns from shopping. Siya drops liquor bottle in front of her. Mohini thinks it is Rana, but then sees Rana and orders to stop. Siya pulls Rana towards Mohini and stabs her. Mohini also falls down dead.

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