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Curse of the Sands update Wednesday 15th September 2021: Curse of the Sands 15 September 2021 Siya dreams that Mann as an evil child strangulating her and worriedly walks up. Ram asks what happened to her. She says she feels Mann is in danger and thinks she has to protect her son. Gopika walks through Mann and tries to pamper him. Mann angrily pushes her and punishes her for trying to mislead her that rasgulla/Siya is bad and instead she is bad. Gopika thinks she will make sure Mann hates Siya soon.

Guruji tells Sumri that he needs to end the evil child and Gopika somehow and needs Mallika’s help to enter back haveli, where is she. Mallika hypnotized by Mann stands still while Mann tries to harm her. Gopika asks not to trouble her, else she will die. Mann flies food plate in the air. Siya enters and asks how was plate flying. Gopika says Mann threw it. Siya asks not to lie as she saw the plate flying. Gopika provokes Siya purposefully asking her not to worry about Mann and teach her wrong things. Siya warns her that she is Mann’s mother and not her and to stop acting as her mother or teach him wrong things. She scolds her to be guest her and not act oversmart. Ram enters and apologizing Gopika takes her away. Gopika thinks she will some more insult to turn Mann against Siya. She provokes Mann that rasgulla is really bad and if he saw how she scolded her. Mann instead of getting angry reminisces rasgulla’s love for him and says rasgulla is good and he doesn’t know why she scolded Gopika. Gopika thinks she failed to provoke Mann against Siya but will keep trying and make him against Siya.

Siya confronts Ram that Gopika is not good for Mann as she is teaching him wrong things. Ram says she cannot allege Gopika wrongly. Siya says she knows what is best for her son and will not let Gopika near Mann. Ram says he will support her every decision, but she will wait for 2 days till he returns from his traveling. Siya agrees. Gopika hears their conversation.

Sumri walks into Mallika’s room via a window and asks why didn’t she go from here when Guruji asks her to go; Guruji has found a way to end Mann’s evil nature. Mallika speaking like a villager trashes him to think bad against Mann and stabs him with a knife. Gopika panics thinking she cannot go away from Mann and will apologize to Siya instead. She then laughs and reveals she was just acting and thinks Siya cannot dare kick her out of this house; Siya is trapped in her plan and is doing whatever she is making her do; her plan was to provoke Siya so much that she will kick her out of this house, then Mann has to choose between Siya and Gopika, she will see if Siya’s good upbringing will win or her evil birth.

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