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Curse of the Sands 2 June 2021: Siya cries thinking if anyone can save her Ram. Devimaa disguised as a girl walks to her and asks to follow her. Siya walks behind her asking who is she. Girl takes her to temple. Siya asks why did she come here. Girl says she brought her to devi maa/mother as children can be angry on mother and mother will not. Girl enters temple door and disappears.

Siya wakes up from sleep and realizing devi maa is calling her walks out of room. Mohini walks into room and and thinks soon Ranasaa will be hers and is about to touch Ram when Dayimaa enters and scolds her what is she doing here. Mohini says she saw Kunwar Rani saa going out of room, so she came in to take care of Ram. Dayimaa scoldsd that Siya has just gone out of room and not Ram’s life and warns her to get out right now. Mohini walks away. Rajguru walks in.

Mohini thinks what is Dayimaa up to. Dadimaa joins them. Rajguru says chudail is controlling Ram, so Ram destroyed all protective barriers. Dayimaa asks to finish pooja before Siya comes. Rajguru does pooja, and four balls emerge out of Ram and return back. Dadimaa asks what was that. Dayimaa says chudila has controlled Ram’s taste, touch, smell, common sense and if she controls his vision also, they cannot get back Ram from chudail. Mohini thinks she will control even vision sense soon.

They all hear Siya knocking door and shouting to open it and walk out to check. They see Siya knocking temple door, and Dayimaa says this temple door is closed since years as Devi maa is angry on them. Siya asks then why did Devi maa come into her dream last night and took her near this door and disappeared. She continues knocking door. Rajguru says it is a good sign and Devi maa wants to come out now.

Dayimaa asks how will they do that. Siya says by doing khsatchandi yagna. Dayimaa asks how. Siya says she is Devimaa’s daughter and knows how to plead her mother. She chants mantra, and temple bells ring. Mohini unable to bear pain shuts her ears.

Siya says where Durga shaptapadi mantra is chanted, Devimaa does not leave that place. She will do this yagna to save her husband. Mohini thinks everything was going well, with his yagna, she will lose all control on Ram, she cannot even take name of this yagna. Rajguru says Kunwarranisaa’s decision is good, they will perform yagna after 2 days. Siya drops water and takes oath that she will perform yagna to save her husband. Dayimaa and Dadimaa feel proud of her.

Mohini walks to Ram’s room and cries that she cannot lose him again. Her team says why she is so worried, she has faced yagna even before. Mohini says it is yagna of a devi whom all chudails are afraid of, if yagna is performed perfectly, she will lose control on Ram and will not get him in this life.

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