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Curse of the Sands 25 August 2021: Curse of the Sands update Wednesday 25th August 2021 Dayimaa’s goons see Mann sleeping with Siya, so make her sniff chloroform and kidnap her. Mann stops them and asks to take him also along with Rasgulla/Siya. Goons try to harm him, but he overpowers them with his evil powers. They point a knife at his neck and he is about to kill them when Siya wakes up and rushes to him. He acts as afraid and pleads to save him. Siya pleads goon to spare Mann. Mann thinks he cannot use his powers in front of rasgulla. A shadow emerges and makes the goon stab himself repeatedly. Goons run away. Ram, Maya, Jhumri, and others try to catch them unsuccessfully. Ram rushes to Siya’s room and sees her consoling Mann. She informs that goons tried to kidnap her and Mann risking her life saved her, he proved that he has royal Rajput blood in him. Ram asks Mann if he is fine. He nods yes and hugging Ram smirks at Dayimaa. Siya says the goon was stabbing himself repeatedly.

Dayimaa meets a goon who informs that he felt an invisible power was forcing him to stab himself. Dayimaa reminisces clicking Mann and Siya’s pic and finding only Siya in it, lamps flickering with Mann’s entry, etc. She returns home. Ram says he is worried for Siya and Mann. Dayimaa says they look like perfect family and clicks pic, doesn’t find Mann in it and shows it to Ram. Ram returns her mobile and she finds Mann in it, thinks how can this happen, she will find out the truth even if she has to expose her truth.

The next day, Ram celebrates Raksha Bandhan with his foster sisters Jhumri and Maya. Dayimaa asks Ram and Siya to visit the temple and even take Mann along and pray god for their baby as Mann needs a sibling to play with. Shadow hears their conversation. Dayimaa thinks evil cannot enter the temple.

Siya gets Mann reads to go to a temple when lights flicker and switch off. Mann sees a shadow near the wall and smiles. Siya asks Mann to accompany her, but he hesitates. She holds his hand and takes him towards the temple. Poojari waits for Mann in the temple and seeing Siya and Ram bringing him says he came. Siya and Ram walk into the temple, but Mann gets shocked when he tries to step into the temple. Siya asks him to get into the temple, but he says he doesn’t want to. Poojari says he will see and walks towards Mann. He walks to Mann and says Muhurath is passing. Mann says he will not go. Poojari holds his hand and gets shocked. Ram holds him, but nothing happens to him. Poojari is amazed to see that. Ram lifts Mann and is about to enter the temple when Siya stops him and says let Mann play outside and sends him away with Jhumri. Mann walks away smirking at Poojari.

Dayimaa waits for Ram and Siya to return and hopes evil forces vanish in the temple itself. Ram and Siya return. Dayimaa asks if they performed pooja well. Ram says no, Mann..seeing ladies waiting for him to tie rakhi asks to start the ritual. Dayimaa asks Jhumri what happened in the temple. Jhumri informs that Mann did not enter the temple and resisted. Dayimaa thinks a small kid is troubling so much, she needs to do something. Mann walks to her and frightens them to dare not trouble him, else she will be in trouble, showing his evil form. Dayimaa shouts in fear and thinks she has to find a way to stop him.

Poojari in the temple gets angry saying the evil boy was about to enter the temple, but Siya saved him on time; if he had entered the temple, he would have burnt due to Shivling’s power; that evil boy is very intelligent. His aide says he is more intelligent than an evil boy and will drag him from the temple. Poojari says he has another way to end the evil boy and gives a poison bottle to a lady and asks to mix it in the evil boy’s blood and make sure it does not mix in human blood, else it will become poison again.

Siya feeds food to Mann and asks how is it. He says it is tasty. She says she prepared it. Maya informs that Janmashtami pooja arrangements are made. Mann asks what is janmastami. Siya describes its story and how Krishna ended Putna and ended evil. She says whoever ends evil is like a god. Mann says he will kill evils. Shadow hears him and Siya senses someone behind her.

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