Curse of the Sands 29 September 2021: The show starts with Rahul coming across Amar. Rahul was furious and says Amar isn’t even sorry, he and his brother live in the house like uninvited guests. His brother already broke his marriage to his sister. Amar wasnt in a mood to reply and runs to Sunanda’s room. He says he had almost been caught by Ananya and Shiv today. He then inquires about Devki Dai’s dead body. 

Sunanda points towards a rug. She says she had to work recklessly to bury her. She wanted Devki in front of her eyes so that she can always remember her victory. Sunanda was cheerfully happy. Amar asks about Ananya. Sunanda says she must be around, why Amar is asking. He replies it’s just by the way. After Amar has left the room, Sunanda enjoys the game. She says she must let this tug of war go on until the right moment, then she will decide the winner.

Rahul touches the nail on the door. He recalls having spot Amar deliberately hurting his shoulder by rubbing it with the nail. He pricks his hand and screams, then wonders why Amar did so deliberately. He must keep an eye over Amar, as something seems wrong about him. He must find out where that blood came from.

In the kitchen, Ananya was happy as she prepared sweet. Amar also comes complementing the aroma. He says he came to take his turmeric milk. Ananya says she had forgotten and will just warm it up again. Amar decides to take a bite from it but Ananya snatches the spoon. She says first, she will take God’s share, and then for Shiv; Amar can take it later on. She says it’s not right to keep an eye on something which belongs to other; and she cooked it for Shiv. They come to the temple corner. Amar says Shiv will share anything with him. Ananya says Shiv can surely not give everything to him. She serves him a bowl of the sweet. Amar takes a chance to discuss that Shiv wishes him going abroad for studies, but then he would miss her company and her sweets. Ketki and Rahul watch through a window. Rahul says Amar really doesn’t feel right to him. Ketki says he is cunning and will be helpful for her.

Ketki comes to Ananya in the room and inquires if there is something going on between her and Amar. Ananya slaps Ketki. Ketki laughs and says she doesn’t mind the slap, Ananya has been unable to see her bright future with Shiv. Though Ananya has nothing like this in mind, but Amar doesn’t respect Ananya as a sister in law. His intentions aren’t pure. Rahul was disgusted over Amar for his attempts to break his sister (Ananya)’s marriage. Ananya was irked and clarifies to Ketki that she holds all the misunderstandings. Ananya and Amar share relation of brother/sister in law and such naughty moments are always there in such relations.

Rahul finds Amar sitting downstairs in the hall. He comes to teach Amar a good lesson but Amar hits Rahul with the sugar cane he was biting upon.

Ananya pushes Ketki out of her room and locks the door. She thinks about Amar’s acts of hugging and holding Ananya’s hand pointlessly.

Amar makes Rahul do sit-stand. Sunanda comes there. Rahul flee from the spot. Sunanda asks Amar what went on here. Amar says Rahul interfered between his goal, and he was only teaching a lesson. Sunanda asks if it’s about Ananya. Amar replies yes and walks inside. Ananya runs downstairs to speak to Sunanda and takes her into the room. Ananya says Amar isn’t here with good intentions, she doesn’t feel secure with him.

Sunanda says she doesn’t know Amar, but she knows Ananya well. If Ananya feels something wrong, she must speak to Shiv. Ananya says Shiv loves his brother so much, what if he minds it. Sunanda pours a glass of water for Ananya to calm her down. She says there appears nothing visibly wrong in Amar. They are brothers and share the same ethics. Ananya agrees to her point of view and hugs her saying she is the best. Sunanda smirks and speaks to Mohini in the mirror now. She says it will be interesting to see the two brothers fight each other and that too for a girl. Both share loud laughter. Sunanda was appreciative of the witch and her nature.

Shiv returns home. Ananya poured the carrot sweet she had prepared for Shiv but was lost in deep thought about Amar and his intentions. She decides to speak to Shiv about the matter. In the hall, Shiv lay on the couch with closed eyes. Ananya brings the sweet for him as a surprise. Shiv loved her idea and care. Amar runs into the house complaining about the spice. Shiv offers him all the carrot sweet. Amar looks towards Ananya victoriously. After eating up the whole bowl, Shiv inquires Amar about how he now feels. Amar says he had the Gol Gappa that was spicy, he is sorry to have eaten all of the sweet. Shiv reassures nothing is more important for him than his brother, Ananya can always cook the sweet for him again.

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