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Curse of the Sands 9 June 2021: Chakua chudail’s jokergiri continues. Ghagra paltan team attacks her, and she counterattacks them and turns them into sand. Mohini tries to take Siya with her, but Dayimaa stops Siya and tells she cannot trust Mohini and let Siya go with her. Mohini pleads to let them go for Ram’s sake. Siya also says Ram’s life is their priority now.

Dayimaa lets them go. They walk near temple. Mohini tells Siya to get ion and Devimaa’s sindhoor and lamp to save Ram. Siya walks into temple and pleads Devimaa to cure her Ram.

Mohini confronts Devimaa that she is proving that she is just a lifeless stone idol and is punishing someone else for someone’s mistake. Siya pleads Devimaa to clear her daughter’s pain. She picks sindoor and walks out of temple. Mohini says even if she has to sacrifice her life for Ranasaa, she will not back off.

Chakua chudail enters holding ghagrapaltan team like her pet dogs and taunts that Mohini herself got into trouble by giving sindoor idea to Siya, now she also cannot enter sindhoor border. Siya draws sindhoor line around Ram’s bed. Chakua continues taunting Mohini.

Mohini says her powers must work out of Behrampur, but this Behrampur and her powers work here. Chakua taunts that she is very old chudail whose power don’t even work under 200 feet radiance, but is challenging modern powerful chudail. On the other side, Siya pleads Ram to open eyes. He opens eyes. She asks him to don’t shut his eyes for sometime. Ram says he wants to live. Dayimaa asks Siya to don’t let him sleep.

Mohini challenges Chakua for a dance and says let us see if Rajasthani ghoomar dance or Gujrati lavani will win. Chakua accepts her challenge. Mohini dances on Rajasthani songs while Chakua dances on Gujrati songs.

Dayimaa calls Raj jyotish who checks holy scripture and says this scripture does not have solution to destroy chudail. Dayimaa brings more scriptures and says there must be some solution in any of these books and she will bring more books. She feels drowsy and stops. Mohini and Chakua wrestle, and Chakua punches Mohini far away.

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