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Dixie is a 13-year-old young lady, discontent with her life: quite a while back her mom separated from her dad, a coroner, and in her school she is viewed as unusual because of her gothic perspective. One evening, Dixie experiences a mishap when a tree runs into her during a tempest. Dixie gets up later in the center of a graveyard, turned in a zombie. With the assistance of Isis, an Egyptian mummy, and Gonner, a privateer zombie, Dixie attempts to get back to life, searching for Vitriol, a bizarre man who meanders by the woods near the graveyard. Nonetheless, her inquiry is trailed by Negrida, an underhanded zombie witch who needs the Azoth, an enchanted thing which, as per the legend, will open the entrance between the living scene and the dead domain, allowing Negrida the opportunity to achieve her malicious designs to attack the living scene with her zombie armed forces.

Runtime: 80 mins

Release Date: 09 Jan 2012



Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy,

Tags: zombie, night, forest



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