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Deception update Monday 1st June 2020; Deception update Monday 1 June 2020, starts with Shailaja coming to Vyas Mansion with Inspector Shivani and asks her to arrest everyone for poisoning Pooja. Harish asks what nonsense? Shivani says they have to arrest everyone and says sorry to Dada ji. Rahul tells that Shailaja’s men had given poison so that Pooja gets all sympathy votes, and says this will be the heading that Naren tried to kill Pooja. Naren takes Pooja to hospital. Jogiya song plays….Satish comes there. The security men tell that they had checked everything, but. Shailaja says why we will poison our candidate. Shivani asks Constable to arrest them. Everyone is taken by the police. Angraj looks at them and thinks everyone will get burned in Politics fire. He sits on sofa relaxing. Satish tells Naren that whatever happened with bahu is wrong. Kusum recalls Neelima’s conspiracy. A fb is shown, Neelima comes to Kusum’s house and tells that she shall take Pooja to her mayka once she discharges from the hospital. Kusum asks why she will go to hospital. Neelima smirks. Fb ends. Kusum asks Naren to go and blames him for poisoning Pooja. Naren asks them to let him be there for sometime until she gains consciousness.

Deception update Monday 1 June 2020 Rahul calls someone and asks to burn pooja’s house. Media comes to hospital and tells Naren that his family is arrested. Inspector Shivani comes there and asks Naren to come. Danish gets a call and he informs Naren that someone called party office and asked to burn Pooja’s house. Naren tells that he has to save Rachel and tells Shivani to come and save her, but she says she will do it. Naren pushes her and runs. He calls Rachel and thinks she shall pick the call. Rachel is at home when some people come there and gives a momentum in Anuj’s memory in which bomb is placed. The same men calls Rahul and says bomb will explode in sometime. They activate the bomb. Rachel keeps the momentum infront of anuj’s pic and looks at it.

Deception update Monday 1st June 2020 zee world Pooja gains consciousness and asks about Naren. Kusum says Shailaja got everyone arrested. Pooja is shocked and says she has to go. Naren runs by Shivani is behind him. She gets up and asks Mama to let her go and says they have taken dada ji also. Satish says you can’t go in this condition. Shailaja’s guards stop her. Kusum asks her to come back. Pooja says they are my family, I can’t leave them alone. She requests them to let her go. Shailaja gets Vyas Men and Women beaten. Neelima says I will not leave Pooja. Shailaja gets a call and she asks someone to reach to police station. Naren is walking on road and his leg is bleeding. Pooja faints. Doctor takes her to ICU. Naren calls Rachel, but she doesn’t pick his call. Naren runs again. Pooja gets up and runs fooling everyone. Naren comes home and tells Rachel that she and his baby’s life is in danger. Rachel refuses to open the door. Naren tries to open the door.

zee world update on Deception Monday 1 June 2020 Naren asking Rachel to open the door. Rachel closes the window fast. Naren asks her to open the door. Rachel says what do you want and says you didn’t let us see Anuj for last time. Naren says I did wrong, but if you don’t open the door then I can’t rectify my mistake. He breaks the window and gets inside. Pooja comes out of hospital and sits in car. Security women looks on. Naren tells Rachel that there is a bomb here and they have to search it. Rachel says I will not come in your talks and takes knife in her hand. Naren hears beeping sound and is about to hold momentum, but Rachel tells him that she won’t let him touch the momentum. He pushes her and takes momentum out of house. Rahul is in other cell and acts as he is getting beaten up.

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Deception Monday update 1 June 2020 Pooja comes to the Police station and asks inspector where is her family? Inspector tells that they have poisoned you. Media and others are here saying slogans against Naren and his family. Pooja fires gun in air and asks them to vacate police station within 5 mins else she will file case against them. Naren runs out and walks on the road. Rachel follows him and asks him to give back the momentum. Naren runs and the bomb blasts. Rachel shouts jiju.

monday on Deception 1 June 2020 update zee world Pooja asks Shailaja to free her family and asks why did you get them arrested. She says they are innocent. She tries to touch Supriya, but she pushes him and they all leave. Naren comes out. Rachel hugs him and apologizes for doubting on him. Naren comes back home. Neelima and Surbhi suggest Naren to end relations with Pooja. Harish says Naren is ready to risk his life for them. Harsha asks naren if he can’t see them suffering. Pooja comes there and asks can I meet Naren for 10 mins. Harish gets upset and goes. They go to room. Pooja says shall I say first. She thanks Naren for saving Rachel and her baby. Naren says why did you come to room to thank me. Pooja asks him to stop fighting and asks if they are not tired of fighting. He asks her to come to point.

Deception 1 June 2020 Pooja tells that everyone is very humiliated today and says I didn’t know anything about it. She says can I meet Maa and Papa from far. Naren nods yes. Pooja asks him if this is right to take permission of family to meet each other. She says she is ready to take a step to end their fight and tells that she will not stand in the elections for CM post.

Deception 1st June 2020 zee world Naren is shocked. She asks him to handle Rajniti and chair. She says now it is your turn to take a step towards me. Just then Harsha knocks on the door and asks if everything is fine. She says I don’t trust this Pooja. Naren opens the door. Harsha says don’t know why this girl came again to our house. Neelima asks him to throw her out of Vyas Mansion and stop entertaining her. Naren holds Pooja’s hand and takes her to hall. He takes her to see Harish and Supriya as they are sleeping in their room. Pooja cries seeing them.

zee world update on Deception Naren pacifies her and says if you haven’t reached Police station then don’t know what would have happened. He thanks her. Nazm Nazm song plays….Naren and Pooja hug each other. He says one step yours, one step of mine. He asks her to pack her stuff and return home. He says your home, room and me, all are waiting for you. Pooja hugs him and cries. Naren says I want to call you back, but we were destined to stay separately. Pooja tells him that she will return with a condition. Naren asks what?

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