Deception Sunday 12 January 2020 update Zee World


Deception Sunday 12 January 2020 update Zee World

Deception Sunday 12 January 2020 update Zee World; Naren informs Supriya that the farm is burnt. Pooja says Harish’s medicine is more important than farm and asks if he came to give this news to them. She says if you don’t get anything from farm then you have to get money from somewhere else. Supriya asks Pooja why he is troubling Naren. Pooja says when there is a life, there are troubles too. She asks him to go and don’t return without bringing the list items. Naren wipes his tears and goes. Pooja cries. Supriya looks on surprised. Harish coughs. Pooja sees and thinks Naren can’t fail in this test. Naren searches for Job in the shops, but don’t get any job. He sees site under construction and takes up the labour work. Rahul’s men click his pics and sends to him. Rahul gets happy and shows pics to Rakesh. Rakesh says why Pooja will sign if Naren fulfills their needs. Rahul says Naren can’t bring money home and tell his goons to snatch money from him. Naren gets the money and is going home..

Goon tells Rahul that they will snatch money from Naren. Goons ask Naren to help and push the car. Naren being good agrees to help. The goons beat him and makes him fall in river. Naren still holds the money. The goon kicks on his hand and makes the money fall in the water.. Naren tries to get the money. Supriya gives water to Harish. She thinks she can’t wait anymore. Pooja tries to stop her. Supriya asks her not to stop her and locks Pooja in room asking her not to come.. Naren manages to pick some money drowning in water, but goons beat him and makes the notes fall inside the water.. Supriya comes out. Rahul asks if Tawo ji don’t have food. He asks her to bend down and forwards his saree pallu begging them. Supriya sits down and begs infront of them. Neelima calls Servants and gives ration to Supriya as they give to beggars.

Naren beats the goons and picks some 50 Rs notes from the water. Rahul and Neelima give the ration as if they are giving to beggar. Surbhi enjoys the drama and thinks if you have become my sasumaa then this wouldn’t have happen. She thinks she shall start the drama now. She asks Rahul and Neelima to stop it. Supriya says it is my helplessness. Surbhi opens the door and makes Pooja come out of room. Neelima says I hope this is enough for today and gives her oil. Rahul says your bahu came to lift the stuff. Pooja helps Supriya gets up and looks angrily at Neelima and Rahul. Rahul says saas and bahu have a good understanding. Rahul throws ball on Supriya and makes all rice, dals, oils etc falls down. Supriya cries and tries to pick all the grains from floor. Pooja looks angrily at Rahul. Neelima smirks.

Deception Sunday update 12th January 2020 

Rahul says even Bhai came to help you both. Pooja sees Naren fully drenched in water. Naren asks what is all this? Supriya cries. Rahul says Tai ji begged infront of us to get the things and says you can get things again, just you have to bend down infront of us. Naren gets up and goes towards Rahul. Pooja helps Supriya gets up. Surbhi looks on. Rahul says you can bend for your Papa. Naren loses his cool and starts beating Rahul. Neelima asks him to leave Rahul and asks Supriya and pooja to stop him. She asks Supriya to do something. Pooja holds Supriya’s hand and nods no. They stand and looks on. Neelima calls Servants. Harsha comes there and asks Naren to stop beating him. Naren picks a show piece to beat Naren, but pooja stops him and says this might be enough for today.

Neelima asks Rahul to come with her. Rahul deserves the beating. Harish falls down from the bed. Surbhi smiles and calls everyone. Naren runs to him and makes him stand up. Surbhi says she will bring breakfast in 2 mins and goes. Naren feels bad and hits his hand on the wall. He feels helpless and says everyone is behaving badly with Maa and Papa. He picks a vase. Pooja stops him and asks where you are going. She hugs him to calm him down. Naren asks her not to leave him. He gets calm with her hug. Mora Piya plays…..Naren cries and hugs her. Deception zee world update Sunday 12 January 2020

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