Deception Thursday 13 February 2020 update zee world


Deception thursday 13 February 2020 update; Naren asking Surbhi if she made the tea drinking by him. She says yes. Naren sees Pooja in Surbhi’s dress. Malanga Re plays….Rahul tells Guru ji that Pooja is making Surbhi and Naren friendship. Guru ji asks him to wait. Surbhi asks if he didn’t like tea. Naren says I will come and calls pooja. Pooja says now you are giving time to Surbhi and says everything will be fine. Naren says I saw you in Surbhi and asks what does it mean? Pooja asks him to go to room, and says I will talk to you, and asks him not to tell anyone about this. Naren goes to his room. Pooja sees Neelima, Yash and Rahul standing.

Deception thursday 13 February 2020 update; Neelima asks what is this, and says you was giving guarantee that Naren and Surbhi will get together. Yash asks her to do something so that Naren can’t show any authority on her. Pooja recalls promising Surbhi and thinks about Naren and Kusum’s words. She goes to Satish’s house and hugs Kusum cryingly. Kusum pacifies her and says your decision will make your life fine, and tells that Dr. Anand came. She says if your mum would had been alive then she would have done same thing. She says Dr. Anand agreed to marry you without asking anything. Guru maa says Pooja…you needs to be careful.

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Deception thursday 13 February 2020 update; Dr. Anand thinks Pooja agreed so soon and thinks he didn’t handle such case before. He asks Satish if Pooja is having dual personality, first Jhansi ki rani and now shy girl. Pooja runs to room. Dr. Anand says he wants to talk to her. Pooja thinks about everyone’s words. Anuj says Dr. Anand wants to talk to you alone. He asks her not to search Naren’s goodness in Dr. Anand. Dr. Anand comes to room and sees the trophy. He says guys like girls who have some intelligence also. He says you refused to have tea with me, but agreed. Pooja says she agreed for Mama and Mami, and tells that she don’t want to keep him in dark. She tells him that she loves somebody else and tells everything from starting. She says Naren doesn’t know about her feelings and she don’t want to complicate things. Dr. Anand is shocked. Pooja says you might refuse to marry me, but I can’t lie to you. She assures him that’s he will fulfill her duty as a wife, but don’t know if she will love him ever. Naren comes there calling her. Anuj says she is busy. Kusum says her marriage is fixed. Naren asks when did this happen and says Pooja haven’t told me.

Deception thursday 13 February 2020 update

Pooja comes and asks Satish, can she speak to Naren for 10 mins. Satish says ok and asks her to tell Naren clearly. They go out of room. Naren asks who is this girl and asks if he likes you. Pooja says he is a nice man, likes me and I am getting married with my wish. She says I can’t share my personal details with you. Naren says but. Pooja says we are friends, but the world don’t like our friendship. You have to take permission to meet me. Naren gets sad and says now I can’t meet you. Pooja says after my marriage, my time will be of my husband and asks him to concentrate on Surbhi. Naren says he couldn’t understand, but when she has decided he must be good. He says he wants to take his interview. Pooja thinks what to do? Dr. Anand says he is ready for interview.Dr. Anand says hello and says I am Pooja’s fiancé. Naren hugs him and says you have stolen my friend from me. He says when she has chosen you, she can’t be wrong. He says Pooja said that I can’t meet her after her marriage and tells that Pooja is his reflection, and asks can I meet her after your marriage. Dr. Anand says I came here to make a different place and asks him to handle friendship with Pooja and asks him to make her smile. Naren says you are saying right and says she forgot to laugh since few days. He asks what I shall do to make you smile. Pooja asks him to agree to Surbhi’s sayings without thinking. Naren looks on. Deception 13 February 2020


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