Deception update thursday 28 May 2020 on zee world


Deception update thursday 28th May 2020; Deception update thursday 28 May 2020, The Episode starts with Naren crying and telling Supriya that he did wrong by not letting Pooja and her family do last darshan of Anuj. Supriya says it is their karma and says because of you, Angraj’s soul must have got some peace. Rahul comes and asks him not to think much. Surbhi asks him to forget Pooja. Pooja misses Naren and sees their pic while a song plays…..tujhsang bair lagaya…Naren cries and drinks. He falls unconscious. Danish tries to wake him up and asks Rahul and Surbhi to wake him up, says he has speech to give in a rally. Rahul adds something in is lemon water and tells that he needs to be unconscious. Danish writes his speech and makes Naren ready for the campaign. Naren is under the drug influence and tells that he will be all over without his speech. Naren addresses to the ladies and says he gets inspiration from them. Rahul tells something to the man. Naren says I salute Nari Shakt and I want to give all sky. A woman checks the glass which is served to them and says it is wine, and says you want to get our votes by making us drunk. He tells slogans against them.

Deception update thursday 28 May 2020 Pooja comes there and assures the ladies that she will not let anything wrong happen. Naren asks her not to do drama in his public gathering. Pooja asks Naren to move and tells ladies that Swag wale Neta thought you wrong and tells that he is drunk and wanted to give free sky to everyone. Rahul laughs seeing their fight. Pooja asks him to go to Rehab and says it is a friendly advice from a friendly enemy. Naren thinks Pooja has changed the drinks. Pooja says she has learnt something from him. Pooja says she wants to question Neta ji. Danish tries to stop Pooja. Naren says lets play the game. Pooja says lets play rapid fire round and asks about how many women stay in this ashram. She then asks how much women cases are going on? Naren is drowsy. Pooja says he will not drink if he wins. Shailaja asks women to take a right decision. Pooja’s saree pallu get stick in his watch. He frees her Pallu.

Deception update thursday 28th May 2020 zee world Later Naren comes to Pooja’s house. She sees many books kept there. Naren says you have humiliated your husband infront of public. He asks her to pick any book and ask him question. Pooja says she wants to sleep and asks him to go.. Naren says you have to play rapid fire round with me if you want to sleep. Pooja asks how much bottles you have drunk. Naren says now he has to drink if he wants to be alive. He asks her to question her else he will break the things in her house. Pooja shouts and says you can’t be right at all times. She says you are not perfect and is a human. She asks him to realize his mistake. Naren breaks the things with hockey stick. He sees Anuj’s photo frame and drops hockey stick. He breaks the glass bottle. Pooja is about to fall, but Naren holds her. Hamari Adhuri plays..

Deception update saturday 16 May 2020 on zee world

zee world update on Deception thursday 28 May 2020 Naren and Pooja’s conversation. Rahul talks to Angraj and says they didn’t know what is happening. Angraj plans to harm Naren and says my pooja shall not get even a scratch. Pooja’s voiceover tells that they were getting popular as they were standing for elections. She says they were getting separated gradually. She says Supriya distanced herself from Naren as he couldn’t find Angraj’s body. She says she was staying afar and couldn’t do anything. Naren talks to Dada ji. Rahul says you forget me. Dada ji says you both are like two eyes to me. Doctor tells Harish that Dada ji is better now, but his wishes shall be fulfilled. Harish says we have fulfilled all his wishes. Dada ji tells his bahus that Vrat Savitri puja is coming soon and he wants his bahus to do the puja. He asks Harsha to call Pooja and ask her to be there. Supriya says if Pooja comes here then I will leave from here.

Deception update 28 May 2020 Naren says we have to forget our hatred for Dada ji and have to bear enemy for two days. Harsha asks her to agree. Rahul tells Neelima and Surbhi that Dadi is useful to them and Pooja is coming to lanka. Harsha calls Pooja. Pooja picks the call. Deception 28 May 2020 Harsha taunts her for supporting her mayka and then tells that Dada ji wants her to come. Pooja says she will come for her Dada ji. She thinks to go as a bahu and not as neta for Dada ji. Kusum hears her and asks her not to forget brother’s death and get trapped by them. Pooja thanks and hugs her. She talks to Anuj’s pic and tells that she is going to her sasural, but her fight with be on. Kusum sees Pooja going and calls Neelima. She tells them that their bala is left and tells that naren shall not win in the elections.

Deception thursday 28 May 2020 update Neelima says we will handle her bala Rahul, Surbhi and Neelima plan to trap Pooja. Rahul says he will trap her so that she never goes back.

Deception 28th May 2020 zee world Shailaja tells pooja that she can’t let her go without any security. Pooja says she is going as bahu and not as Naren’s wife and will not let him take her advantage. Naren thinks Pooja will come there. Shailaja asks Pooja to take guards with her, but she asks if anyone wears chappal in temple. She says Vyas mansion is like temple for her. She leaves. Shailaja asks Security to be there as something will happen. Rahul meets Angraj and says Pooja is coming to the lanka. He tells him that time for his entry came.

zee world update on Deception Dada ji asks Naren to bring his bahu and says she would be coming. Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren asks if she wants to give up before the election. Pooja says she came here for Dada, just for courtesy. Naren asks her to do for media if she wants to do anything.


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