Deception update Friday 21st February 2020 on zee world


Deception update Friday 21st February 2020 on zee world; Pooja looking at Harish after they shift to naren’s room. Harish doesn’t talk to her Naren shifts the kitchen stuff to his room. Jogiya song plays. Hardik tells Neelima that they shall not talk this until Harish gets fine. Neelima says he is old now and will be ill often, until we will wait. Pooja comes there. Neelima says she got many dishes made for her and asks her to call her Chachi.. Rahul asks her to taste the dish. Pooja asks her to come to point. Rahul says he wants to talk clearly. He says everything is snatched from Harish suddenly. Neelima blames Pooja for coming in Naren’s life and marrying him. Rahul asks her to sign on some papers and says Tawo ji will get everything back. Neelima tells her that Naren’s dada ji had made trust on Naren’s wife’s name and had bought shares and bond which is worth 100 crores now. She says she will return keys to Supriya, and Harish will get his chair and Naren can spend money without any work, just she has to write her name on the paper and sign it.

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Pooja says Dada ji had written clearly that if the trust is broken then everything will go to charity. Rahul says they are there to take the charity amount and blackmails her asking her to think about Harish’s treatment. Neelima asks her to either sign on it and get luxury treatment for Harish or get him treated in govt hospital. Pooja says she needs sometime. Neelima gives her 24 hours time. Rahul says if you refuse then situation can worsens. Rakesh asks if Pooja will agree. Rahul says she will agree and taunts him. Rakesh thinks I will have a last laugh.

Deception update Friday 21st February 2020 on zee world, Pooja comes to room and thinks she has to take care of trust as Dada ji has given her a big responsibility. She sees Harish coughing and gives him water. He throws the glasses and pushes her. Pooja falls down on the couch. Supriya and Naren come there. Pooja lies to them that she had fallen. Supriya apologizes to her on Harish’s behalf. Naren comes there and hears Pooja and Supriya and asks Harish if he pushed her. Harish accuses Pooja for this day and says he don’t want to see her face. Naren pulls the curtain and says they will not cross each other part of room. Pooja cries. In the night, pooja and naren sleeps, while Supriya and Harish at other side of room. In the morning, Pooja wakes her up and gives her tea. Naren wakes up and says whenever I see you, all stress is gone. Pooja asks Supriya to take tea. Harish says they don’t want.

Deception update Friday 21st February 2020 on zee world

Surbhi comes to Harish and asks if he will refuse to have tea brought by her. Harish takes tea from her hand.. Surbhi greets Naren and Pooja. She asks Harish not to refuse anything until he gets fine. He promises her.. Naren pacifies Pooja. Pooja says atleast he had something, now he can take medicine. Supriya gets a call and she asks Naren to go to office as money lenders are getting angry. Naren refuses to go. Supriya and Pooja ask him to go. Naren comes to office and promises to return all their money. They taunt Naren and says when business man can’t return their money then how can jogi return. Pooja and Supriya come there and gives their jewellery. The money lenders asks for money.. Naren looks helpless.

Pooja and Supriya take off their bangles and earrings which they are wearing. The money lenders take jewellery and goes. Pooja gets a call and is tensed. She tells Supriya that she got call from CA and he said that there are some payments which is due and asks from where to get the money.


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