Deception update Friday 24th January 2020 Zee World


Deception update Friday 24th January 2020 Zee World

Deception update Friday 24th January 2020 Zee World; Purohit ji asking Naren to leave everything on his wife. Pooja says he loves his wife much. Harish comes to temple and sees Naren. He feels pain in his chest while talking to him, and falls down unconscious. Mayank tells that he is Pooja’s Mama. Naren asks someone to bring water. He calls Kusum from Satish’s phone and tells that his condition worsened in rang gali. She gets shocked. Doctor tells that his condition is worsening. Kusum comes to rang gali and asks driver to wait, and says we will go to dehradun. She meets Purohit ji and asks if he knows Naren. Purohit ji asks him to ask his wife about him. Kusum turns and looks at Pooja. Pooja is also shocked to see her. She says Mami….you are here? Kusum slaps her hard and says you didn’t feel ashamed to blacken your face with this guy, and asks her why didn’t you kill your mama before marrying him. Pooja says this is a misunderstanding. Kusum says if anything happens to your Mama then I will never drink water from your hand. She goes inside and sees Satish. Pooja also comes there. Kusum stops her and accuses her for his condition. She asks how did this happen? Naren says Doctor said that he will get consciousness in sometime. Doctor comes and says he is unwell since many days, and has a heart ailment which is not treated. Kusum nods. Pooja is shocked. Kusum thinks about Supriya’s words and gets angry, leaves from there.

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Harsha shows her jewellery. Supriya asks her to keep it safely. Harsha says we have old and loyal servants, we shall not worry. Kusum calls Supriya. Supriya asks how are you? Kusum scolds her and reminds of her words. Supriya asks where are you. Kusum says Naren called me to Rang gali and tells that pooja is roaming here as Naren’s wife. She is shocked. Kusum says if anything happens to her husband then she will get her curse. Supriya shows trust on both of them. Kusum asks her to come to rang gali and see. Harsha asks if everything is fine. Supriya says we have to go to rang gali.

Anuj asks Rachel to give 5000 rent to Kusum. Rachel asks him to give rent to her and asks about Pooja’s job. Anuj tells that Pooja is working with Vyas and forgot her dream of dance. Pooja stops and thinks about Mami’s warning. Naren asks why you are standing out, and takes her inside holding her hands. Pooja cries and says you always thought me as your son, but when you need me the most, you didn’t tell me. Kusum comes and asks Pooja to leave from here. Naren says Maam. Kusum asks pooja to get up and leave from there. She holds her hand and takes her outside. Pooja cries badly looking at mama. She asks why do you want to take your Mama’s life. She pushes Pooja. Supriya and Harsha come there and hold her.

Kusum asks Supriya that if she came here to support her bahu and asks her to take shameless girl from there, and says she is suitable in your house. Supriya says let me talk to her and asks Pooja what you are doing here with Naren, and asks why didn’t you stop him from coming here and why you didn’t tell me if he wasn’t listening to you. She asks why didn’t you think about your family and asks what is the husband and wife matter, and says don’t know what you people are hiding from me. She asks Pooja to answer. Chandani and other girls come there. Kusum says Satish must be shocked knowing her truth and that she will slap her more. She raises her hand on Pooja. Naren comes in between them and stops her. He says he came to Rang Gali and not Pooja. When she has not done any mistake then nobody have the right to question her. Supriya slaps him and says she is Pooja’s Mami and have right to question her. She asks why you are making your mum worried and asks him to go far from her. Mayank is also shocked. Naren goes. Chandani is upset. Deception Friday update 24th January 2020 Zee World

Mayank asks Supriya what you have done? Harsha scolds him for not stopping Naren. Mayank says if he had done wrong, then I would have stopped him. Harsha says it is a sin to come in this gali. Chandani looks on shocked. Harsha tells Pooja what is this drama of husband and wife? Pooja says it is a lie. Kusum asks if she understands what she means? Pooja says yes and feels bad for Satish. She tells Supriya that naren have goodness which involves others in his good work. She says when you see his goodness with your own eyes, then you will not stop yourself from feeling proud of him.

“Adhikar Se Badhkar Koi Apnapan Nahi
Na Adhikar Se Bada Koi Khatra
Adhikar Jatate Hai Sapne Kayi
Par Har Sapna Na Hota Pura”

(No Oneness is bigger than rights, No danger is bigger than rights, rights are demonstrated by many dreams, but every dream doesn’t complete)

Malanga Re….plays…


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