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This is Deception 27 march 2020; Deception friday 27 march 2020 update zee world, Pooja saying wow seeing the well. Naina says we will stay here till they return. Pooja asks shall I sit on it. Naina says it is more good and smiles. Harsha prays to God and says she came to pray for Naren and Pooja’s marriage, but I think this mahurat is not acceptable by you. She says she is leaving the decision on God now to get them married. Pooja and Naina sit on the well wall. Naina scares her and then asks her to be careful. Pooja asks how can I go to dance class if I fall down. Naina asks did your mama know about it. Pooja says my mama got my name registered in the dance class. Naina is shocked and asks her to listen to a story. She tells about her mum who was a dancer and then a prince saw her and fell in love with her, but his family haven’t approve of the marriage and that’s why prince left princess in the jungle with help of shakuni mama and got married to someone else. Pooja says she will get those people punished. Deception 27 march 2020 update Naina says even she is doing the same thing. They hear someone’s voice, Naina signs Pooja to be silent.

Supriya and Harish come to Kusum’s house. Kusum taunts them and says you would have brought all vyas family to defend that mad girl and asks Anuj to go with doctors to search her. Supriya says Pooja is the daughter of both families. Kusum says it is good, first son makes her mad and then his family says this to hide their mistake. Deception friday 27 march 2020 update Harish says we care for her too. Kusum says it is truth that your son made her mad. Supriya asks why she is accusing Naren and says she needs our love. Kusum says we will handle her.

Naina asks Pooja to go inside the well else doctor will come and take her in bag. Pooja refuses to go down without her. Naina asks her to hold the dupatta and get down, and you will not know that you have reached the right place. Naren is coming running there. Kusum talks to Rahul and says what to do, if she is clever. Rahul says I did a mistake to trust you and threatens to ruin her dream to get money bed. Pooja is scared and says jiji..Naina says I am with you. Pooja asks her to keep coloring book with her and says when I come back up then we will both color the book, Mama says we shall share the things with siblings. Naina gets emotional hearing this, but then asks her to get down. Deception 27 march 2020 update zee world Pooja is about to slip, but manages to be on stair as Naina is holding other end of dupatta. Naina recalls her mother’s misery and leaves the dupatta end. Pooja shouts jiji as the dupatta falls on her head. Naina thinks today all your voice will end here colliding with the walls.

Naren runs and falls, shouts Pooja. Pooja says I am coming up. Naina asks her to go down and hides, says she can see doctor and wardboys coming there. Rahul talks to Bade Babu and says Pooja reached mental asylum people and he is standing outside. Bade Babu says he wants to hear Pooja’s voice. Just then Surbhi laughs. Deception 27 march 2020 Rahul gets an idea to present her voice as Pooja’s voice. Naren shouts Pooja. Naina asks Pooja to hide and says they are coming. She says I am here, don’t worry. She thinks nobody will get their son marry a mad girl. Pooja gets inside the well. Naina says don’t worry, I am here. Naren sees garland on the ground and is shocked, calls her name aloud. Re Saiyyan plays…..

Deception friday 27 march 2020 update Naina opens the taps of the well so that water gets filled in it. She thinks she thought she will play with her sister for some days, but now the game has ended in a day. Pooja gets shocked and shouts jiji as water gets filled up fast. Pooja calls Jiji and asks her to take her out. Naina tells words to mark her revenge. Surbhi refuses to act like Pooja. Rahul says if you become widow then Naren will kick you out etc. He asks her to behave like Pooja and tries to record her voice. Surbhi acts like mad and jumps on sofa. After recording the voice, Rahul says there is nobody better than you in doing fraud. Harish and Supriya are also coming there. Pooja cries and asks Naina to protect her.

Naina says sorry Pooja and asks which prince will come to save her now. Naren is standing on the top of well and says I have come Pooja. He asks her not to get scared. Pooja says she is afraid of water. Naren sees the water filling up fast and tells her that he will close the tap and come. Pooja asks will you return fast na Naren. Garland falls from his hand. He looks at Pooja and goes to close the tap. Deception update friday 27 march 2020 Naina gets angry and sees him closing the tap. Strangely Naren don’t see her. Naina comes back to well. Water flow stops. Naren returns and gets down the well through the stair. He gets Supriya’s call and he tells her that he is in well, his phone slips and falls down in water. Pooja is scared and asks him to come fast. deception zee world full story Naren asks her not to be scared and jumps in the water. Pooja being scared, cries and hugs him. Naren says I have come, don’t cry you are a strong girl. She cleans her nose with his sweater and says sorry.

Deception update wednesday 25 march 2020 on zee world

Rahul apologizes to bade babu and says he will make him hear Pooja’s real voice. He tells Surbhi that Bade Babu understood that this is not Pooja’s real voice. Neelima says you shouldn’t have trusted Surbhi and acts as Pooja. Rahul records her voice. Neelima asks Surbhi to become horse and sit on her, while Rahul records her voice. He signs thumps up. Kusum and mental asylum people come to well. Kusum asks them to take rope and take them out, she says even his pagla is with him, take both. Naren says nobody can separate me with Pooja.

Kusum says today Pooja has to go to mental asylum anyhow. Harish says today our bahu will go to her house and that’s final. Naina sees the drama from far. Kusum says they are not married then why you are calling her bahu. Mental asylum people throw the rope so that they can come up. Naren pulls the rope and says I will see who touches my Pooja. Satish asks Kusum to let them come. Deception 27 march 2020 Mental asylum guy tells that we will not risk our life for mental people. Harish asks Naren to climb up till Mayank brings help. Pooja says she don’t want to go up. Naren says we will not come back until mental asylum people are here. Kusum says who are you to take decision of pooja, she is not your right.

Naren says Pooja is my right, duty, my religion and wealth, my karma and my abhimaan/e ego. He continues and says she is my prayer/ibadat and my Ram too…Anuj says people don’t understand this poetry, for them she is Gupta family’s niece. Kusum says if you have really understood her then she wouldn’t have gone through this. Naren says I did a mistake not to trust her and says Pooja has always fulfilled her duty without the relation. Deception update friday 27 march 2020 He asks what proof you need to prove my love. Satish asks him to come up. Naren says he can see trust in her eyes, even though she don’t remember him. Kusum asks how can we trust you, who was once desperate to kill her. Naren says I will do something to assure you. He asks Pooja to do as he says. Pooja says I will not give you my toys. Naren smiles.

Naren ties rope around her waist, gets wood stick from the dry tree. He says I don’t know why marriage is needed to show right, I don’t know what is seven vows of seven rounds, and says I just want to say that I will always walk with you. He lights the wood stick. He takes around her holding the fire stick. He recalls Pooja saving him and also taking Supriya’s troubles on her and gets mad. Mayank, Harish and Supriya get happy. Naren says till now Pooja has loved me without any condition that she took all my bad karma on her and says today after our marriage, I want to give you big present and asks her to take all his good karmas/deeds. He burns the red color crayon and is about to fill her maang. Deception friday 27 march 2020 update Satish asks him to think again and says you are going to take big responsibility. Naren says I am standing here because of her good karma and asks on whom I shall spend my good karma other than her. He fills her maang with the red crayon. Pooja smiles. Payo ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo plays..

Harish, Supriya, Mayank, Rachel and Satish gets happy. Kusum gets upset. Harsha is still praying to God. Radhe Krishna plays….Naina gets angry and throws the coloring book. Naren says now my right got name and identity now, you have to reach me before reaching her. Mayank asks Naren to be careful while climbing and says bhabhi’s sasural is here. Harish asks them to come up. Naren helps Pooja climb first holding the rope. Pooja gives her hand to him. Re Saiyya plays…….Naren holds her hand and looks on.

Harish telling Satish that they will take Pooja with them. Satish is grateful to Naren for marrying Pooja. Supriya says marriage happened at the chosen mahurat which was cancelled before. Satish says your responsibility have increased and asks Supriya to be Pooja’s mum. Mayank says we will take care of her well. Doctor and wardboys come there. Satish asks Kusum to make them have breakfast and leave and says Pooja is married to Naren now. zee world Deception update 27 march 2020 Anuj gets angry on Naren and says Pooja will not go anywhere. Satish slaps him inorder to control him. He apologizes to Naren. Naren says its okay, there is a love in his anger. Pooja comes and says mama, I have come. Naren tries to look at her face and holds her dupatta with which she covered her face. She runs to Satish.

Satish tells her that she has to go with Naren. Pooja says she will not go without him. Naren asks her to come with him and says he will take her to mela. Pooja asks real promise. He says real promise. Neelima sees something and thinks who sent this for Rahul. Naren and Pooja are leaving from the house. Rachel brings dry rice and asks Pooja to throw it backwards. Kusum scolds Pooja when she starts eating and asks her to throw backwards. Deception friday 27 march 2020 Pooja angrily throws it on ground. Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi find time bomb in the basket. He says we have 6 mins. Naren asks Pooja to do as Rachel says and says he will take her to mela. Pooja sits in car and tells Anuj that she will bring toys from him and asks not to cry.

Satish tells Harish that don’t know what is binding Naren and Pooja. Harish prays for their togetherness. They leave. Surbhi and Neelima ask him to cut the wire. He gets bade babu’s call and he asks how did he like the gift. Rahul says what wrong I have done. Bade Babu turns out to be Mr. Kapoor and he tells him that Naren has married Pooja. Rahul says he will do everything fine. Deception friday update 27 march 2020 Mr. Kapoor starts the countdown. They get scared. Mr. Kapoor laughs as the bomb is dummy. Naina comes to satish and congratulates him for Pooja’s marriage and says she will show her drama now. She says you hates dance, but sends your niece to dance class. Satish is shocked. Rahul promises him that he will help him get Pooja.

Deception 27 march 2020 update zee world Mr. Kapoor says his was just a threat. Rahul says Pooja will be yours. Mr. Kapoor reveals his face and says I love you. Rahul thinks who is Pooja, if she is an angel for whom Naren and Mr. kapoor are mad. Surbhi says she has an idea to make Mr. Kapoor get Pooja in his embrace. Naren and Pooja are in the car. She says she don’t want to wear Kusum’s saree. Naren says they will go shopping and buys clothes for her. He smiles as she enjoys the ride. Rahul’s voiceover says that a new storm will hit Pooja and Naren’s life this December.


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