Deception 3 april 2020; Deception friday 3 april 2020 update, The Episode starts with Pooja telling that she felt motherly’s love when Dada ji’s kept his hand on her forehead when she was in hospital after bell fell on her head. A fb is shown, Pooja opens her eyes and sees dada ji. Dada ji asks how are you Dada ji. Pooja is surprised to see him. He says I didn’t know that God gave a second life to see you, and keeps her hand on his head. He says today I have to break my pratigya and come infront of you. He says I stayed away from family after kedarnath incident, to maintain peace in the house. Deception updates He says he saw her in the temple and couldn’t stop himself. He says he wants to tell her some secret. Pooja asks what is the secret. Fb ends. Naren brings chocolate for her. Pooja thinks I won’t let anything happen to your grand son. Deception 3 april 2020 update Naren sees cheque with her and asks how she got it. He says we have to return it to him. Pooja says I want to see the real magic and they go there. They see the place messed up. Naren asks Pooja to be there and says he will check outside. Harish thinks about dada ji and asks Harsha when did they father leave them. Harsha couldn’t recollect anything. Harish says if he didn’t remember us at once and asks if he became stone hearted. He says don’t know why I am remembering him much. Pooja catches the doctor and asks him to accept his lie infront of Naren else….

Naren shouts Pooja. The doctor tells that he is not vaid, but a thug from Veer pur. Naren beats him and recalls Supriya and Neelima’s words. He asks him why did he lie? He cries. Pooja consoles him. Naren gets a call from Satish who asks how is Pooja? He asks if everything alright. Anuj says if there is something then only he will tell and takes call, asks if all his ego is gone. Deception update friday 3rd april 2020 Naren is in shock and drops the phone. Pooja takes the phone and thinks I can’t break the promise given to Dada ji. She says we have to live life hiding the truth.

Deception 3 april 2020 update Naina is in car. Mayank calls her and asks if she reached daulatpur. Naina says she wants to hug her sister and thinks laxman got bowled over by her. Mayank thinks of naina and smiles. He thinks why I am remembering her and asks himself to control himself.

Naren drinks wine and breaks the glass. Pooja sees wound on his head and gets shocked. Naren says I couldn’t do anything, may be I can’t treat you….and says I am sorry. She thinks I can’t see you in more pain and can’t keep you away from pain. She thinks about Dada ji’s promise. Deception friday update 3 april 2020 A fb is shown, Dada ji asks Pooja not to tell the secret to Supriya and Naren, and says this secret will not let me leave the body and asks her to give him mukti. Pooja promises that she won’t let the secret come out infront of all, and says she will protect it. Dada ji blesses her. He says when everyone was waiting for Supriya’s baby to arrive. Supriya came to Ashram as I wanted to see the baby first. He says a woman left her baby there. Supriya comes there and gives birth to baby, but the baby was not breathing. Pooja was shocked and asks Naren? Dada ji nods…Pooja thinks I have to act as mad to fulfill Dada ji’s promise.

Deception update friday 3 april 2020 Neelima tells that Supriya used to make her have laddoos and asks her to make her have laddoos, and says Surbhi’s baby shall be fit and fine like Rahul. Naren drinks wine and feels pain in his stomach. Pooja says she will also drink. Naren asks her to give bottle and slaps her mistakenly. He says sorry and hugs her. Naren says I don’t deserve to be called as your husband. A fb begins, Dada ji says he was afraid that Supriya will get hurt seeing empty cradle and that’s why I kept that boy in the cradle and gave Vyas family name to that boy. He says I blessed the child with my siddhi and gave him name Naren. He says he never got courage to tell Supriya or Harish. Pooja says what about Naren, he has right to know? Harish says Naren will never be able to forgive himself thinking his birth emptied a mum’s cradle. Pooja says I will not tell this secret to anyone. Dada ji says I have to leave now. Pooja asks him to stay, but he refuses to stay. He turns and sees someone standing. Naren coughs. Pooja gives him water. He refuses to have anything. Naren says this is my punishment for not been able to do my duty. He locks her and goes. Pooja comes out and thinks he might take a wrong step angrily.

Deception update sunday 29 march 2020 on zee world

Naren telling that he failed and says Maa..your son is failed and couldn’t treat your bahu. Supriya calls him and says you might have forgotten me, but I couldn’t forget my son, my ansh and cries. Pooja comes outside the wine shop and looks for Naren. Supriya sees the pic and cries. Rahul comes to Pooja indisguise of a clown and says he went to a big circus and asks her to come. Pooja looks back at the wine shop. She thinks she has to reach someone through Rahul. Naren comes out of the shop and vomits blood. Deception update friday 3 april 2020 Pooja turns and looks at him. She thinks how to leave naren in this condition. She sees open main hole and makes Rahul falls in it. She runs back to Naren and falls down on road. Naren continues to vomit blood. Pooja gets shocked, turns back and sees car coming towards her. Rahul gets shocked and says someone save me. Naina is on the way. Pooja asks shop owner to call Doctor. He says Doctor can’t come at this time. Naina is in the car and hears her talking to shop owner and threatening to call Police. She thinks if she is mad or acting. Pooja comes to the doctor and asks him to come to treat her husband. He refuses. She comes infront of his car. Rahul is rescued by some men and calls Mr. Kapoor and says Pooja is not with Naren. Mr. Kapoor thinks to do something. Pooja asks Doctor why did he became doctor if he wants to attend party. She thinks I am helpless as someone knows our secret. Doctor checks Naren.

Deception 3 april 2020 A fb is shown, Mr. Kapoor sees Dada ji and says he is happy to see him alive. Pooja tells Dada ji that he is her friend. She asks him when did he come? Mr. Kapoor says he never went and shows the video in which Dada ji tells the secret to Pooja. He blackmails Pooja and asks her to think Naren is marrying her tomorrow, when this video is played. They all will be shock and Naren will die in the sorrow that his birth killed his mum’s original son. Pooja says she won’t let this happen and will not break the promise given to Dada ji. Mr. Kapoor asks her to paid the price for the promise. Pooja asks him to say what he wants. Mr. Kapoor says you knows well what I wants and touches her. She pushes him. He says I want you…Pooja. Mr. Kapoor asks him to leave the marriage and come to him tomorrow. Pooja says Naren will not leave me. Mr. Kapoor asks her to act to be mad so that Naren leaves her. Fb ends. Pooja drives the car and stops it.

Deception friday 3 april 2020 update Doctor tells her that Naren’s mum is calling him. Pooja thinks she can’t attend the call and thinks I am surprised, you have realized his pain even though you are far. She says when I returned home, my strength gave me answer, but then I heard Naren telling her about the award function. She gets Mr. Kapoor’s call and he asks if she reached home. He says he has booked amazing place for Vyas family and shows the pyre. Pooja asks what is this joke? Mr. Kapoor says if this marriage happens then nobody will be alive in Vyas family, I won’t do anything, one truth will ruin everyone’s lives. He says if Vyas family comes to know that someone will get heart attack or something else and will eventually be cremated. He burns the pyre. Pooja asks what is this madness. Mr. Kapoor asks her to act to be mad. She went to balcony feeling suffocated of dhol sound and sees a boy and his mum, she thought it is Kanhaiya’s sign to hide the secret. She says Mr. Kapoor planned to kidnap her through Rahul, but Naren married her and took her home. She thinks to end the story before new year begins.

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