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Deception update Monday 18 May 2020 on zee world

Deception update Monday 18 May 2020 on zee world
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Deception 18 May 2020; Deception update Monday 18 May 2020, The Episode starts with Doctor telling Rahul that they couldn’t save Surbhi and she died at 2:07 am. Rahul is shattered and cries. Naren hugs him. Later Neelima asks Supriya not to light diya infront of Surbhi’s pic. Supriya asks her if she don’t know her jija ji. Neelima asks her to go. Pooja says you can’t ask Maa to leave. Neelima says Supriya will not sit in my Bahu’s condolence meet. She pushes Supriya, but Naren holds her and asks Neelima not to trouble his brother. Rahul brings Surbhi’s ashes and cries. Shivani brings Harish there and asks him to give condolence and come back to police station, says it is your house now. Neelima holds Harish’s collar and says you didn’t leave even Surbhi. Harish says I didn’t do anything and says I am innocent. Rahul gets angry and says he will not let his reflection fall on Surbhi ‘s pic. He says you are rapist and murderer for me. Naren tries to talk to him, but Rahul takes Surbhi’s pic inside. Harish says I am innocent calling Rahul. Dada ji says stop it and asks Harish to leave from his house for forever. Harish says bau ji you also and feels helpless. He cries badly. Pooja comes to Naren and asks him to let his weakness go away with tears. She says you are my strength and if it breaks then how will I prove Papa’s innocence. Naren says I can’t play this game anymore, Papa was insulted so much and I couldn’t do anything. I will tell everyone about the real criminal. Someone hears them. Pooja stops Naren and says we will have all proofs against the culprit, just wait for 12 pm.. Culprit drops the watch. Naren tells Pooja that someone was listening to them and asks her to go and bring that last proof back. He says he will take care here.

Deception update Monday 18 May 2020 Supriya asks Pooja if she is going? Pooja says yes and says she wants to get justice for Surbhi and meghna. Dada ji asks Pooja not to go anywhere and says my heart is shaking. Pooja says I will go and come back soon. Dada ji says I will have food with Naren and you. Pooja nods. She waves bye to Naren and leaves. Jogiya song plays…She looks at the house and steps out. Suddenly their family portrait falls down. Harsha thinks how did it fall down? She picks it up. Meghna tries to help her, but Harsha says she will do. Meghna says if I have no place in this family portrait? If I am stranger here? She thinks she don’t want to become reason for this family breakdown. Pooja reaches the jungle and tells Naren via blue tooth that we will have proofs against that criminal. Supriya lights diya infront of Surbhi’s pic and tells that we couldn’t protect you. She says your uncle didn’t push you and says only you can protect your uncle. She asks her to help her reach the criminal and cries.. Suddenly lamp set off. Pooja calls Naren and tells him that she is walking with the pendrive towards the car. The culprit walks behind her. Pooja turns and looks at him. She says you…you can’t bury the truth. The culprit shoots at Pooja.

Deception update Monday 18th May 2020 Rahul misses Surbhi and their baby. He says now I understand your value. I had always cursed you and took away two lives. He says I don’t have right to live and says sorry mom…this is my punishment. He aims gun on his forehead to shoot at himself. The culprit shoots at Pooja and she falls down recalling her moments with Naren. She closes her eyes.

Deception 18 May 2020 The culprit takes the pendrive and smashes it under his feet. He digs the land to bury Pooja. Neelima comes and stops Rahul at the last moment, just as he is about to shoot himself. He says you don’t want this baby. Rahul says it was my mistake. Naren worries for Pooja. He sees Hardik drinking. Hardik asks him to sit and says life changed so much. He says he has planned so much for his grand daughter. Naren says how can anyone do this with Meghna and Surbhi. Hardik says he hates Harish for doing bad with Surbhi and Meghna. Danish calls Naren. Naren asks did you enquire about Pooja. He gets shocked.

Deception update Monday 18 May 2020 zee world The Episode starts with Naren getting Danish’s call and asks if anything is found about Pooja. He goes. Hardik gets up and looks at Surbhi’s pic. He recalls attacking Surbhi and burying Pooja. He says Sorry Surbhi, Sorry Pooja. He says I have to kill both bahus to save myself. Naren comes back. Hardik asks did you talk to Pooja? Naren says don’t know where she went suddenly? Hardik says Pooja will return soon. Pooja returns indisguise as soul and asks Hardik why he is giving false console. Hardik is shocked. Naren is still talking on phone. Pooja says it is your sin effects. Hardik slaps himself and coughs. Naren asks are you okay? Hardik asks why there is smoke in the house. Naren says may be you are drunk much. Hardik asks are you not feeling suffocation? Naren asks him not to stress himself and tells that he is going to search Pooja. He goes past Pooja and asks Hardik to inform him if Pooja returns home. Hardik turns to Pooja and finds her gone. He drinks again. Surbhi comes there and says you don’t care about your bahus. Hardik says you both are trying to make me mad and tries to go, but door is locked. He turns and sees surbhi and Pooja standing. Pooja says we were your bahus and asks why did he not feel pity on his grand daughter?

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Deception update 18 May 2020 Hardik says you both are fooling you, how can you be alive. He says you both are dead now. Pooja and Surbhi smiles and come near him. Pooja asks why did he do this with bahus and a daughter and says if you don’t tell us then you will die too. Surbhi says we will take you with us. Hardik says because of your smartless, you both died and confesses to have pushed Surbhi off the stairs, burying Pooja in the ground, and raping Meghna. He says nobody can harm me, it is my big victory that Harish is in jail for my crimes and I am here. Electricity comes back. Naren enters and claps. Hardik sees all his family members coming and acts, says strange things are happening with him. Dada ji slaps him and asks why he humiliated his upbringing. Meghna is shocked and cries. Rahul and Neelima get shell shock. Harish says I wish everything is fake. Hardik says I told all that while being drunk and says something was added in the drink.

zee world Deception Monday update 18 May 2020 Naren plays the recording in which he has confessed to crimes. Hardik asks Rahul and Neelima to speak and says Surbhi’s last rites was done infront of us then how can she be alive. Pooja says as Surbhi never died and gives her hand in Rahul’s hand. Hardik is shocked. Pooja says even I am alive. Hardik says everyone is mad and asks how can Pooja be alive when I had buried her. Naren says I know you are very confused and says let me clear the story for you. He says when we were talking in room, Chacha was hearing us, and he didn’t know that we were letting him hide. He says he told Pooja to save the last proofs. Pooja says Chacha followed me and shot me, and then buried me. Naren says he thought Pooja is dead, but I had already changed his gun. Pooja says Naren was waiting there. Naren says Chacha didn’t look back after burying her. I took Pooja out of soil. Dada ji asks what happened with Surbhi? Surbhi says when I reached basement searching Rahul, I saw tailor, someone came there and killed that tailor. She says he tried to kill me, I pulled out his mask and saw his face. So he pushes me off the stairs when she was trying to inform Pooja and Naren. She cries. Naren says Surbhi pointed her finger at Chacha, but he moved away and everyone thought Papa is guilty.

Deception Monday 18 May 2020 update Pooja says when I came home that day to get Surbhi’s medical report, I found buttons box in the car. When I enquired with the driver, he told me that Chacha is using the car since a week and also gave him strict instructions not to let anyone use the car. Naren apologizes to Harish and says we don’t have any way then. Shivani says Bhole Ram is not Bhole and have trapped his family. Harish asks why everyone is blamed except Hardik. Shivani says it was khichdi which he made. He says when everyone was busy for an hour in the resort, he jumped from the window and entered Naren’s room and raped Meghna. She says Naren and Hardik’s stole was similar. Hardik wore Naren’s stole in a hurry and that’s why Meghna got citrus fragrance perfume. She says Naren was accused. Hardik was tensed and that’s why hid citrus fragrance bottle in Rahul’s room. She says then Rahul is blamed, but ancestral anklet made us doubt on Kunal. Naren says then Anuj’s turn came and tells that he didn’t slip on marriage day accidently but Chacha made him fall. A fb is shown, Hardik throws glass pieces and made him fall. Pooja says Chacha kidnapped the tailor when I was taking him to court to save Anuj. Shivani says then he had hidden tailor in basement. When Naren showed CCTV footage, then he tried to trap Danish very cleverly.

Deception Monday 18 update May 2020 Harish asks how dare you Hardik and holds his neck. He says you didn’t think of our family’s respect, atleast you would have thought about your wife and son. Harish takes gun and aims at Hardik. Pooja asks Rahul to stop Harish. Harsha asks him to stop the crime happening in the house. Rahul says let this happen and says I still can’t believe that the man whom I used to call Papa have done this. He says Meghna shall punish him before us. He drags him and makes him fall on Meghna’s feet. Meghna asks why did you do this with me? I always thought of you as my Chacha. Neelima asks why did you do this? You were never like this. Hardik says this is a problem and says nobody asked me how am I? He blames Neelima for calling him useless, be a man etc and says you never called me Hardik Vyas. He says I hate your make up face, but I couldn’t do anything. Neelima says you have so much hatred, but you didn’t let me know. Hardik says you didn’t have time from your high society and says I was dead with your and your son’s taunts. He tells Rahul that you used to feel ashamed on me, but now I am proud to be called as a father. Deception update 18 Monday May 2020 Rahul asks have you lost it and talking like mad. Hardik says he can’t believe his father and says your father had raped many girls like Meghna. Everyone feel disgusted and shocked. Naren asks Shivani to arrest him. Shivani arrests him and made me wear handcuff.

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