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Deception 30 march 2020; Deception 30 march 2020 update, the muslim people holding Naren thinking he is teasing a muslim woman. Mr. Kapoor sits in car along with Pooja. Naren shouts Pooja. Pooja hears his voice and gets down from the car. She comes to him. Mr. Kapoor escapes from there. Harish and Mayank come there and tell the people that Pooja is their relative. Pooja tells them that the uncle was good, and kissed her hand also. Naren gets furious and tells her that she shall not have let him kiss her hand and scolds her. Pooja runs on road and falls down. Naren makes her wear chappal and lifts her. Pooja says she don’t want to go with him and wants to go to her mama’s house.

Mr. Kapoor calls Rahul and informs him that Naren took Pooja with him. He threatens Rahul. Harish calls satish and informs him that they found Pooja. Satish is shocked and says nobody called me. Harish says Naren said he called you and some servant picked the call. Satish says I understood who had picked the call. Naren brings Pooja home and asks Supriya to take her to room. He tells her that old man had kidnapped her and also kissed on her hand. Supriya asks her to come. Deception 30 march 2020 update Pooja refuses and tells that uncle was good, and was taking her to Mama’s house. Naren says that man was bad. Pooja says no and pushes Supriya. Naren raises hand on her, but stops. Harish asks what is wrong with you Naren. Harsha helps Supriya get up. Pooja cries. Naina damages Pooja’s bangles. Satish comes there and asks why she has hidden from him that Naren called him. Naina says it was a small matter, and tells that when you gave me this room, all the things belongs to me. Harsha asks Naren to go and convince Pooja. Naren comes to room and asks Pooja what is she doing. Pooja tells him that she will run away from there, and will go to Mama’s house. Naren says Mama will come when he has time and locks her in room. She knocks on the door and says nobody loves me.

Naren says until you listens to me, I will not open the door. Pooja asks him to open the door and says she will beat him. Harish and Supriya come there and asks what is he doing? Naren asks if he shall let Pooja go with stranger. Harsha asks them to let Naren handle her. Pooja cries sitting closely to door. Naren also cries. Saiyya plays…Surbhi says don’t know why their love is so mad. Rahul says this is what you are saying and says you had committed murder in love. Naren feels bad recalling Pooja’s words.

Deception update monday 30 march 2020 Rahul and Surbhi see Naren in distress. Rahul tells her that Naren’s patience is giving up and tells that they shall scare Pooja. They switches off lights of Pooja’s room. Pooja cries. Rahul applies some white powder on Surbhi’s face and says what will happen if ghosts come in darkness. Pooja tries to go through window and tries to open it, when Surbhi scares her like ghost. Naren feels pain in his stomach and faints.

pooja getting scared as Surbhi scares her as ghost. She falls down the stairs and gets unconscious. deception zee world full story Rahul and Surbhi smiles. Naren wakes up in car and recalls locking Pooja in their room. He rushes back to home and sees Harsha caring for Pooja. Pooja gets scared seeing him. Harish asks where were you? Mayank asks Naren to come out. Deception update 30 march Harsha pacify scared Pooja. Naina tells Satish and Anuj that she wouldn’t have let Pooja stay in that house if she was her sister. Satish says we will solve our family problems. Anuj says I will not leave Pooja there and asks Naina to help him with the lawyer.

Deception update friday 27 march 2020 on zee world

Mayank tells Naren that the room fuse was off and that’s why Pooja slipped and fell down from the stairs. When they hear her shout, they ran to room and saw her having fever. Naren feels bad and says don’t know why he got hyper. Satish tells Naina that he understands what she is trying to do. She says she wants love and the wealth. Deception update monday 30 march 2020 Harsha takes care of Pooja. Naren asks her if Pooja is fine. Harsha says she is fine and asks him to come with her. Naren hesitates, but she takes him. She blind folds her so that Naren can feed her food. A sad song plays…..dil diya galla….Pooja is about to open the blind fold. Naren hides. Harsha opens the blind folds and asks shall I ask Naren to come here. Pooja says no and gets hyper, says she won’t let him come there. Deception monday 30 march Harsha says ok. Naren goes. Mayank tells Naren that they shall have something to cheer the mood. Anuj and Kusum come there, and she tells that they came to know that they have locked Pooja in room all night. Mayank says you was about to send her to mental asylum.

Lawyers come there. Rahul says he called Shakuni mami to take Pooja. Anuj shows the court papers. Naren says you can’t take Pooja. Deception monday 30 march 2020 Anuj gets angry. Harish comes and asks if you have gone mad to behave like enemies. He says if Pooja would have been fine, then if she would be happy to see you fighting. Anuj says he can’t leave Pooja on drunkard Naren’s mercy. Harish says fine, Pooja will decide where she wants to say. Kusum says they will take Pooja with them. Anuj agrees. Naren says I don’t agree to this condition. Harish asks Naren to let Pooja decide, and says she will not leave us.

Kusum asks them to call Pooja. Pooja comes and hugs Anuj. She tells him about the big mela in the house. Naren tells her that she shall stay with them. Pooja says she don’t want to stay with him. Kusum tells Lawyers that her daughter don’t want to stay here. Pooja runs to Harsha and says she don’t want to go with her, and says Mami beats me with broom. Naren gets angry. Rahul says injustice on a small girl and gives a broom to Pooja asking her to beat Kusum. Kusum asks what is this misbehavior. Pooja runs after Kusum. Deception monday 30 march 2020 update Harsha stops Pooja and says she is elder than you. Pooja says she beats me so much and scolds also. Harsha asks Pooja to answer rightly to the lawyers. Lawyers ask Pooja to tell with whom she wants to stay with. Pooja smiles seeing Harsha and Anuj. She gets afraid seeing Naren and kusum. She looks at Naren’s innocent face. Ve Saiyya plays……

Deception 30 march 2020 update Pooja tells that she wants to stay with Bua, as she is good and don’t scold her. She hugs Harsha. Kusum says where she will keep her, she has no home of her house. Supriya says this is Harsha’s own house. Anuj says then Pooja will have to stay with Naren. Lawyer says Naren and Pooja can’t stay in same room. Naren asks what nonsense? Lawyer says she is having danger with you and threatens to send her to daycare. Naren says Pooja will stay with Bua in room. Mayank asks them to leave.

Naren tells Mayank that he wants to focus on Pooja’s recovery. Pooja tells Harsha that she made star fish and asks her to pick her crayons. Deception 30 march 2020 Harsha says you shall not do this. Naren looks at sindoor and recalls marrying Pooja. Tu mera khuda….plays. Pooja also recalls something seeing the crayon. He packs his stuff and leaves.


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