Deception update Saturday 22nd February 2020 on zee world


Deception update Saturday 22nd February 2020 on zee world; The Episode starts with Pooja and Naren in the office. Pooja says we will go to Dehradun. Satish talks to Pandit ji and gets to know that Naren is having danger with the vehicle. He calls Pooja and asks where are they? Pooja says they are coming to dehradun and Naren is driving the car. Satish asks her to ask Naren to stop the car and asks her to drive instead. Pooja asks what happened? Satish asks her to do as he said. Pooja tells Naren that she wants to drive car. She drives the car and come to Satish’s house. Kusum is opening the window and thinks she asked Anuj to get it repaired, but he didn’t listen. Naren sees the pigeon and make it fly. Just then glass from the window falls down on Naren. Naren sees glass falling and covers himself, but his hands gets hurt. Kusum is shocked. Pooja and Satish are also shocked. Pooja takes off the glass and bandages his hand. Kusum asks if they inform Supriya.

<<Deception update Friday 21st February 2020 on zee world

Naren says yes. Kusum says don’t know why Naren’s life is in danger. Pooja comes to the room and gets her kundli. She reads that her husband’s life will always be in danger till he live. She gets shocked. Satish comes and scolds her. Pooja asks him to tell the truth. Satish tells her about her kundli dosh and says there is no solution for this till now.. Pooja says we shall not get scared because of the kundli etc and tells about the world progression. Satish asks her to do as he tells until Naren’s life gets stable. Rahul plans his life after he gets 100 crores. Neelima smiles. Rakesh tells Rahul that Pooja may not sign. Rahul is sure that she will sign. Pooja cries and tells Satish that she can’t leave Naren now in this circumstances. Naren comes there and cries too, tells why people are so selfish and says he wants to ran away far with Pooja. Mora Piya Albela plays..

Deception update Saturday 22nd February 2020; Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion. Rahul says I knew you will not take time to sign on the papers.

Pooja thinks about the recent happenings. Neelima asks her to sign fast and make her family free. Pooja tears the papers and throws on them. Rahul says you are not scared of us and says you will get scared when we kick your old sasur out. Pooja says you need to get scared and shows the court orders. She says nobody can kick us out until this house is in Harish and Hardik’s name. Rahul is shocked.

Deception update Saturday 22nd February 2020

Pooja looks at Naren. She thinks about Satish’s teaching that human shall continue doing his karma without thinking about the results. Pooja thinks she has to go away from his life, but before that she will make him capable to fight for his rights. She says she will make him Krishna from Ram and thinks she has to behave strictly with him. She thinks what a wife could give to her husband than this.

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