Deception update Sunday 16th February 2020 zee world


Deception update Sunday 16th February 2020; Shristi walks into guestroom bathroom and sees Baiju walking out of bathroom wearing only towel. She asks what is he doing here. He says daadi sent him to take bathe here for pooja. She leaves. Pooja starts. Shristi sits in pooja with family. Pandit asks her to bring pooja kalash/pot. Shristi brings pot and is shocked seeing Baiju walking wearing Vishu’s clothes, thinks him as Vishu. Baiju walks down. She shouts to remove Vishu’s clothes. Baiju says daadi gave him, Daadi asks not to remove it and says it is just Vishu’s clothes and not himself. Pandita does pooja and asks Vidhvan and Revathi to sprinkle gangajal around all corners. Revathi slips and twists her legs. Pandit says only couple can do this pooja. Baiju brings carrier and asks Revathi and Vidhvan to sit in it, he will carry them to corners of house. Revathi gets emotional that he is acting as Vishu. Vishu lifts carrier and reaches all corners while they sprinkle gangajal all around house. Brij comments Baiju is acting as Shravan kumar. Pandit distributes prasad to everyone.

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Anurag tries to escape from guards, but guards surround him wherever he goes. Florist brings flowers. Anurag speaking to him throws flowers all around and escapes. Vikral scolds guards and warns to search Anurag soon. Anruag relaxes hiding.

Revathi tells Dulari and Daadi that she felt like Vishu was lifting her when Baiju lifted her. Daadi says Baiju us doing what Vishu used to do. Baiju comes. Revathi thanks him. He says she called him son and now thanking, it is better she call him guard. Dulari says only a son can do this. Shristi warns to stop comparing him to Vishu, Baiju just followed humanity and she is thanking him for that, nobody can become son with this. He is protecting us as we are not capable of protecting ourselves.

Deception update Sunday 16th February 2020

Shristi then calls Ragini and asks how is she. Ragini asks how is she, she got entangled in her life that she forgot about Shristi. Shristi says it is either fate or bad time that is hovering on them, soon it will pass away, they should just accept what is written in their fate. Ragini says she is right, their river needs flow and not dam.

Daadi walks to Baiju and apologizes on Shristi’s behalf, says Shristi was very lively, but after Vishu left, she became groggy. Baiju says Shristi is right, being a son and considering is different. At Vikral’s house, Abhimanyu applying face pack chats with his mother over phone and asks to get ready for dhamaal in his wedding. Anurag walks into Ragini’s room wearing sari as parlor girl and touches her. She realizes it is him. He says she cannot forget his touch, how will she forget him. He tries to kiss her. She pushes him and shouts how dare he is to touch here, opens door and scolds guards. Vikral walks in and slaps guards. He asks Ragini not to be so leniant. Ragini says now Anurag will see her engaged in 2 hours. Vikral warns guards too not let Anurag go.

Anurag continues his drama and asks guards if he can get some fresh air and water at least. Guard gives him juice and asks to do whatever he wants here itself.

Baiju teaches defense mechanism to Dulari, Divya and others. Shristi notices him and leaves. Daadi calls her to come and learn as she is at risk most. Revathi also says same. Baiju reaches different types of attack.

Deception update Sunday 16th February 2020

Anurag acts as feeling dizzy, but guards don’t let him out. Parag brings food to guards. They eat and fall asleep. He takes Anurag out.

Baiju flirts with Shristi and provokes her, touches her passing lewd comments. Shristi trashes him brtually. He asks to stop, he is hurt.


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