Deception update sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World


Deception update sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World

Deception update sunday 19 January 2020 on Zee World; Pandit ji asking Supriya about Naren and says he is like his Dada ji and believes on this thing. He says we will meet for havan. Neelima comes with her husband and tells Pandit ji that both families will do Shradh separately. Harish asks him to come in the morning and says everything will be ready. Pandit ji leaves. Harish scolds Neelima and tells Hardik that he should have made her understand. Neelima says she don’t care about them after whatever they have done with her son and asks them to call Harsha and asks her to do Puja with her in the courtyard. Harish says Harsha will do puja with us. Supriya asks them to stop fighting and asks Hardik to make Neelima understand. Hardik is upset with Harish and tells Supriya that everyone is already have a good understanding.

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Naren asks Servant to bring cowdung and asks Pooja to make varmala. Pooja thinks about Harish and Kusum’s words. Gauri takes her near Naren. Naren asks her to make varmala for the Dada ji’s barsi puja. Mayank brings Dada ji’s photo frame and tells Naren that Supriya will feel bad. Naren says I will do the barsi here and asks them to go. Neelima asks Servant to get Dada ji’s pic printed and says she will not take anything from Harish’s side. She asks Hardik if he called Harsha. Harish tells that he don’t want to increase their troubles, and asks not to involve Harsha and Rakesh. He says they will be shifting here soon as their building will be redeveloped. Neelima asks why didn’t you tell us and says this house is even mine and I will not let anyone come inside without my permission, even if she is daughter of the house.

Rahul is working in Naren’s farm. Mayank asks him to leave and says he don’t want any problems to come in his Nanu’s barsi. They start fighting and beating each other. Naren sees them fighting and try to stop the fight. Pooja looks on shocked.

Naren stops their fight. Pooja says Dada ji might be very happy seeing you all fighting. She says your parents are fighting with each other and three families are making arrangements separately for Barsi. She says you people are egoistic and couldn’t see others’ pain. She asks Naren if he don’t care about his family and asks if he don’t follow his Dada ji’s values. She asks them to ask someone who had celebrated all festivals alone and gets sad, and walks out. Naren is most affected by her words.

Kusum asks who is this girl and why did you call me here. Anuj tells that he heard her talking to Sushma and asked his college friends. Kusum asks if she is Rachel. Anuj says she is Ritu. Kusum permits her to stay. Rachel asks what is this name drama? Anuj tells her that Kusum thinks Pooja wants to set him with her and asks her to understand. He tells that Kusum doesn’t like Pooja and her dance.

Deception update sunday 19 January 2020 Zee World

Pooja helps Supriya in the arrangements. Supriya says we never thought that we will do puja alone. Pooja apologizes and tells Supriya that she tried to bring him home, but failed. Supriya says he is stubborn like his Dada. Naren comes home. Supriya gets happy. Naren goes to Neelima and Chacha and asks them to forget the differences. Neelima refuses. Naren says if Rahul returns then….Neelima looks on surprised to see Rahul coming home. They hug him. Harish looks on angry. Supriya smiles.

Rahul tells Harish that Naren wanted him to attend Dada ji’s barsi if you permit me. Naren says all family will do barsi together, this is the least we can do for him. Supriya asks Harish to agree. Harish says his room is waiting for you. Hardik gets happy and emotional. Harish asks them to get ready for Puja. Naren looks at Pooja and recalls Pooja’s words, smiles looking at her. Pooja also smiles looking at him. Jogiya song plays…..Supriya asks Naren to go and get ready. Mayank says I will bring mummy and Papa. Supriya thanks Pooja for making everything fine.

Rachel asks Anuj not to lie anymore else she will expose him. They come home. Kusum asks her to come. Rachel says if we are caught then..She eats the pakodas and says it is tasty. Anuj says you can get good food daily and asks her to adjust. She agrees.

Supriya tells Harsha that all arrangements are done. Harsha says everything will be fine. Neelima comes to give something to Pandit ji and ignores Supriya. Harsha asks if Naren is ready. Pooja goes to check. Harsha tells that whenever she sees Naren, she sees Dada ji’s reflection. Supriya smiles. Harish is shocked and troubled.
(Yeh yaadein bhi hai badi harjayi
Kisi ke wasch nahi aati hai
Jitni koshish karun bhoolne ki
Kyun yaad utni hi aati hai)

(These memories are very unfaithful
Not comes in anyone’s control
The more we try to forget it
Why we miss it more)
Malanga Re plays……


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