Deception update Tuesday 11th February 2020 zee world


Deception 11 February 2020; Nurse telling Pooja and others that they need 3 units blood for the operation. Naren and Surbhi are in the restaurant and he asks her to order for them. Surbhi says we will have food of your choice and asks what he would like to have. Naren says you are asking wrong person and says if you ask me, then I have to call Pooja and ask her. Surbhi is taken aback. Pooja tells Anuj that blood will take 4-5 hours to come. Nurse comes and says someone is giving blood to your Mama inside. Pooja says can I see that person. Nurse says yes. Pooja sees Naren on the bed giving blood for Satish. She is shocked. Pooja says Naren Babu, you are here. Naren says you didn’t tell me that Sir is unwell and needs blood. Pooja asks him to sit and says you might be feeling weak. Naren says he got Rahul’s call informing him about Mama. Pooja asks if he dropped Surbhi. Naren says Surbhi is not a little girl and says will go. Surbhi tries to get lift as it is raining. She calls Pooja and scolds her for sending him with her for dinner and then calling him back. Pooja says Naren came to meet Mama. Surbhi says a person even cares for dog, but he left me on road. She says Naren is mine, you can’t get him and ends the call. Rahul tells Neelima that he will give his shoulder when Surbhi needs someone and says yash will not bear Surbhi’s insult. Deception 11 February 2020

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Pooja comes to Naren and says he did wrong to leave Surbhi and says she was your responsibility. Naren says she is my friend too and since when formalities come in friends. Surbhi is crying standing on the road. Rahul and Yash come there in car. Yash gets down the car and is shocked to see Surbhi drenched in rain water and crying. Deception; Rahul asks where is Bhai? Surbhi ssays he went to meet Pooja’s Mama. Yash says it is good that Rahul kept meeting here. Rahul pretends to apologize to Yash on Naren’s behalf and instigates them against Pooja.

Pooja asks Naren to go as Mama’s operation is successfully completed. Naren tells her that he will be with her tonight and says she is looking tired. Pooja says she will inform him and asks him to go. Kusum looks on as hears them. Pooja calls Surbhi and tells her that she didn’t call there and says he came to know from someone and he came back. Surbhi says there is no advantage now and ends the call. Guru ji and Kusum hears her. Guru ji tells Kusum that Jawani is deewani and dangerous too. Kusum gets angry. Guru ji smiles.

Deception 11 February 2020

At home, Yash says this is the limit and says I don’t wish that Naren behaves this way with Surbhi and says that girl is trapping your son. Rahul says seriously, Bhai and Surbhi are getting married, and until this Servant will be around him, she will woo him. He says even Bua have noticed Mohini in her. Pooja thinks why did Guru ji come to our house and thinks it might be his new trick. She feels pain in her head and faints. Dr. Anand holds her at right time and tries to make her get consciousness and asks what happened? Guru ji looks on. Dr. Anand takes her to ward and checks her fever. He says you have just 103 fever and asks did you take classes for scolding others. Pooja apologize. Deception; Doctor asks her to go home and return in the morning. Pooja says ok and steps down from the stretcher holding his hand. Doctor looks on and offers to drop her home. She refuses and thank him.

Harsha tells Harish that Pooja is after our sons. Harish says it is enough. Harsha says I have seen with my own eyes, and says she is after Naren and Mayank. Mayank comes and says it is enough. He says you didn’t think once before giving character certificate to Pooja and says even I used to hang out with girls and have coffee. He asks if you will give me character certificate. He tells Surbhi that Naren and Pooja’s relation is special and pure, and don’t think there is anything else. Yash says only Surbhi have the right on him after marriage. Yash asks Harishs to make Pooja separate from Naren’s life and says everything will be fine. Harish tells him that Pooja is Naren’s employee and he can’t ask him to fire her from job. Yash says what you are saying and says my daughter will not share her husband with anyone. Deception

Deception 11 February 2020

Satish gains consciousness in the hospital and asks about Pooja. Anuj says she is at home. Guru ji holds his hand and says God has given you a life, but you can die anytime and asks him to get Pooja married as soon as possible. Kusum and Anuj looks at each other. Guru ji asks Satish to make his life successful by doing her kanyadaan.

Deception update Tuesday 11th February 2020

Pooja wakes up and sees Naren putting wet cloth on her forehead. She is surprised and shocked. Naren says it is good that you stopped me, and says you were very much unwell last night. He tells that he came to take his diary which he forgotten last time here, and saw her taking his name asking him not to leave her. He comes near her and checks her fever. He says how I could go. Pooja says may be I saw the dream. Naren says you care for me even in dreams. Pooja says you wouldn’t have stayed here overnight. Deception; Naren asks her to decide what he shall do. Door bell rings. He opens the door and finds Neelima standing. Neelima says hi and says she came to dehradun and thought to visit Satish. Naren says Pooja is unwell since night. Neelima asks him to bring hot water and sends him. Naren goes. Neelima tells Pooja that Yash made big issue as Naren dropped Surbhi on road. A fb is shown, Yash asks Harish to get either Naren married to Surbhi or get ready to be ruined. Fb ends.

Pooja says Yash is thinking wrong. I have to talk to him, and will get ready fast. Neelima says I know you don’t trust me, and says I came here as his Mausi. She says Naren will never be happy with Surbhi and says he is happy with you and cares for you. She says I haven’t seen you normal like this since years and says I am scared that he will become like old Naren if he marries Surbhi. She asks her to take Naren far away from there. Pooja is shocked. Deception


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