Deception zee world update Friday 28 February 2020


Deception friday 28 February 2020; Pooja coming to Neelima with the same deal which she gave to Hardik and asks her not to tell to Hardik or Rahul. Neelima gets happy as Pooja shows her 100 crores papers and asks her to give keys to Supriya. Neelima agrees and says ok.

Deception 28 February 2020, Pooja comes to hospital and tells that Naren will be freed by tomorrow. Supriya is irked and asks her not to bring food. She says Surbhi is handling his case and asks her to give his papers to her. Surbhi comes and asks her to handover papers to her. Pooja gives her papers. Guru ji calls Pooja and tells her that if they can’t free Naren today then bail will not happen till 15 days. Pooja asks him not to worry and says tonight is enough to bail him out. Hardik thinks if he tells anything to Neelima or Rahul then he will not let me accept the deal. Neelima thinks Hardik and Rahul are waste.

Deception 28 February 2020, Guru ji comes there and says I was kicked out from here. He says I am doing penance and asks Pooja to give charity to the ashram people. Pooja says she has 100 crores which she can give in charity and goes. Hardik and Neelima are about to go to her. Guru ji stops Neelima. Hardik calls Pooja and asks her not to give money in charity as he needed the money the most and asks her not to tell Neelima or Rahul. Pooja asks him to return Naren’s cabin to him. Hardik agrees. Neelima comes to Pooja and asks her not to give the money in charity. Pooja says you haven’t replied me, and says I must have understood that you can’t free Naren. Neelima says she will free him by tomorrow and asks her not to tell Rahul or Hardik. Pooja agrees and asks her to give Supriya’s room back to her and shift all her stuff there. Neelima says you are very clever. Pooja says because of the people around me. Neelima packs Supriya and Harish stuff and calls Servant. Pooja says you have given them holiday, now you have to shift stuff by yourself. She says I am getting teary eyes thinking Maa will be happy knowing this. Neelima shifts the stuff. Deception friday 28 February 2020

Deception friday 28 February 2020, Rahul gets a call and gets shocked knowing Hardik is getting the cabin cleaned and thinks for whom? Neelima brings the stuff to room. Pooja asks her to change the bedsheet. Neelima changes the bed sheet. Pooja recalls Neelima torturing them.

Surbhi brings harish and Supriya home. Neelima asks how are you to Harish? Supriya and Harish are surprised. Neelima asks them to go to their room as she got their stuff shifted there. Pooja thinks time has come for Naren’s freedom. Deception friday 28 February 2020

Neelima says I know you are surprised and says if Surbhi can take care of Jiju then why can’t we do this. Surbhi asks Harish to take rest. Supriya asks Harish to come. Neelima says I forgot one thing and gives keys to Supriya. Surbhi is skeptical. Rahul comes home and is shocked. Pooja smiles and thinks Naren will be freed now.


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