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Kyle and Sarah are beginning a coexistence in a revamped house in Hollywood Hills, on a similar property where the first house torched 10 years sooner with its proprietor evaporated. Regardless of specific bits of hearsay about the property, the couple chooses to secure the home of their fantasies. Be that as it may, they rapidly experience unusual events around the house. What’s more, when one of their companions vanishes and the master of the legal science doled out to the case is seen as killed, they understand they’re being designated in a wound waiting game. Enter Detective Brills, a hard-bubbled murder investigator who’s been attempting to settle the conundrum of the house since the fire. He’s not entirely settled to assist the couple with figuring out what’s truly happening around the bequest. However, he also can’t stop the lethal frenzy that starts to guarantee several’s companions and partners, individually. In the wake of finding human remaining parts in the unfinished plumbing space, Kyle and Sarah gradually find out about the unspeakable occasions that occurred and understand the guilty party is nearer to them than they can at any point envision.

Runtime: 83 mins

Release Date: 08 Jul 2011

Starcast: Gary Hudson, Jules Willcox, Paul Francis, Pancho Demmings, Richard Anderson, Ayelet Ben-Shahar, Todd Borrel, John Bruce, Jack Carlisle, Sako Chivitchian, Al Daniels, Lyla Dee, Marie Lyn Deja, Kristen DeLuca, Kristy Dowe, Thai Edwards, Laura Febres, Santos Flaniken, Mo Gallini, Crissy Henderson, Lajos Hugyetz, Duke Jackson, Emi Kamito, Ron Kari, Brendan Kelly, Nathan Kershaw, Don Kitzman, Adam Lamb, Marcus LaVoi, Sevak Magakian, Christopher Maleki, Crystal Martinez, Roman Mitichyan, Michael Petrone, Teri Reeves, Korrina Rico, Jose Rosete, Richard Salerno, Sarah Shirene, Stuart McClay Smith, Meredith Thomas, April Torres, Stone Van Gorder, Steven D. Varga, Vanessa Viola

Director(s): Chris Tasara

Genre: Mystery, Thriller



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