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Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 5

Episode Title: Nameless Pain

Air Date: Sep 18, 2021

Source: Lost.S01E05.KOREAN.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-AppleTor



As a little fellow, Jack attempts to prevent a few domineering jerks from harming another child, and gets punched for it. 

It’s been six days since Oceanic 815 slammed. At the point when he sees somebody suffocating, Jack swims out into the sea and saves Boone, however Boone says that he just swam out to save a lady who was suffocating. When Jack returns Boone once again to the sea shore and swims out once more, the lady has suffocated. 

Afterward, as Jack anxieties over not having the option to save her, he again sees the more seasoned man in a dark suit and sneakers (see the past scene) remaining in the sea. He asks Kate, yet she guarantees not to have seen him. Sun asks Jin what they ought to do, since it shows up nobody is acting the hero them, yet Jin demands that they needn’t bother with different survivors. While perusing Watership Down on the sea shore, Sawyer is drawn closer by Shannon, who needs some bug repellent from his reserve. He requests $5,000 for it, or possibly an IOU, and she declines. Hurley and Charlie disclose to Jack that their stock is water is totally gone; they continue to ask Jack what to do, however Jack won’t take on any sort of influential position.

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