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Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 14 Download mp4: An exhausted Lois holds vigil at Superman’s bedside. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Jordan continue to obsess about their father who appears to be more human now than whenever in ongoing memory. In conclusion, John Henry and Natalie collaborate to sort out the most viable method for safeguarding against Ally Allston’s powers.

Superman and Lois

Season Number: 2

Episode Number: 14

Episode Title: Worlds War Bizarre

Air Date: Jun 21, 2022

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Superman.And.Lois.S02E14.1080p.WEB.h264-GOSSIP


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As Clark is recuperating from Ally’s assault, the question remains, however, is he really recuperating? Furthermore, indeed, the simple answer to that is no, no he’s not. Turns out, his cells simply aren’t being re-energized by the sun. In any case, the issue is more profound than that. His cells have been totally changed and have to recuperate. What’s more, indeed, until he’s mended at the said cell level, he will not get his powers back, leaving John Henry, Nat, and Jordan to fight for themselves.

As everything is unfurling, we truly get to see Clark getting frustrated over his failure to do anything, which is something that everybody can connect with. Powerless Superman is something that has been done a lot of times previously, however, there’s something different about the way that this episode does it.

There’s no easy solution presented toward getting his powers back. No sudden on/off switch for him to suddenly be more impressive than he was previously. No part of that is here and it makes his powerlessness really feel effective. This also leads to Clark having a conversation with Sam where he basically says that Superman shouldn’t have saved him and it ends with one of the most mind-blowing Superman lines of all time: “Saving a life is never a mistake.” Pure Superman all around.

Plus, Clark feeling helpless because he can’t do more is such a genuine inclination that almost everybody feels at some point, so that’s what seeing Superman is like? It hurts. It hurts a great deal. By the day’s end, however, he’s Superman, powers or not, and because of that, he can still follow through with something (something that is also appealing). Seeing him going to help Lana, without powers, and giving an inspirational speech to the town of Smallville to quiet them is such an incredible Superman second. It shows what the symbol on his chest means, trust, as opposed to simply having it said that it’s what it means.

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