Dream Girl March Teasers 2022: Karan figures out how to misdirect Laxmi about Samar, and persuades her to wear the dress introduced by him. Ayesha advises Karan to take Laxmi to K Jo’s party.

Starlife Dream Girl Teasers March 2022

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Episode 60

Ayesha has a shaky outlook on losing the Dream Girl position to Laxmi. In the interim, Laxmi commends her success with Samar. Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, the following day. Samar makes Laxmi desirous by investing energy with Sania.

Episode 61

Karan plans to propose to Laxmi, however, Manav calls him to the workplace. In the interim, Samar discovers that Laxmi cares deeply about him. Ayesha visits Laxmi’s home and is in for a shock seeing Samar with her. Afterward, Ayesha feels uncertain of Laxmi and dreams about Samar getting hitched to Laxmi.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Episode 62

Ayesha meets Samar and illuminates him that she knows about his affections for Laxmi. In the interim, Laxmi is stunned when Karan proposes to her. Ayesha discovers that Laxmi knows nothing about Samar’s personality. Afterward, Ayesha misdirects Karan into feeling that Samar is attempting to remove Laxmi from him.

Episode 63

Ayesha prevails with regards to deceiving Karan regarding Sameer. She promises to assist him with prevailing upon Laxmi. The following day, Ayesha organizes a magazine interview for Karan. In the interim, Laxmi educates Samar regarding Karan’s proposition. Ayesha encourages Karan to intrigue Laxmi with cash.

Thursday 3 March 2022

Episode 64

In any case, Laxmi rejects his proposal as Samar needs to meet her. Afterward, Laxmi apologizes to Samar and acknowledges his gift.

Episode 65

Ayesha is astonished to discover that Laxmi didn’t go to K Jo’s party. The following day, Ayesha and Karan figure out how to deceive Laxmi regarding Samar. Samar is disturbed seeing a photo of Laxmi, wearing the dress skilled by Karan. Afterward, Laxmi is befuddled regarding her affection for Samar.

Friday 4 March 2022

Episode 66

Laxmi is in a predicament about whether to adore Samar back or acknowledge Karan’s proposition. Afterward, Ayesha demands that Samar visit Navrang Studio for Laxmi’s varying media round. Samar’s companions get into a battle at Navrang Studio and ruin Laxmi’s AV. Laxmi misreads Samar!

Episode 67

Samar faults himself for ruining Laxmi’s AV round. The following day, Ayesha imagines that she needs Karan to prevail upon Laxmi. In the meantime, Laxmi is intrigued seeing the AV, Samar has made for her. Afterward, Karan demotivates Laxmi about the AV and executes Ayesha’s arrangement.

Saturday 5 March 2022

Episode 68

Manav illuminates Samar that he will send off him after the Dream Girl challenge. In the meantime, Karan takes Laxmi to his new home and needs her to go to the house warming party. Ayesha tells Samar that Laxmi doesn’t cherish him. Samar is shattered on hearing Laxmi’s solutions to his inquiries.

Episode 69

Samar lets Laxmi know that he will hang tight for her response. In the meantime, Ayesha misdirects Manav and plots against Laxmi. Karan is cheerful seeing Laxmi at his home warming party. Afterward, Ayesha professes to really focus on Laxmi and misdirects her. Laxmi is in a situation regarding her choices.

Sunday 6 March 2022

Episode 70

Karan needs Laxmi to work on three motion pictures, that he will coordinate. Ayesha misleads Samar about Laxmi tolerating Karan’s proposition. Afterward, Laxmi gets back on schedule, yet will not maintain her affection for Samar. Samar goes out as she will not respond to him.

Episode 71

Laxmi understands that she adores Samar and laments not enlightening him. In the interim, Samar gets back to the Sareen House. Laxmi plans to unveil her inclination to Samar in the last round of the challenge. Afterward, Manav persuades Samar and advises him to prepare for his enormous send-off.

Monday 7 March 2022

Episode 72

Manav advises Samar to prepare for his send-off after the challenge. Laxmi’s dad excuses her for deluding him regarding the challenge. Afterward, Karan is crushed as Laxmi lets him know that she adores Samar! Ayesha stresses seeing Laxmi’s certainty for the last round of the challenge.

Episode 73

Ayesha discovers that Laxmi has composed an adoration letter to Samar and figures out how to get hold of it. Laxmi gives a terrific presentation and losses Ayesha in the last round. Ayesha praises Laxmi as she comes out on top for the Dream Girl championship. Ayesha butts in when Laxmi attempts to discuss Samar in her discourse.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Episode 74

Laxmi is amazed learning the personality of Samar. Manav uncovers that Samar claimed to be Raj Samosawala, the person in his next film. Samar won’t address Laxmi and overlooks her. Afterward, Ayesha lets Laxmi know that she knows about her affection for Samar.

Episode 75

Ayesha embarrasses Laxmi and demotivates her about being the ‘Beauty queen’. Karan apologizes to Laxmi for not uncovering the personality of Samar. In the interim, Ayesha deceives Samar regarding Laxmi’s affections for him. Afterward, Karan misdirects Samar and makes him meet Laxmi at Navrang Studio.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

Episode 76

Laxmi endeavors to address Samar, yet he misreads her! Karan promises to Ayesha that he will retouch Samar and Laxmi’s relationship. Afterward, Laxmi chooses to surrender the Dream Girl title, yet Karan spurs her not to. The following day, Laxmi and Samar plan for their first day of shooting.

Episode 77

Samar embarrasses Karan when he attempts to portray a scene to him. Laxmi endeavors to accommodate Samar, yet he censures her. Afterward, Ayesha demotivates Laxmi before her shoot. Manav stresses as Laxmi and Samar neglect to finish a heartfelt scene. Ayesha figures out that Samar cares deeply about Laxmi.

Thursday 10 March 2022

Episode 78

Manav chooses to get together as Laxmi and Samar neglect to finish a heartfelt scene. Ayesha stresses as Manav plans to have a studio for Laxmi and Samar. She persuades Manav to deal with the studio. Afterward, Laxmi attempts to prevail upon Samar however falls flat.

Episode 79

On seeing Laxmi and Karan together, Ayesha affects Samar against them. Laxmi endeavors to accommodate Samar. Samar will not completely accept that Laxmi loves him. He compromises Laxmi when she lets him know that she needs to stop acting. Ayesha stresses seeing Samar and Laxmi’s science during the studio.

Friday 11 March 2022

Episode 80

Karan attempts to uncover Laxmi’s sentiments to Samar. Laxmi prevents Samar from defying Karan. Afterward, Laxmi meets her dad and comes clean with him regarding Samar. Ayesha misdirects Laxmi’s dad saying that Samar will meet him. Laxmi is cheerful discovering that Samar will meet her dad.

Episode 81

Ayesha visits Laxmi’s home and embarrasses her dad. Samar discovers that Ayesha had visited Laxmi’s home. In the interim, Laxmi exhaust at Ayesha for knocking her dad. Samar misjudges Laxmi and faces her. Nonetheless, she fights back and chooses to fail to remember him.

Saturday 12 March 2022

Episode 82

Laxmi needs to fail to remember Samar, so she returns his gifts. Later around evening time, Samar and Laxmi consume the gifts introduced by one another and cut off their friendship. The following day, Laxmi is stunned tracking down her dad oblivious. Karan consents to help Laxmi find out with regards to her dad’s ailment.

Episode 83

Samar exhaust as Laxmi is late for the practice. In the interim, Ayesha exploits what is going on and ruins the dress put away for Laxmi’s shoot. On seeing Laxmi with Karan, Samar faces them for being late. Afterward, Samar is vexed subsequent to finding out with regards to Laxmi’s dad’s medical issue.

Sunday 13 March 2022

Episode 84

Ayesha snatches an open door and consents to assume a part in Samar and Laxmi’s film. In the interim, Samar plans to meet Laxmi’s dad, yet delays seeing Karan with her. Following day, Ayesha stresses seeing Laxmi and Samar’s practice. Afterward, she takes a duplicate of the film’s content, given to Laxmi.

Episode 85

Manav is angry seeing his film script out openly. Laxmi stresses as she neglects to track down her content. Samar is shocked as Laxmi blames him for taking her content. Afterward, Ayesha figures out how to get hold of Samar’s content. Manav exhaust at Samar in the wake of seeing his content in the dustbin.

Monday 14 March 2022

Episode 86

Samar misreads Karan and Laxmi. He gets into contention with Karan. Karan later informs Manav concerning Samar and Laxmi’s relationship. Samar attempts to disclose it to Manav, but Manav won’t converse with Ayesha.

Episode 87

Ayesha stresses over her relationship with Manav. The following day, Samar endeavors to persuade Manav regarding Ayesha. Ayesha admits reality to Karan, mixing up him to be Manav. Karan commits Ayesha to understand her error and she chooses to assist Samar and Laxmi with clearing their disparities.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Episode 88

Ayesha deceives Karan into imagining that she has changed, and professes to really focus on Laxmi. In the interim, Manav observes Samar and Laxmi having a contention. Afterward, Laxmi and Samar practice a scene from their film. Samar, Karan, and Manav are stunned to see Laxmi lying on the ground with her wrist cut!

Episode 89

Samar surges Laxmi to the medical clinic observing her wrist cut. In the interim, Ayesha plans her best course of action against Laxmi. Samar understands his slip-up and needs to accommodate Laxmi. Afterward, Karan and Samar clear their misconceptions. Laxmi is basic!

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Episode 90

The police examine Samar regarding Lakshmi’s mishap. Samar faults himself for Lakshmi’s condition. The media causes a commotion at the clinic. Lakshmi recaptures awareness. Ayesha plans to obliterate Lakshmi.

Episode 91

Laxmi is delighted to be home subsequent to getting released from the emergency clinic. Samar keeps an eye on Laxmi and invests a few quality energy with her and her loved ones. Laxmi feels thankful to Samar for dealing with her and proclaims her affection to him. Ayesha pays her partners to inconvenience Laxmi.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Episode 92

Laxmi is tragic with Samar for not communicating his sentiments. Notwithstanding, Karan attempts to cause her to understand that Samar is as yet enamored with her. Manav is glad that Samar will propose Laxmi for marriage.

Friday 18 March 2022

Episode 94

Karan embarks to send off Samar and Laxmi’s film. Notwithstanding, Ayesha plays a phony MMS of Karan and Laxmi during the public interview. Subsequently, the media gets brutal. Manav and Karan neglect to manage what is going on. Laxmi is stunned on finding out regarding the occurrence.

Episode 95

Laxmi is vexed with regard to the episode that occurred during the question and answers session. Ayesha professes to be blameless before Manav and Samar. Karan goes up against Ayesha for blaming him for deceiving Laxmi. Samar misconstrues Karan of deluding Laxmi. He attempts to comfort her.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Episode 96

Samar consoles a disappointed Laxmi while Manav is pitiful for not having the option to deliver their film. Laxmi’s dad is despondent after her phony MMS gets circled. The lady’s local area send off a dissent against Laxmi. Samar and Laxmi are dismal to observe something very similar.

Episode 97

Laxmi’s family is bugged by the protestors. Samar and Manav speak loudly against the Mahila Mukti Morcha for discoloring Laxmi’s standing. Manav pledges to make Laxmi’s film effective, yet Mr. Mathur prohibits Laxmi from acting in the film.

Sunday 20 March 2022

Episode 98

Mathur is upset because of Laxmi’s picture openly. On Mathur’s demand, Laxmi chooses to leave Mumbai. Notwithstanding, Samar inclinations Laxmi to act. Laxmi denounces Ayesha for her wrongdoing against her. Samar announces that he will wed Laxmi.

Episode 99

Samar promises to satisfy Laxmi’s fantasy and chooses to wed her. Manav inspires Samar to help Laxmi. Samar prevents Laxmi from leaving Mumbai and proposes a union with her. Ayesha is enraged with Samar’s choice. Laxmi and Samar’s families plan for their wedding.

Monday 21 March 2022

Episode 100

Samar pronounces his adoration to Laxmi and is anxious to be aware of her affections for him. Somewhere else, Samar and Laxmi’s families make courses of action for their wedding. Ayesha is stressed over Samar’s profession and expects to thwart his marriage with Laxmi.

Episode 101

On Ayesha’s demand, Laxmi drops her marriage with Samar for his vocation. Samar finds out with regards to Laxmi’s choice and is frustrated regarding her vanishing. Manav prevents Samar from looking for Laxmi while Ayesha celebrates for demolishing Laxmi and Samar’s marriage plans.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Episode 102

Ayesha is overpowered with bliss for demolishing Laxmi’s vocation. Somewhere else, Kartik and Mathur are stressed over Laxmi’s whereabouts. Manav attempts to comfort them. Karan is frantic to contact Laxmi. Manav wishes Ayesha on her birthday. In any case, Ayesha daydreams regarding Laxmi and alarms!

Episode 103

Manav helps Samar to remember Ayesha’s birthday while Samar is stressed over Laxmi’s location. Ayesha is stunned to see her birthday being praised at Navrang Studio. She freezes on hearing Laxmi’s voice and gets a couple of mysterious texts.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Episode 104

Ayesha is looking for a stalker who is sending her mysterious messages. Somewhere else, Manav is stressed over Ayesha’s location and Samar is tragic for being not able to track down Laxmi. Geeta is dismal regarding Laxmi’s vanishing. An examining official, Abhimanyu illuminates Manav regarding Laxmi’s misfortune.

Episode 105

Abhimanyu illuminates Manav that he has tracked down a dead body and suspects it to be of Laxmi’s. Be that as it may, Samar becomes angry at Abhimanyu and trusts Laxmi to be alive. Abhimanyu is dubious of Ayesha and enquires with her regarding Laxmi. Ayesha alarms seeing Laxmi’s recordings and pictures.

Thursday 24 March 2022

Episode 106

Abhimanyu, who is exploring Laxmi’s case, reaches the resolution that Ayesha is the offender. Somewhere else, Ayesha endeavors to conceal her wrongdoing and professes to be guiltless before Manav. In the end, Karan shows a video in which Ayesha is attempting to kill Laxmi.

Episode 107

Manav and Samar challenge Karan for blaming Ayesha for killing Laxmi while Ayesha attempts to substantiate herself honest. Geeta and Mathur revile Ayesha. Afterward, Karan gets Ayesha captured. Manav endeavors to get Ayesha delivered on bail.

Friday 25 March 2022

Episode 108

Manav tries to get Ayesha set free from prison and desires Abhimanyu to deal with her. Abhimanyu vents his dissatisfaction with Ayesha for deluding him. The police bring Ayesha into their guardianship. A couple of prisoners harassed Ayesha. Somewhere else, Samar reviews Laxmi.

Episode 109

A disappointed Ayesha vents her indignation on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu attempts to cause her to understand her wrongdoing. Manav laments being not able to get Ayesha delivered. Samar blames Karan for outlining Ayesha while Karan attempts to demonstrate to him that Ayesha is answerable for Laxmi’s affliction.

Saturday 26 March 2022

Episode 110

Ayesha is crestfallen to lead a convict’s life while Abhimanyu cross-examines her regarding Laxmi. He considers Ayesha liable for demolishing Laxmi’s life and is guaranteed of her contribution to the MMS outrage. Notwithstanding, Ayesha attempts to substantiate her honest. Manav gets Ayesha delivered on bail.

Episode 111

The media and Ayesha’s fans are glad to connect with Ayesha, who is temporarily free from jail. In any case, Ayesha is stressed over her standing and vocation. Manav consoles Ayesha while Sona communicates her scorn for her. Mathur is tragic to find out with regards to Ayesha’s delivery. Karan identifies with him.

Sunday 27 March 2022

Episode 112

Ayesha’s concerns leave Samar and Manav pitiful. Her vocation and individual life get impacted after she is set free from prison. To intrigue her fans, Ayesha needs to play a solid person in her next film. She connects with a couple of movie producers and plans to meet a scriptwriter.

Episode 113

Ayesha endeavors to meet a scriptwriter. She figures out how to fix a meeting with the essayist and goes out to meet her. Abhimanyu cautions Ayesha to not leave India as she is temporarily free from jail for a brief timeframe. Ayesha is stunned to see Laxmi.

Monday 28 March 2022

Episode 114

Ayesha attempts to cause Abhimanyu to understand that Laxmi is alive. Ayesha neglects to meet the scriptwriter. In any case, she is delighted to know from Prem that the essayist has consented to give the content to her. Ayesha associates Karan with misleading her regarding Laxmi.

Episode 115

Abhimanyu gets some information about his past relationship with Laxmi. Ayesha blames Karan for outlining her and cases Laxmi to be alive. Prem and Manav persuade Ayesha for the new film ‘Shakti The Woman’. They arrange a public interview for Ayesha to advance the film.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Episode 116

Manav and Samar become angry at Karan for blaming Ayesha for killing Laxmi. The media drag Karan out of the question-and-answer session. Ayesha is adulated for conveying her initially shot of the new film, ‘Shakti The Woman’. Atul, the movie chief, needs to present a scriptwriter, Naina, to Ayesha.

Episode 117

Ayesha is awestruck gathering Naina, a visually impaired scriptwriter, and Laxmi’s copy. The movie chief, Atul, is angry with Ayesha for offending him and Naina. Ayesha claims Laxmi to be alive and vents her displeasure on Naina. Abhimanyu will not completely accept that Laxmi is alive.

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Episode 118

Ayesha shows her phony worry for Naina. She welcomes her over to her home, with an aim to uncover her personality. Under Karan’s direction, Naina Laxmi embarks to get back at Ayesha for her offenses. She claims to be a visually impaired scriptwriter to win Ayesha’s certainty.

Episode 119

Ayesha attempts to uncover Naina’s Laxmi character before Samar, Prem, Abhimanyu, Karan, Mathur, and Geeta, yet fizzles. Abhimanyu professes to be Naina’s Laxmi sibling while Ayesha won’t accept. Naina Laxmi manages what is going on and consents to give the film content to Ayesha.

Thursday 31 March 2022

Episode 120

Naina Laxmi laments harming Samar and Mathur’s feelings. Karan rouses her to get back at Ayesha. Abhimanyu upholds Karan and Naina Laxmi as he also needs to vindicate Ayesha for misdirecting him, previously. Samar is pitiful to review Laxmi while Ayesha is certain that Laxmi is alive.

Episode 121

Samar converses with Naina Laxmi and talks about his thoughts with her, while Karan stows away from them. Ayesha is enraged at an attorney for not liberating her from the police case. She attempts to demonstrate that Naina Laxmi isn’t Abhimanyu’s sister. Kartik gets passionate about gathering Naina Laxmi.

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