DStv Subscription Packages and Prices for 2022: Getting it all out and Straight, On Today’s Topic we’d be taking a Brief look at one of the Popularly Known Cable TV which is by name Tagged DStv. Speaking of having a look into this very Dstv Cable Channel, we’d be considering the DStv list of Package Subscriptions with each of its Prices and as well a list of the Annotated Channel.

Believe me when I say this indeed will be an Interesting Review when we move on Together as you pay close and Rapt attention to fish out some of the Silent facts not closely seen as a Normal user of the Dstv Channel.

The DStv is an Abbreviation for the Word Digital Satellite Television and it’s a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice and based in Randburg, South Africa. The DStv Multichoice channel according to trusted Records and resources was on the Year 6 October 1995 Launched and Eversince its existence been in the Era of making available audio, radio, and television channels and services to subscribers most especially in Nigeria and South Africa.

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The Above is a Brief recap on the History and existence record of Channel DStv which is our main center of Discussion at this very moment. Now, speaking of DStv Subscription Packages Prices with annotated Network that would be made available following the subscription process, we’ll get to know and understand that they all come in a Kind of Sequence which means that it is made up of Lowest to Highest subscription price. But before we move fully into that, let us check out the mode by which one can easily make a subscription Payment of his or her DStv Channel.

How do I recharge my DStv subscription?

There are several ways to recharge a DStv Subscription but first, we’d have a look at the First method we’d be taking into consideration which would be listed below.

  1. DStv Recharge Using USSD Code
  2. DStv Recharge using Mobile Banking Application
  3. DStv Recharge using the DStv Channel Application

DStv Recharge Using USSD Code

Starting off with this very section, I’d like to notify you that this very aspect majorly falls for those who aren’t on Hold or in use of a Smartphone or majorly those who ain’t so conversant with Making good use of Smartphones.

To achieve this very Process of the task using the USSD you’d be sure to have your Number directly connected to your Bank in other words, you can only attempt and successfully achieve this by using the Number which is connected to your Bank account and to achieve this you simply follow the below noted steps;

  • Dial *7111# on your registered phone number (Number connected to your Bank Account).
  • Select ‘Other services.
  • Select ‘Bills Payment.
  • On the next page make payment for a biller. E.g Select DStv to make payment.

DStv Recharge using Mobile Banking Application

This very aspect of it is for those who on normal occasions make use of their Banking App for online transactions and for this, all you need to do is to Fund your Bank Account, log in and Pick up the Cable Subscription section in which you’d come across the DStv Cable Network, pick up the Subscription Package you want and then Make a payment, youd be notified that your payment has been successfully processed.

DStv Recharge using the DStv Channel Application

This very stage is also known to be a self-service method and only achieved by the use of the DStv Developed APP, prepared and made available for use on Play Store. To fully be used to this very part of it all, simply pay attention to the below process.

  • Visit the Google Play Store, and Download the DStv App which is tagged MyDStv using the Search Box.
  • Having done this, Click the Install Box on the Top Right section and wait for the App to be installed successfully.
  • Now you’ve successfully Downloaded the Application, Sign up using your actual Details, together with your DStv IUC number which is often in this very format “IUC/SC XXXXXXXXXX” made up of 10 Unique Digits.
DStv Channel Application

DStv Channel Application

  • Having successfully signed up, Now top up your DStv Application account via your Bank Account so as to use it for the Renewal of your Channel Tv.

Before we’ll leave this very section of our Topic of discussion, it re-occurred to me that we have a little View on what the IUC Number is all about, meaning we’d be digressing Just a little.

What is a DStv IUC Code?

The IUC Code or Number is termed to be a Unique digit assigned to each and every DStv Channel and it’s made up of 10-Digits. The DStv Channel IUC code is mostly labeled underneath your decoder but for Older Decoders Models, could be seen if the Smartcard is pulled off.

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That’s for the little digression now, back to the main topic of discussion which brought us to having DStv Subscription Packages With Annotated Channels 2022 as our Main center of attention today.

What are the list of DStv packages?

Giving a Correct answer to this, wed have a Brief and Close look at some of the List of existing DStv Subscription Packages available for DStv Subscribers.

Just as earlier said, the DStv packages range in a Sequence and we are made to understand that the said range comes from as low as N2150 to as high as N21,000.

DSTV Access/Padi package for N2,150 a month

This very DSRV Access/Padi Package Houses about 90+ TV and can be gotten for the sum of N2,150 making it stand to be the least among them all.

DSTV Yanga package for N2565 – N2950 a month

This very DSRV Yanga Package Houses about 95+ TV and can be gotten for the sum Range of N2565 – N2950.

DSTV Confam package for N4,615 – N5300 in a Month

Housing over 105+ exciting channels, this very Package stands to be gotten for the sum of N4,615 – N5300.

DStv Compact Package for N7,900 – N9000 a month

This very aspect and from here forward is majorly for the Sports Lovers and is gotten for the sum total Range of N7,900 – N9000.

DStv Compact Plus Package for N12,400 – N14,250

This Package is said to House over 210 TV channels and stands to be available for the Sum of N12,400 – N14,250.

DStv Premium Package for N18,400

This DStv Premium Package is Charged to be N18,400 as recorded Houses about 250 TV channels.

Having run through this very Brief Take on the DStv Package Subscriptions with Prices 2022 we sure believe that in a way, we’ve helped reveal some aspect of DStv which has seemed to be hidden for a long time now. Do well to share and visit for more.

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