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Ejanma Karnataka Registration Login Portal is a which was sometime ago launched by the State Government of Karnataka in order to Keep Records of it citizens Birth and De*th Rate Online.

In this very Ejanma Application, Citizens can easily register or directly Apply & View status of Birth and De*th Rate online in the state without having to stress up on visiting the Government Office.

Compiled List of the Benefits of Ejanma Karnataka Registration Portal Application

  • Ejanma is a solitary stage for benefiting of the De*th and Birth testament administrations of the state.
  • The applicants can safeguard the Birth and De*th records in advanced arrangement, which can’t be taken or lost.
  • Ejanma entryway empowers straightforwardness in the enlistment cycle.
  • The computerized drive will at last decrease the manual work and facilitate the information dealing with (for administrators).
  • In Conclusion, the residents can save both the candidates’ and administrators’ time and energy, decreasing the manual responsibility.

How to Register on Ejanma Karnataka App

  • For this, the citizens have to visit the registration centers in their respective geographical areas.
  • The concerned executives will then help you fill the manual birth/de*th certificates available offline or downloaded from the official portal.
  • However, if the birth/death occurs in hospitals, the applicants should visit the concerned hospital, fill the application form and get the registration done.

How to Verify Ejanma Portal Online

  • Visit the Official Portal of Ejanma Karnataka.
  • It takes the online applicant to the Home Page Below.
  • Click on the Birth/De*th Verification on the left pane of the web page.
  • It then lands the online user on the Birth/De*th search page.
  • Select the Birth/De*th, Registration Number, Birth/De*th Date.
  • Enter the Captcha Code.
  • Click on the Search Button.
  • It then takes the candidates to the user dashboard.
  • Now, the candidates start verifying the birth/de*th of the concerned individual.

How to Check Registration Details on Ejanma Karnataka Online Login Portal 

  • Visit the Official Portal of Ejanma Karnataka.
  • It takes the online applicant to the Home Page Below.
  • Click on the Registration Details on the following page.
  • It then redirects the applicant to the Registration Details page below.
  • Click on the Month/Year and view the Birth & Death Registration Details on the same web page.

How Important is Ejanma Karnataka APP?

Ejanma Karnataka is very much important for the people of Karnataka recalling the reason for Bringing it to existence by the State Government.

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