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Eternal Love Friday 19 February 2021: Eternal Love 19th February 2021 update, The Episode starts with Rohit asking Sonakshi didn’t she go home yet. He gets shocked seeing Raima. Some time back, Raima says I will get Rohit back. Mahesh adorns the dummy and sees Sonakshi’s pic. Tumhe kaise mai bataun….plays. He says you will look very beautiful. Rohit says our new world will just have love. Mahesh says you will leave Rohit and come to me, you will be mind always. Mahesh hugs the dummy. Raima cries. Rohit hugs Sonakshi. He sleeps. Sonakshi comes to him. He asks didn’t you go home yet. He hears Raima’s voice and opens eyes. He gets shocked seeing Raima. He switches on the lights and asks Raima, are you fine, connect the cylinder, are you feeling breathless, did you see any bad dream, I will take you to your room. She hugs him and says I miss you, do you recall something, tell me. He asks her to go to her room and rest, its his marriage tomorrow. She says I was stupid to let you go. He says go to your room.

She pushes him on the bed. She starts removing her clothes and says spend the night with me, I will spend my entire life with its memories. She gets close. Suman comes to Sonakshi and asks did you sign the agreement. Sonakshi says my love doesn’t depend on it, imp thing is I have total right on Rohit. Rohit asks are you mad, its my marriage tomorrow. Raima says what’s wrong, I know you love me, I was wrong to give you to Sonakshi, you need to understand, I m here for you, we are made for each other, mom told me, you came to Pune for me, that’s love. He says get to senses. She hugs him and says I need you. He gets her away and slaps. He says I love Sonakshi, I will love her until I die, you get that, its my marriage tomorrow, I want you to get out of here, don’t tell this to her, she cares for you, you were my past, Sona is my present and future, whatever was between us, its over Raima. He makes her out and shuts the door. Raima cries.

Eternal Love update Friday 19 February 2021 Suman does arrangements. She says its marriage today, I didn’t get Sona and Rohit’s kundlis match. Rohit enjoys his haldi. Everyone applies haldi to him and tear his kurta. Sukhmani says your bachelor days are over. Akash jokes. Raima comes and says I didn’t apply haldi to the groom. Rohit looks at her. Raima applies haldi and says wishing you and Sonakshi a very happy wedding. Veena asks her to hurry up, she has to take the haldi for Sonakshi. Vimmi asks Mahesh to take the haldi for Sonakshi, don’t drop it, take it carefully. Mahesh makes fresh haldi and applies to himself. He says my haldi will be going to my Parvati. Veena and Mahesh come to Suman’s house. Veena gives the haldi bowl. Suman asks Netra to keep it safe, its Rohit’s haldi. Mahesh asks maid for water. Veena gives Rohit’s kundli. Suman says thanks, I believe in all this, I m ashamed about CA, sorry, Sulochana told me. Veena says forget it, where is Sonakshi. Sonakshi comes. Mahesh smiles. Veena takes haldi to apply to Sonakshi.

Rohit comes and says stop. He says this is my haldi. Veena smiles. The first bowl falls down and breaks. Mahesh gets shocked. Suman says I have to show their kundlis. She asks Munya to clean up the glass pieces. Rohit says this is my haldi, it was left behind the fridge. Veena says maybe Vimmi made mistake, its good you got it. She applies haldi to Sonakshi. She asks Sonakshi does she know, haldi is auspicious. Sonakshi says it brings glow on bride and groom’s face. Veena says yes, apply haldi, stay happy, forget all tensions, haldi symbolizes a new start and is big blessing. Rohit says haldi should be in Sippy style. Veena smiles. Rohit says groom’s clothes are torn. Sonakshi says Rohit…. Rohit gets haldi from Sonakshi’s cheek and says happy haldi. Mahesh angrily goes. Suman worries seeing broken glass. Mahesh calms down.

Eternal Love update Friday 19 February 2021 He says marriage will happen, but with me….Suman shows Rohit and Sonakshi’s kundlis to pandit. She asks are the kundlis matching, there are many hurdles coming, the marriage is on some hours. Pandit says groom is lucky, their jodi is like Ram and Sita, stay happy and do all the rasams. His assistant worries. Suman asks will everything get fine for Sonakshi. Pandit says yes, tie this thread to her hand. Netra says Suman gave responsibility to me, you are flowing, its because of Rohit’s love. Suman goes. Assistant asks why didn’t you tell Suman about the problems coming for Sonakshi. Pandit says Sonakshi would face difficulties in these seven days, how shall I tell them that Sonakshi may die.

Rohit saying commissioner uncle said about the third person knowing the plan, Mahesh was there, he is at Sonakshi’s house now. Some time back, Sonakshi tries the chunri and smiles thinking of Rohit. Sawaar loon….plays.. Vimmi asks Mahesh to take sweets to Sonakshi’s house. She asks him to come back soon. Rohit talks to commissioner. Mahesh asks shall I stay here, it will take much time to come back. She asks him to ask Rohit. Mahesh comes to Rohit. Rohit says maybe the attacker is fooling us, we got Ravi arrested, maybe attacker knows our plan. Commissioner says yes, the plan was just between us, then how. Rohit stops Mahesh and asks are you going to Sonakshi’s house, give this letter to her from my side. Mahesh says sure, shall I stay there, traffic is much. Rohit says yes, good idea, there would be much work there. Mahesh smiles.

Netra and Sonakshi joke on kundli tension. Suman says I just want everything to be fine. Sonakshi says its fine, don’t worry. Netra gets the file. She gets shocked. She asks what is it, how an chip get damaged, it has Sonakshi’s scenes, I m coming. Veena and Sukhmani try to choose the necklace for Sonakshi. Veena asks Raima. Raima says you decide it. Veena tries it on her. Raima recalls Rohit’s words. She goes. Veena says what happened to her, strange. Sulochana says I will see Raima. Commissioner says be assured, nothing will happen to Sonakshi. Rohit thanks him. He says commissioner was right. He sees Raima packing the bag. He goes. Netra meets Dilip and gets the chip. She scolds Dilip. Netra says we worked hard to get Sonakshi’s scenes pre shoot, what will people watch tomorrow, it will be a big loss, the channel will shut the scene, Sonakshi is getting married, I can’t call her for shooting, get some old scenes and put songs, just do it.

Eternal Love update Friday 19 February 2021 Rohit asks have you lost it. Raima says let me go. He says I don’t want you to stay here, its my marriage, I don’t want things to get spoiled for Sonakshi, I can’t answer her. She says I don’t care. He says I don’t want you to see my bad side, our friendship will end. He asks Sulochana to explain Raima. He goes. Raima angrily throws things. Sulochana says no use to get angry now, get ready for marriage. Raima says I can’t see their marriage. Sulochana asks what will you do. Raima says once I reach the mandap, I know what to do.

Mahesh gets shagun and shows the note for Sonakshi. He says Rohit gave it. Sonakshi comes. Mahesh smiles. Sonakshi reads the note. She says Rohit has sent this and asked us to watch it. They play the pendrive. Rohit greets them and says this message is for my gorgeous mother-in-law, Sonakshi just go to your room. Sonakshi asks is this message live or recorded. He says its recorded, but I know you, go. Sonakshi goes. Rohit talks to Suman. Sonakshi hears him. Rohit says I m calling someone’s mum as mumma, its tough for me, I promise you to always take care of Sonakshi, I know Sonakshi is very imp for you, I won’t make her cry, I will get her exams done, I will take care of her.

Suman happily cries. Rohit says you will have this video proof against me. He asks Munya to get Sonakshi, she is hearing it from the door side. Sonakshi comes and hugs Suman. Suman says there can’t be a better guy than Rohit. Mahesh looks on. Rohit asks is your mum daughter union done, I want to welcome Sonakshi in Sippy mansion in tv style. Veena shows Sippy mansion and family. Kyun ki saas….plays…. Suman hugs Sonakshi.

Eternal Love 19 February 2021 Mahesh says Parvati will go to my house. Yash says once you get married to Sonakshi, Raima will accept it, send her to her parents. Rohit says I m thinking of commissioner uncle, uncle said about the third person knowing the plan. He recalls Mahesh. He says Mahesh was there, he was driving and I told everything, Sonakshi and I had a fight, maybe he is the attacker or connected to attacker. Yash asks where is he now. Rohit says he is at Sonakshi’s house now, I asked him to stay there.


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