Eternal Love 8 January 2021 update: Sonakshi coming in the party. She goes on the stage. The man asks Mhatre to play the music. Sonakshi says we like it when you invite us to a family function and treat us like a family member, thanks, I m happy to meet you all, Nikhil ji won’t you take pictures. Mhatre goes on stage. They get pics clicked by the photographers. All the men come on stage and join Sonakshi in the pic. Sonakshi wishes Nikhil. Mhatre gets angry on the men. Sonakshi thanks Mhatre and goes. He throws the glass in anger. Rohit cries and is drunk. Veena wakes up and switches on lights. She sees the time. She says I feel strange, I hope my Rohit is fine. She goes and calls Rohit. Rohit cries. She calls Ravi. He says don’t know where did Sir go, I m finding him since 4 hours, I m trying to find him. She worries. She goes to Naren and says please wake up. He asks what happened. She says Rohit is missing, we have to go to Pune.

Naren says we can’t find him without info. She says its all my mistake. Akash tries to call Ravi. Ravi says its raining heavily here, you come in the morning. Kannu says I will come to watch your shoot. Sonakshi says sure. She gets Netra’s call. Sonakshi says I m leaving now, everything is fine. Netra says you can come tomorrow, don’t worry. Sonakshi says we shall leave now, Shankar. She says Mhatre ji, I have settled the scores, I hope you will delete Pooja’s pics and videos and fulfill your promise, look at Kannu, she respects you, what will she feel knowing her dad is using an innocent girl’s incident in this matter. He deletes the video. She says don’t show me your face again. She waves to Kannu and leaves.

Rohit walks on the road. He gets hit. Shankar says its not my mistake. Sonakshi asks him to go and see. Shankar asks are you fine, are you hurt. He says that guy is a drunkard. Sonakshi sees Rohit. She asks Shankar to stop the car. She runs to Rohit. She shouts Rohit…. Rohit looks for his watch. Sonakshi finds it fallen there. Rohit sees Sonakshi and says Raima…. He falls down. She asks Shankar to keep the watch. She takes Rohit in her lap. She takes Rohit in the car. They leave. Veena says I will try calling Rohit. Sonakshi asks Shankar to take them to the hospital. Shankar says its 15-20 kms away. Naren asks Veena not to try so much. Veena says phone is ringing. Rohan says maybe phone is on silent, I have friends in Pune, calm down. Veena cries and says Rohit didn’t listen to me when I asked him not to go, how will he find her at this time. Yash asks whom did Rohit go to find. He asks Naren does he know. Naren asks Veena to tell them, why did Rohit go to Pune. Veena goes.

Sonakshi asks Rohit can he hear her voice. She asks how did this happen. She says he has high fever, Shankar drive fast. They reach a dispensary. She asks him to get stretcher and call ward boys. Shankar comes back and says there is no doctor here, doctor said he will come in 2-3 hours. Sonakshi says I will talk to them. Shankar says I will take you to Mumbai in less time. Sonakshi asks Rohit to talk to her, how did he get hurt. He says Raima…. She asks for medical box. Shankar says its not there. She gets her purse. She asks for water bottle.

Shankar says we forgot it there. She sees Rohit’s phone. She says its locked. She drops the phone by the jerk. She asks Shankar to drive carefully. Naren says Veena, tell me why did Rohit go to Pune, if you don’t say, how will we know it. Veena says he isn’t fine, I won’t sit back, I will go to him right away. Naren gets Sonakshi’s call. Veena asks Ajit and Rohan to come with her. Rohan agrees. Naren says why is Sonakshi calling again and again. Veena says give it to me. She answers. Sonakshi says its me Sonakshi, Rohit is with me, he isn’t well. Naren puts call on speaker. Sonakshi says he is hurt, he is unconscious, he has high fever. Rohan asks where are you. She says I m getting him to Mumbai. Sonakshi says the phone got off, put it on charger. Shankar says Pari took the charger. She asks for his phone. She says I don’t remember Veena’s number. Veena cries. She says Rohit is hurt. Naren says Rohit isn’t alone, Sonakshi is with him. He calls someone and says Rohit is missing, he is with Sonakshi, you are MLA, help us please.

Veena says just find out what happened. Rohan calls Pari and says sorry to call so late, do you know where is Sonakshi in Pune. She says she is on sets for night shoot. He says she is with Rohit, she just called and told us. Pari says how do you know, let me check, I will tell you. He says please let me know, we are much worried. Suman says why is Sonakshi lying to us, why is she with Rohit. Suman and Pulkit come there. Suman asks where is Sonakshi, why are you not answering my call. Netra says she has gone to film city to shoot. Suman says you have sent her to Pune, why. Netra says you talk calmly, you had a surgery recently, you can’t shout on me, Sonakshi has gone to Pune, I won’t tell you why, if kids lie to parents, its parents’ fault, we work here, please leave from here. Suman and Pulkit leave. Netra asks everyone to get back to work. Veena asks Yash will Sonakshi get Rohit to Sippy hospital. Yash says yes, I have sent an ambulance. Naren asks Veena to stop this obsession, Sonakshi is getting Rohit, tell me why did Rohit go there. Akash asks her to tell them. Ajit says leave mom alone. Yash asks Ajit to apologize to Akash.

Akash and Rohan argue. Vimmi says Rohit reached the hospital. Veena says don’t tell anything to Sukhmani and Nishi. Yash asks Pooja to stay with Nishi. Rohit is treated. Tulsi says Rohit had drunk poisonous wine, doctors are expelling it, sit in Sir’s cabin. Sonakshi asks what, tell me when he gets conscious. Naren checks Rohit’s reports. He says I will see Rohit, you go and talk to Sonakshi. Sonakshi puts phone on charging. She sees Rohit’s watch. Veena comes there and hugs Sonakshi. She thanks Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Rohit was in bad state, thankfully Shankar stopped the car in time and didn’t hit Rohit by the car, Rohit was much hurt. Veena says I should have not let them go there. Sonakshi says Rohit has gone to meet Raima, right. Veena looks at her. Sonakshi gives Rohit’s watch. She says Rohit was just taking Raima’s name. Veena says he never mentioned Raima in front of anyone. Sonakshi says since I met Rohit, I feel like he has a past, he hides it from everyone, he smiles in front of everyone, what happened.

Veena says Rohit is my son but I shouldn’t comment on his personal life, I can just say that Raima was Rohit’s first life, they studied together and met even after college, he joined medical college and she became an air hostess, he was mad after her, just I knew this, Rohit doesn’t share emotions with anyone, I met Raima, she is lovely, she is in coma, we all know that Raima can’t come back, Rohit isn’t ready to accept this because she is in this state because of him, he did her operation, it was his first and last unsuccessful surgery, its been 4 years, it the night on 26th Sept, Raima’s mum held Rohit responsible for this and slapped him, she took Raima from Rohit’s life forever. Sonakshi asks how can this happen. Veena asks what do you know. Sonakshi says four years ago, that night on 26th Sept got a big storm in my life also. Veena asks what storm.

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