Eternal Love update Monday 1 March 2021 Starlife


Eternal Love 1 March 2021 update. The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Pooja. Rohit says Pooja is Yash and Nishi’s daughter. Rohit says yes, lets end the matter here. Sonakshi comes and says this is cheating. Some time back, Sonakshi says Pooja should know it. Rohit says Sona just knows that Pooja is adopted, nothing else. Yash looks on. Sonakshi says Pooja has grown up, she should know the truth. Rohit says its not easy. Sonakshi says I know, she has right to know the truth. He says she will like to find out her real parents. She says we will let her find out, she has all the rights. He says its better that few things stay a secret, its our family matter, you stay out of it.

Sonakshi goes. Rohit says if Pooja’s real parents truth comes out, Sippy family will break down. Rohan says please, take the complaint back, you aren’t much hurt. The lady scolds him. Naren is on the way. He asks driver to drive fast. Pari requests the lady. Naren reaches the police station. Rohan says we will do as you say, I m ready to give compensation, we will be stuck in a big problem, please try and understand. Naren meets the inspector and says I got a call about the accident, Dr. Mehra asked me to inspect the pregnant lady. He goes.

Sonakshi says he angrily said its his family, its my family also, I will not talk to him. Rohit comes home. She ignores him. He goes and changes. She sees him struggling with the track pant’s drawstring. She smiles. He goes back to change.

The inspector says that lady took compensation and withdrawn the complaint, that husband and wife were also Sippys. Naren says just we don’t have a right to have Sippy surname, good night. He leaves. Rohan says we can’t meet like this, we have to find some solution. Pari asks how. He says you come to my home tomorrow, I will think something. She says mom will be angry. He says you are just mine. She asks him to go home. Rohit messes the place and slips. He throws his clothes when Sonakshi laughs. They argue. She says I will put the drawstring, go and change, you can’t sleep wearing tight pants. He doesn’t listen. They lie down to sleep and fight for the blanket. He falls down the bed. She says very good, sleep there, it suits you. He says I don’t want to sleep here. He goes to bathroom. Sonakshi says he calls me drama queen, he does more drama, its good, he will come out when he feels cold. Naren asks Veena why is she busy. Veena says she said about Pooja’s alliance, we have hidden this secret, its time to bring it out. Sonakshi asks Rohit to come out, does anyone sleep in bathroom.

Rohit comes and says I had slept in bathtub well, I got backache, but there is no one fighting there. She asks Vimmi to get ice pack and rolling pin. He says you can’t beat me with it. She says I have to go for work. He gets a call. He says mom called me, you get ready. Sonakshi meets the reporter Tapasya. Tapasya says I was down with dengue, I came to take your interview, so shall we start. Pari comes to meet Rohan. Sonakshi sees her and asks what are you doing here. Pari says I came to meet Rohan to discuss job opportunity. She goes. Sonakshi looks on. Tanya says I have to leave for the meeting, I will return till evening. Rohan says you know everyone is there, so don’t worry. Pari comes and greets. Pari says Rohan called me. She sees her bracelet and worries. Rohan says Pari had managed decorations well, she did a diploma in interior designing, I asked her to design my new flats, she agreed to my idea. Tanya says its good, take care. She leaves.

Rohan asks Pari why are you standing away. Pari says my bracelet. He gets Veena’s call and goes. She worries. Tapasya says interview will get published, can I get your and Rohit’s family pic. Sonakshi says sure, I will ask them. Everyone discusses about Pooja. Rohit says Pooja is Yash and Nishi’s daughter. Rohit says yes, lets end the matter here. Sonakshi comes and says this is cheating. Rohit says Sona knows it, she is my wife, part of this family. He says we agree that Pooja shouldn’t know the truth, she will always be Yash and Nishi’s daughter, she can marry that guy if she likes, no need to tell the truth. Sukhmani asks do you agree with this. Pri takes her bracelet. Pooja asks are you stealing Tanya’s bracelet. Pari says no, its mine. Tanya asks what is it doing here, how cheap. Pari says stop calling me a thief. They argue. Pooja says your mum is greedy and your dad is nowhere, you steal things. Pari raises hand. Pooja slaps her and says I won’t tell anything to Sonakshi, we love her, I don’t want to hurt her, now out of this room. Pari cries.

Sonakshi says no relation can be made on lies, Pooja can accept the truth, what’s wrong, love is needed, DNA doesn’t matter in family. Naren says no need to know anything, I don’t want to take any risk, Nishi isn’t here. Yash says yes, let Nishi come. Rohit says I agree with dad, Pooja’s truth shouldn’t come out, lets end the matter here.


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