Eternal Love update Saturday 13 February 2021 On Starlife


Eternal Love 13 February 2021: Eternal Love Saturday 13th February 2021 update, The Episode starts with Commissioner waiting for Sippys. Rohit says I can’t wait to see Sonakshi in white and gold colour, she would be looking so good. Mahesh angrily drives rashly. Rohit shouts. Some time back, Suman asks Akhil about the publicity and free venue. Akhil asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Suman asks Munya what does she want. Munya says you forgot an imp thing, Sonakshi is sensible, she knows rituals, she doesn’t know about wedding night, you are her mum, she should know about it.

Rohan says this song is slow, song should be peppy. Ajit says there is no Sindhi music song. Pooja says we will dance on Punjabi song. Yash says idea is great, done, where is Rohit. Rohit says we need good security tomorrow, I trust you, thanks. Yash comes and asks what is happening, is Ravi innocent. The lady says new driver is waiting to give the driving test. Rohit goes. Suman comes to Sonakshi to do hair champi. Sonakshi asks what’s the matter, I have washed my hair, I can’t apply the oil now, tell me. Suman says I m happy that you are getting married, Rohit is a nice guy, but life changes after marriage, a wife has responsibilities.

Sonakshi says I know everything, I m doing Parvati’s role since 4 years, I should cook for everyone and make sure elders don’t miss medicines. Suman says you forgot to please Rohit, how will you keep him happy. Sonakshi says I will make Samosa for him, he loves it. Suman asks her to understand. Sonakshi asks her to explain it well.

Suman says I had come to talk about your wedding night. Munya looks on. Sonakshi says oh, so you came to told me about s*x education. Munya goes. Sonakshi asks why are you feeling awkward, who can explain me better. Suman asks how can I explain, its strange topic. Sonakshi says we have to change this thinking, who can explain it better than a mum, everyone knows it through internet, I know exactly what you want to explain, when a mum explains a daughter, the daughter will understand it well, thanks for coming, many girls are scared of that night, they are scared that the guy won’t understand them. Suman cries. Sonakshi says sorry, I was saying right. Suman says I was also among those girls, my mum didn’t speak to me, I was so scared about my first night and fainted there, your dad didn’t force me and gave me my time. Sonakshi hugs her and says I m bit scared, I know Rohit, but I don’t know what he expects from me. Suman says Rohit is very sensible, I m sure he won’t hurt you, don’t worry. Sonakshi says don’t take his side, you are my mum, stop crying, tell me how to please him. They laugh.

Yash says police arrested Ravi so that they can catch the real culprit. Rohit says yes. Mahesh hears them while driving the car. Yash says police will catch the culprit, Sonakshi shouldn’t know this, else she will not enjoy the function, she will get angry if she knows about my lie. Mahesh asks him to take keys. Rohit says good job, you can come tomorrow, this will be temporary job. Mahesh says I will do it. Rohit goes. Mahesh says so he is planning to frame me, Rohit can’t do anything.

Rohit and Sonakshi practice. He gets stuck. He asks Raima to change the step and make it simple. Raima says I will work it out. Mahesh calls someone and says I m not well, I won’t come for work. He hides his face. The man asks him to take medicines and come soon. Sonakshi says we won’t change the steps, I know Rohit will do this for my sake. Rohit says I will learn it from Sonakshi, you go and teach Pooja. He asks Raima to go. Sonakshi says Raima will feel bad. He says Sonakshi is a better dancer, she will teach me, just go. Raima sadly goes. He says Raima won’t feel bad, come on teach me.

Suman and Pulkit reach the venue. Sonakshi calls Suman. Suman asks Sonakshi to make an entry with Pari from the backdoor, Akhil has planned some surprise entry. She likes the banners and decorations. She asks where is the media. Akhil comes. She asks where is media and press. He asks her to relax and come inside. Suman meets her friends. Suman says I got the marriage sponsored, one should have good fate for this. She welcomes Netra. Netra compliments her. Suman asks did you see sponsors. Netra says I have seen, I will leave soon, where is Parvati. Suman asks her to come. Commissioner says we will keep an eye here, be alert, Sippys will reach any moment. Veena asks Naren to smile in the function.

Naren says I will try, but can’t promise. Everyone asks for Sonakshi. Sonakshi makes a grand entry. Everyone smiles. Pari comes. Suman compliments Pari. The lady says Suman’s daughters are really like fairies. Rohit and family is on the way. Rohit says I m going to dance with Sonakshi. Yash and Rohan ask him not to worry. Mahesh angrily drives. Rohit says we have to perform, drive carefully, Sonakshi will look beautiful in white and gold, I can’t just wait to see her, she is perfect. Mahesh speeds the car. They shout and ask him to stop.


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