Eternal Love update Saturday 20 February 2021 On Starlife


Eternal Love 20 February 2021: Eternal Love update Saturday 20th February 2021, Mahesh cutting some wires. Sonakshi gets trapped in fire. Suman, Pulkit and everyone worry. Sonakshi faints. Some time back, Rohit says I have sent Mahesh to Sonakshi’s house. Yash says calm down, call Sonakshi, I will call the commissioner. Rohit calls Sonakshi. She says I was seeing your video. He asks where is Mahesh. She asks what’s the matter. He says I will explain later, give him the phone, its urgent. She asks Mahesh to talk to Rohit. Rohit says Mahesh, come home, I have work. Mahesh asks what happened. Yash says I couldn’t contact commissioner. Rohit says just come home, I have imp work. Mahesh hears Yash.

He says I have to go. Sonakshi takes the cup from his hand. He looks at her and goes. Suman asks Sonakshi to talk to Rohit later. Mahesh asks did Rohit get doubt on me, how, what shall I do now. He sees the power room. He says lightman got his toys, now these power will help me. Sonakshi locks the door and goes to washroom. She keeps her phone there. She starts getting ready. Mahesh cuts some wires. Lights flicker. Mahesh says now see Rohit, how you let me stay with my Parvati, I will win her. The fire spreads in Sonakshi’s room. She shouts to Suman and Pulkit.

They knock the door and ask her to open the door. Sonakshi falls down and shouts Pulkit…. Suman asks Pulkit to do something, get fire extinguisher. Sonakshi faints. Mahesh comes. He asks what happened. Suman says there is fire in her room. Mahesh says move away, don’t come here when door opens. He breaks the door and gets in. He sees Sonakshi lying unconscious. He saves her from fire. His hand burns. He lifts her. Tumhe kaise mai bataun….plays… Pulkit comes with fire extinguisher. Mahesh gets Sonakshi out. Rohit and Yash come. Rohit asks why so much darkness here. He gets shocked seeing Sonakshi. He asks what happened. He looks at Mahesh.

Sonakshi gets up and sees Rohit. She asks what are you doing here. He says its good I have come. Netra says I can’t do anything, I m ready to pay penalty, its Sonakshi’s marriage, I can’t call her. The channel head threatens to shut the show, Sonakshi is getting married. Netra says I won’t call her. He says let Sonakshi decide, so many people’s job is imp or her marriage. Sonakshi says Mahesh saved me, thanks. Pulkit says you broke the door and got Sonakshi out. Suman says you did a big favor on me. Mahesh says it was my duty.

Suman says take Sonakshi to her room. Rohit lifts Sonakshi. Suman says get haldi milk. Yash says Mahesh would have taken Sonakshi, why would he save her. Rohit asks then who is the attacker. Yash asks him to relax. Suman says let Mahesh stay here. Mahesh says I have to go with Rohit. Rohit says no, stay here with Sonakshi, keep her safe. Rohit and Yash leave. Mahesh asks Suman to call him if she has any work. Mahesh goes and says why didn’t I get call from sets. He calls to know what’s happening. The man says its a big problem. Mahesh asks what will you all do if serial gets shut. The man says Netra doesn’t want to call Sonakshi from her marriage. Suman makes Sonakshi drink haldi milk. Mahesh comes. Sonakshi holds his hand and asks is it hurting a lot. Suman says decorator would have come, I will go and see, call Netra and ask when is she coming.

Mahesh says Netra won’t come, her driver said Netra is in much tension. Sonakshi asks what. She calls Netra and says I will do the shoot. Netra thanks her. Suman says you won’t go out. Sonakshi says no, director and cameraman will come here, I m here, I won’t go. Mahesh gets angry. Veena gets ready. Everyone compliments. Veena applies him tika and fixes sehra. Everyone blesses him. Raima looks on. Sulochana smiles. She asks did you get any chance or not, he will get married in some hours, I always wish your betterment. Mahesh says Prabhakar’s car will come from this route, but it won’t reach Parvati’s car, whoever comes between us will get out of our way. Suman gets ready. She says director will come anytime. Sultan and Prabhakar are on the way. Mahesh gives money to someone and says just do as I say. The drunkard agrees.

Suman saying let channel do anything, you can’t go anywhere, understood. She takes Sonakshi’s car keys. Some time back, Mahesh bribes the drunkard. The man acts and comes in front of the car. He shouts you broke my leg. Crowd gathers. The people argue with Sultan. Mahesh goes and gets the camera bag. He says Parvati’s shooting won’t happen today. He throws the bag in garbage bin. He says Parvati will do what I thought of. Raima sees Rohit dancing with family. Mere angne mein…plays… Veena asks Rohit to touch Naren’s feet. Naren blesses Rohit. Veena asks Naren to bless Rohit to become a perfect husband like him, one who loves a wife a lot and has much understanding, who is much loyal.

Rohit says advice from dad, why not, tell me how to become so perfect and loyal husband. Naren says what you see is not always right, for a successful marriage, understanding is imp, relations break by digging out old mistakes, sometimes you have to have a big heart and forgive, it takes lifetime to keep relations and one moment is enough to break relations. Veena hugs Naren. Naren fixes the Kalgi to Rohit’s Pagdi. Sukhmani says we shall leave now. Akhil says my team is managing the work. Mahesh goes to Sonakshi and sees her in bridal dress. Tumhe kaise mai bataun….plays….

Sonakshi asks did director Sir come, Netra isn’t answering. He says don’t take tension, I will see. She says baraat would be coming. Baraat comes. Everyone dances. Netra is at police station. She cries and calls Sonakshi. She says our director and cameraman are in police station, I think its over. Sonakshi says don’t say this, get arrangements done at nearby studio, we still have an hour time, baraat will come and then there will be welcome ceremony, just do it, I can’t risk the jobs of so many people. Netra agrees. Sonakshi says Mahesh none should know about this. He goes. Rohit dances in baraat. Raima sees him. Suman blesses Sonakshi. She says baraat has come. Sonakshi asks so soon. Suman says it has come on time, relax, I m going for welcoming baraat, stay inside room, don’t look at baraat, its bad omen. She goes. Sonakshi gets Netra’s call and says we got the nearby location, come fast, shoot will end in an hour, can you really do this. Sonakshi says yes, none should know about it. Netra says I promise.

Sonakshi asks how shall I tell mum. She calls Suman and asks her to come to her room, its urgent. Rohit says we shall go now, Sonakshi would be waiting. Veena says don’t tease him now. Rohit says I m dying to see her. Veena says you can’t see her before pheras. Yash says if Suman catches your nose, you will be Sonakshi’s puppet. Rohit says I m okay with it. Akash says we have to handle this. Veena says cover Rohit’s nose. They laugh. Suman says how can you go for shooting, baraat has come, you won’t go anywhere. She takes the keys from Sonakshi. She says I don’t want any problem here. She goes to welcome baraat. Mahesh hides. Sonakshi says I didn’t think I will get trapped in this problem. Mahesh says Parvati has to go from this house, she is just mine. Suman welcomes Rohit well. Akash stops her from holding nose. Rohit says its rice. Suman applies tilak. She does aarti and wards off bad sight. Suman asks him to come.

Rohit says you are forgetting something. Veena says nothing. He says you have to catch my nose. Suman laughs and says you all were saving his nose, I thought you don’t have this rasam. Rohit says we have this rasam, if you hold my nose Sonakshi will dominate me and I m okay with it. Suman holds his nose and says Sonakshi can’t get more loving husband than you. Yash says what kind of Sippy are you. Rohan jokes. They laugh. Pari sees Rohan. Sonakshi says baraat has come, what will happen if anyone comes to room and doesn’t see me. Sukhmani says we have to give a necklace to Sonakshi. Veena says Raima, we made this jewellery for Sonakshi, will you give it to her, it will be a favor. Raima nods. Sulochana looks on. Raima comes to Sonakshi and says Veena has sent jewellery for you. Sonakshi wears it. Raima says you are looking beautiful, why are you so tensed, what happened.


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