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Eternal Love 2 January 2021: Eternal Love update Saturday 2nd January 2021, The Episode starts with doctor saying Suman is better now, we will go angiography tomorrow, Pulkit might have studied the case, tell your sister about it, if Rohit was called here, we could have shifted Suman to Sippy hospital. Sonakshi says no, you take the decisions, not Rohit, I request you. Doctor says as you wish. Sukhmani gets a call and wakes up. She goes to Nishi. Nishi yells at YK and opens the door. Sukhmani says you have to understand, bring your husband to room, else his mom will keep calling. Nishi says so he told his mom, fine, I promise you, Yash’s mom won’t disturb your sleep now, go to sleep.

Its morning, Nishi goes to Yash and argues with him. He asks are we in school that you will complain to your mom, what, don’t you know what I m saying. He says I can share my feelings with my mom. She says your mom troubled my mom. She goes. He says why women make issues always. Rohan says dad has given a cheque book, you have to sign some cheques. Sukhmani says keep it, I will sign. Ajit asks maid to get his breakfast. He sees Rohan. Akash asks Rohan to talk to Ajit. Rohan asks why, I didn’t do anything wrong. Nishi asks Ajit how was the party. Ajit says party went for long. Nishi says Sonakshi was shouting at us, as if she was shooting here. Veena says she is a nice girl, I asked Rohit to change his decision.

Rohan says its tough that he changes his decision. Ajit says Rastogis are brave, they think Rohit will handle Suman’s case, Vishal called and said Suman has a cardiac problem, he wanted Rohit to come, I said why would Rohit come there. They ask what. Rohit asks what, who called. Ajit says Suman is ill, Vishal wanted you to attend him, I refused and said you are sleeping. Rohit says idiot, he would have called me. Ajit says he is Sonakshi’s mum Suman. Rohit says patient is patient, its my duty, I will slap you now. He rushes. Veena says you did wrong.

Sonakshi wakes up and asks doctor how is Suman. Doctor says Suman isn’t well, she isn’t breathing fine. Rohit comes and talks to doctors. Vishal says thanks you have come. Rohit says sorry, my brother had said that, did you examine. The doctor says yes, and tells details. Sonakshi stops Rohit and says this man won’t even touch my mom, I won’t allow him. Vishal says don’t do this, Rohit is the best heart surgeon, your mom needs him. Sonakshi says he brought my mom to this condition, I don’t trust him.

Rohit says Sonakshi, that’s the difference between your and my job, you trigger emotions, feelings aren’t imp than patient’s life, this is our imp duty, we swear for this, you don’t interfere in doctor’s work, it will be better, let me do my work. He goes in. Pari says Rohit has come to check mum. Pulkit says don’t worry, mom will be fine now, have coffee. Sonakshi asks what’s this, is there anything serious. Vishal says its not a major surgery, there are three blockages in your mom’s heart, blood flows isn’t proper, once stents are attached, your mum will be fine, make sure that she doesn’t get mental stress, there is nothing to worry. Nurse gives her the form. He says its consent form, it states you are giving consent to Dr. Rohit for performing angiography. Sonakshi recalls Rohit’s words. Pari says you won’t sign. Pulkit asks Sonakshi to sign.

Sonakshi signs the papers. Doctor says thanks, everything will be fine now. Pari says you have taken the decision wisely, right, if anything happens to mom, I will never forgive you. Pulkit says you took the right decision, mom would get fine. Rohit treats Suman. He recalls Sonakshi’s words. He goes out and says your mum is fine, we have attached three stents to clear blockages, don’t give stress, bp should not fluctuate, she will be fine. Pulkit thanks and hugs him. Rohit says you are going to become a doctor, control your emotions, don’t watch tv much. He asks Sonakshi not to thank him, its his duty. He says I ma good surgeon and a better brother, I will see you in the court as Pooja’s brother. He goes.

He gives the paper and says my fees, deposit the cheque by evening. He leaves. Pari says 3.40 lakhs for an operation. Vishal thanks Rohit. Rohit says come on, I was doing my duty, is Hema fine, tell me if there is any complication. Vishal says she is fine. Pulkit asks Pari not to fight with Sonakshi. Rohit comes. Sonakshi says we are right, we won’t lose, Rohit will understand, Sippy family isn’t doing wrong, we would have reacted the same way if this happened with you, I m angry that Rohit didn’t even care to listen to me, I told him that Pooja is saying truth, I was in her room and had her dress in my hand, he didn’t understand, everything will be clear in the court, the truth will be revealed, truth always wins, it will win even this time, Pari don’t worry. Rohit goes. Sonakshi asks Pari to stay strong.

Veena says Nishi, I believe that you and YK sort out your issues, his mum doesn’t like you, she will tell everything to Pooja. Nishi says that we adopted Pooja from an orphanage, let her say, everyone knows. Veena says yes, but Pooja doesn’t know this, if she knows this, she won’t tolerate it, call YK to your room and tell everything. Nishi nods. Sonakshi comes to Suman. Suman says I have to give 15 crores to Sippys. Pari says we have to fight the case, Rohit sent you the legal notice and did your surgery. Pulkit asks Pari to come out. Sonakshi says don’t pay attention to this, take rest. Netra comes to meet Suman. She says get well soon, Rohit has treated you, you are fine. Pari says mom, ask Sonakshi to go alone, I won’t go. Sonakshi asks Suman not to think about this. She says we should go home and get ready, you are coming with me Pari.

Ajit hitting the punching bag. Rohit comes. Trainer goes. Rohit says complete the work out with me, I will see what you learnt, come on punch. Ajit asks him to leave. Rohit says we will see what you learnt, what happened, are you scared. Rohit beats Ajit. Ajit says I quit. Rohit says my every patient is my responsibility, I never refuse to anyone, my personal problem is outside the hospital, understood. Ajit says yes, go, don’t trick me. Rohit takes his shorts and goes. Trainer gives a pillow to Ajit.

Sonakshi and Pari come to the court. She asks Pari not to say anything, else she will slap. She says don’t you be strict to explain children, I m doing the same, I have done court scenes many times, but I have no courage to go in here. She looks inside the court. She signs Pari to sit outside. She sees Rohit sitting alone. Rohit gives her some papers and says I don’t want Pooja to get any loss, this is right for her. Sonakshi checks the papers. She says you want to have a out of court settlement. He says yes, because my mom feels you are true, you should get a chance to prove it, nothing is over, the case is withdrawn, not the blame, you said the culprit is roaming free, not now, we will talk when we are with my lawyer at my office. She gives him the fees cheque and says its also equal. He says get Suman’s regular check up done, I will meet in the evening.

Sonakshi and Pari come to Suman at the hospital. Suman says Verna told me everything, I m happy, 15 crores problem is over, you would have convinced Rohit. Pari says yes, my crown and career are safe. Verma says Suman was taking tension so I told her. He goes. Sonakshi says we don’t have to pay them, but… Suman asks what but. Sonakshi says we have to reach real culprit.

Sonakshi gets a call and says I will reach Rohit’s office. Netra says you have all the scenes today. Sonakshi says this is imp, calm down, I explained Pari. She says I will do my work and leave early. Netra says fine, I will face the close ups of tomorrow shoots. Pooja hugs Rohit and everyone. She says I m so happy, Rohit took the case back. Rohit says I m meeting Sonakshi to know who is the culprit. Netra says we will take Sonakshi’s close ups. Sonakshi gets busy in the shoot. Netra gets Sonakshi’s solo scenes and close ups shot. Netra thanks Sonakshi and asks her to go. Sonakshi leaves. Rohit says I can understand Sumit is jealous, but who is Karan, why will he do this. Sonakshi says Karan and I were engaged. Rohit says it means he has a reason to take revenge. Sonakshi says I doubt Sumit more. Deepa says we have to find out who did this, we have no proof. Rohit says we have to trap them.

Sonakshi says like we do in hindi serial, we will call goons. Rohit asks how many goons numbers do you have, I stay busy in the hospital. Sonakshi says we will call them at a disco and add truth serum in their drinks, we do this in serials, you are a doctor, write it, chemist won’t give it. Rohit says you don’t get it in real life, its narco analysis test which police does, we can’t do it. Sonakshi says we will take their signs on blank paper and write their confession, when police sees this, we can lodge the Fir.

Rohit says give these ideas to your writers. Sonakshi says but I got this from them, we do this in serials. Rohit asks Deepa to say something. Deepa says no, these ideas won’t work here, I have an idea, why don’t we call them and tell that we know what they did, we will call them at the place, one who did will come. Rohit says this idea will work. Sonakshi says I have seen this idea in an english movie. Deepa says yes, its from a movie. Rohit says its good idea. Sonakshi says you don’t like hindi serial idea. Rohit says we will do what’s good, who will call them. Sonakshi asks how will we call. Deepa asks do you have their landline. Rohit asks who uses landlines. Sonakshi asks why, Vishal called you on landline, as you were sleeping. Deepa says we will use Tulsi’s number. Sonakshi says wait. She gets things out of her purse and says I had kept it here. Rohit says you have the entire ration shop with you.

Sonakshi says I got the extra sim card, fans sends gifts. She jokes and says you have to use it. He says make a call by putting this in my phone. She uses her hair pin and says have your sim, take this phone, its on. He asks who will talk. She says I will call. He says no, he will understand, is there any educated blackmailer, they talk rudely and in a bad manner. Sonakshi sees Rohit and signs Deepa. He asks what. She says you will be perfect, none can do this well. He says no, I can’t do this. They say of course you can do this. Sonakshi eats food from her tiffin and says doctor blackmailer. Deepa says I will instal voice changing app in your phone.

Rohit says you know criminal apps also, fine but what will I say. Sonakshi says I m here, don’t take tension, I will write the dialogues, say it normally, like you say rudely without any emotion. He asks do I talk rudely. She says just like that, the other person will be scared, who likes talking to you. He says my mom. She says she is mum, leave her. He says you do this blackmailing. Deepa asks him to sit and call.

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