Eternal Love update Sunday 28 February 2021 On Starlife


Eternal Love 28 February 2021 update: Sundari saying Sonakshi has a sharp tongue, she has insulted me. Some time time, Sonakshi comes downstairs. Yash asks Sundari does she want a selfie or autograph. Sonakshi apologizes to Veena. She greets Sundari and her husband. She says I have heard you saying about you and Shweta, Veena had kept me and Tanya with love, she never made us feel any fear. She touches Sundari’s feet. Sundari says don’t touch feet, Tanya never touched my feet. Tanya says Sindhis don’t touch feet, that’s why. Sundari says Tanya doesn’t need to do this drama, but she can learn values from Sonakshi. She jokes on Sonakshi. She asks Sonakshi to do her responsibility towards family if she gets time from work. Sonakshi says our real identity is from family, not work, I have done everything for my family, I will do, Parvati does acting, Sonakshi just follows her heart. Sundari says you have come prepared, I think you got dialogues written on the sets. Sonakshi says fine, if you say so.

She asks shall we serve dinner. Veena says yes, it will get late. Sonakshi says Vimmi and I will manage it, you stay here. Veena says Sonakshi comes on tv everyday. Sundari asks where are your sons. Inspector says I tried to stop them, they didn’t listen and did this accident. Inspector scolds Rohan and Pari. He says that lady who met with an accident is pregnant, we called a special doctor for her, there is no hospital around. Rohan says I m ready to pay compensation, we will end the matter here. Inspector says sit outside until the doctor comes. Pari asks Rohan to do something. Rohan says if Tanya knows, let me just think. Sumit talks to Raima on call. He says I m fine, I was acting to faint, actually… FB shows Sumit hearing Sonakshi. He goes and acts dizzy. Netra and everyone worry for Sumit. Sonakshi asks Sumit to open eyes. Sumit winks to her. He says call the doctor. Netra asks Sultan to take Sonakshi’s scenes.

Eternal Love update Sunday 28 February 2021

She asks Sumit to take rest. Sultan says Sonakshi’s scenes aren’t there. Netra says then pack up. Sumit asks Sonakshi to go. She thanks him. FB ends. Veena says what, really. Sonakshi says yes, Sumit helped me, when I had come here, I saw the guests. Sonakshi recalls seeing Sundari at the door. She calls Vimmi to take help. Veena asks did you come from the window. Sonakshi says yes, I saw it in a film, Vimmi helped me and I came in. Veena says so sweet of you. Vimmi says Sonakshi got hurt, her foot got twister. Veena asks why did you do this. Sonakshi says sorry, Rohit and I got stuck in work, I didn’t wish you to get stuck. Veena says I was angry before, but not now.

Sonakshi says I won’t disappoint you. Veena says our Sonakshi is perfect bahu. Pooja says we shall go and work now. Veena says yes, we are doing this for you. Sonakshi answers Rohit’s call. Rohit says I can’t come home for dinner, Preeti had a surgery again, case is critical, Yash said you are home so I thought to inform, don’t wait for dinner. She asks him to say sorry. He says why, you should say sorry. She says you shouted on me and didn’t inform Veena. He says you were disturbing me, i was busy. She says I was also working. He says I won’t say sorry. She says even I won’t say. He ends call. She says you have to say sorry. Sukhmani asks Sundari how did she like the food. Sundari says perfect, nice. Sonakshi praises Akash’s restaurant and tasty food. Akash smiles.

Eternal Love update Sunday 28 February 2021

Sundari says Veena, you are lagging behind in many things. She gets up and goes. Veena asks what happened. Rohan asks where is the lady’s husband and doctor, we would have taken her to hospital. Pari says we will come tomorrow, let us go right now. Sundari says Sonakshi talks a lot, she has a sharp tongue, she is challenging me since I came here. She says Sonakshi you talk a lot, but good and honest, Veena got a good bahu for her house, good thing is Sonakshi stood for her family, Sonakshi gave me answer for all my taunts. She gives her bangles as Mu dikhai. She says you were my fav actress and now my fav person, God bless you, your smile is sweet, but feed me some sweets. Naren gets a call. Naren says pregnant lady met with an accident…. fine, I will go there. He says I have to rush for the emergency. Sundari says I need to talk to you and Sonakshi, come soon. Naren goes. Sundari says sweets are really nice. She says Pooja has grown up, Yash I thought something about her.

Rohan gets Tanya’s call. She asks where are you, Sundari is leaving, Rohit is stuck in work, and Naren also left for the emergency case, a pregnant lady met with an accident. Rohan gets shocked and says I m busy in meeting. He ends call and says Pari, I think dad is coming here, everything is finished. Rohit says I want to be here until Preeti gets fine, order food for me. He sees Sonakshi in the cabin. He sees homemade food and smiles. Sonakshi talks to Simmi and asks him to have food. She says I will meet Preeti and come.

Eternal Love update Sunday 28 February 2021

They talk via Simmi. Sonakshi goes. Yash says I have come to talk to Rohit. Sonakshi says okay, I will just come. Rohit eats food. He says I m enjoying serial type wife and life, what happened. Yash says there is some stress, Sundari told something about Pooja. Sonakshi says let Preeti rest. Simmi says she is your big fan, she will be glad. Sonakshi says visiting hours will be over, I have to follow rules. Rohit says Pooja’s marriage… Yash says Sundari was saying about some well settled guy, she asked us to make Pooja and that guy meet, its time for her marriage, we have to tell her that she is adopted. Rohit says no way, we should never tell her. Sonakshi says why not, we should tell her.


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