Eternal Love update Sunday 3 January 2021 On Starlife


Eternal Love 3 January 2021: Eternal Love Sunday 3rd January 2021, Sonakshi asks Rohit to talk. She writes the dialogues on Rohit’s file. Rohit stares at her. Deepa signs him. He reads the lines. Sonakshi says just pause and say the lines in anger, goons talk like this. He asks was goons invited in fashion show. She says who thinks of the logic, just call and say this. He says you aren’t related to logic, goon will talk in English, not hindi. She says no, if Sumit hears English, he will say happy diwali and end call, say the dialogues as I say, please. He asks her to say again. She acts. He says enough, surgeon has to become a goon. She says no, goon who has become a surgeon. He calls Karan and Sumit at the same time. He says I know what you did on the night of fashion show, I will expose you. Sumit asks who are you. Rohit says your bad fate. Karan says you don’t know me, this bad joke will be proved costly. Rohit says fine, I will send your pics to Rohit and Sonakshi.

Sumit says don’t do this. Karan asks what do you want. Rohit says you have to meet me tonight at 12, I want money, 20 lakhs, new notes, address is the mill areas, back compound. He disconnects. Sonakshi asks Rohit to switch off the phone. Rohit says I did it like an experienced tv actor, they would have got scared. Sonakshi says well done, it was too real. He says I hope the real culprit is caught. She says we have two hours, I will go and see mum once. She picks her stuff. Sumit says I have sent Vibha on a holiday, I don’t need to be scared. Rohit says we will meet near the mill. Sonakshi says why don’t we three… Rohit says no, we won’t wear burqa, wig or fake beard. Sonakshi nods. Deepa says wow Rohit, you are easily reading Sonakshi’s mind, not bad. Rohit sees Sonakshi. Deepa says we shall go now.

Dolly scolds Karan for dropping the fire sparkles on Sonakshi. She says you stay in my house, how will you get money now, idiot. Karan says who is doing this bad joke with me. Sonakshi comes to Pulkit and asks where is Pari. He says don’t know, mum is better now. Sonakshi sees Suman sleeping. Sonakshi says where is Pari. Pari is on the way and tries to get a cab. She doesn’t get booking. Sonakshi asks nurse about Pari. Nurse says she left. Sonakshi sees the lady and says I was worried as my mum was much ill, shall we take selfie now. The lady says in my phone, thanks and sorry. They take selfies. The lady says you are so good. Sonakshi calls maid and says mum is fine, did Pari reach home. Maid says no. Sonakshi says how did she go without informing. Maid says don’t know when will Pari come.

Eternal Love update Sunday 3 January 2021: Pari’s heels break. She gets hurt. Rohan sees her and stops the car. He greets her. She says I was finding a rickshaw or taxi. He says its okay, I will drop you, come, it may rain anytime, its late. She says I will manage. He asks her to sit, he will drop her. She says okay, give me your phone, I have to call home. Sonakshi takes care of Pulkit. She says I still have an hour, I will take some rest. She thinks of Rohit. She says I m confused, help me about Rohit, he is irritating, he is sometimes sweet and caring, I like the way he protects his family, help me, his sense of humor is great, the way he spoke today, I was embarrassed, this never happened with me before, someone who knows me so well, without my saying, Karan also didn’t understand me so well, did I just compare Rohit with Karan, Karan was my fiance, Rohit is no one to me. Vimmi sees Sonakshi’s show and cries. Rohit says Parvati’s devotee. He sits watching the show.

Ajit comes and looks on. He asks what happened. Vimmi and Rohit ask him to stop. Rohit says I m not watching it, Vimmi was watching it. Vimmi says you can watch it in hospital, you got interested in this right. Rohit imagines his nurses and staff watching the show and crying. He says Parvati is the best, she knows everything. His imagination ends. Rohit says stop watching this, I also don’t watch it, go and make my clothes ready. Ajit says I think you have much work, come for a drink. He says I forgot to say I m taking star tv subscription for you, so that you can watch Sonakshi’s show, we aren’t idiots, when you see Sonakshi, your cheeks turn red like an apple, I think you both look good together.

Eternal Love Sunday 3 January 2021 Star Life: Rohit thinks of Sonakshi. He recalls the slap. He says Ajit, don’t say this again, I heard tv sound and went to see what’s going on, I didn’t go to see parvati’s serial, it doesn’t matter if I read my mind, such relations don’t form twice in life.


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