Eternal Love update Tuesday 12th January 2021 On Starlife


Eternal Love 12 January 2021: Veena thanking Sonakshi. She says you are the special person in Rohit’s life, when he said he wants to spend his life with you, we all were too excited, keep each other happy, thanks once again. She hugs Sonakshi. Raima is taken in ambulance. Her mum says I wish we got a direct flight to Chandigarh, we would have not gone via Mumbai. She thanks Raima’s friends and says I think of Rohit, that surgery and Raima’s state, I hate that city. They leave in the ambulance. Nishi says Sonakshi is constantly praised, what is so special about her. Yash asks what has she done that you dislike her. He also praises Sonakshi.

He says Rohit and entire family like her. She says control yourself, you started praising her. He says I really want to know your problem with her. She says she doesn’t fit in our family, look at her hobbies, she didn’t pass 10th standard, we are doctors, she has been working since she was 12, Suman is so greedy, that family isn’t of our level. He says Rohit loves Sonakshi, that matters. She says we are making a mistake, mark my words, marriage is done between equal people, Rohit will get hurt again, they are not compatible, this relation won’t last long. Yash says even we were not compatible. She asks are you serious, are you comparing yourself with Sonakshi, better we go downstairs to have the dessert. He gives her gift.

Eternal Love 12 January 2021: She likes the diamond ring. He says Teejri gift, I didn’t forget. She says wow, its really beautiful. He makes her wear it. She says I love it, thanks. She hugs him. They smile. Rohan chats with Pari. Akash asks with whom are you chatting. Rohan says we were planning Rahul’s birthday party, Tanya has gone to change. Ajit says Rohit and Sonakshi look good together. Ajit says I m ready to play game, I play this with one couple every year, Sukhmani chooses the couple by chits. Sukhmani says no need of chits, I have decided, Rohit and Sonakshi will play. Rohit says Sonakshi is getting late. Sonakshi says yes, I have shoot tomorrow. Veena says I will talk to Suman. Sonakshi says no, I will stay back. Ajit says Rohit knows the rules.

Eternal Love 12 January 2021: He explains the rules to Sonakshi. He asks them to show I or he/she when they ate asked the question, they will get better clarity of their relation, how compatible they are. Pooja says you can’t see each other. Ajit asks who is short tempered. Sonakshi thinks of Rohit’s anger. Rohit thinks of Sonakshi’s anger. They show Woh…..Everyone smiles and says same answer. Sonakshi says at least don’t like in front of your family, you are always angry. Rohit says you are always kind, right. Ajit says silent, sit down, we will fight later. Rohan asks who is more stubborn. Sonakshi and Rohit show Woh again. Tanya asks who likes eating fried food. Sonakshi shows Woh/he… Rohit shows I. Naren asks who patches us first after a fight. Sonakshi shows Woh. Naren says but Rohit doesn’t forgive anyone easily. Yash asks who is more loving among you two. They show the boards, Woh… Pooja says how cute, very romantic. Kahaan hum….plays….

Raima’s mum asks how far is the airport. Nurse says it will take much time. Raima’s mum says we have reached Mumbai, did you arrange air ambulance. She tells Raima that she has to stay strong, they will reach Chandigarh. Sukhmani blesses Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I had a fun time here with you all, thanks. Veena says you are family now. Yash asks Rohit to drop Sonakshi. Rohit says of course. Sonakshi goes. Veena says I m so happy. She hugs Sukhmani.

Rohit says sorry, I know it was too much. Sonakshi says no, you are my good friend, I m helping you, we aren’t doing right, its not right, we are cheating them by this lie. Rohit says Ravi knows everything. She says just 15 days. He says okay. Nurse checks Raima. Raima’s mum asks what happened, call the doctor. Nurse calls the doctor. He instructs the nurse and says take her to hospital, I can’t permit to take her to airport. Ambulance gets stuck in traffic. Rohit and Sonakshi see this. Rohit says I will clear the traffic. His friend hides seeing him. Sonakshi asks the people to help her in clearing the traffic, ambulance has to leave. The ambulance goes. Rohit takes Sonakshi. He drops her home. She thanks him.

Eternal Love 12 January 2021 update: He thanks her for doing a lot for him. He says what you did today was impressive. She asks what, acting. He says you act well, people listen to you and cleared the way. She says I felt so good when people gave way to an ambulance. Rohit says you are so different from Raima, you know Raima was crazy, she was from Kolkata and wanted to become an air hostess, she rented an apartment also, she was so impatient, she was hyper and you are so composed, patient. She says whenever you talk about her, you get teary eyed, why. He says because she is in a coma for four years because of me, I feel angry when people call me 100% doctor, Raima slipped in coma, I m 99%.


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