Eternal Love update Tuesday 16 February 2021 Starlife


Eternal Love 16 February 2021 On Starlife: The Episode starts with Naren going to the reporters. Sonakshi looks on. Some time back, Naren says I don’t care, I won’t apologize. He goes. Suman worries. Pooja and Pari end the wait and call upon Rohit and Sonakshi’s special performance. Rohit and Sonakshi dance on O Mahi ve……. Veena smiles. Suman stays tensed. Raima looks on. Everyone claps. Rohit hugs Sonakshi. Sonakshi says I m going to say sorry to Raima, she is upset. Rohit says I know Raima, she is chilled out, I performed better than you. Sonakshi applies kajal dot to him. He takes her aside. Ajit and Pulkit come. Ajit says dad…. he is leaving the function, Suman and Naren had a fight, Suman wants Naren to apologize to press. Sonakshi asks why. Naren says I won’t apologize.

Sonakshi comes and says Pulkit and Ajit told me everything. She says uncle, we afford any problem with the media. Naren says I won’t apologize, I m leaving. Sonakshi and Rohit ask him to listen once. Veena says just listen for my sake. Naren says say. Akhil asks what did you decide, if the press leaves, then it will be tough to get them back. Sonakshi says I will handle them, Rohit its your responsibility to get everyone there. She goes. Rohit says she will handle, she knows talking to press, we should also go out. Naren says you have become wife’s puppet. Rohit asks do you know the difference between slavery and loyalty. He goes. The reporters shout and ask for Naren. Sonakshi says wait, listen to me. Rohit comes with Naren and everyone. The reporter says Mahabali has come.

Sonakshi says I understand you want an apology, there is a way, you can’t disrespect him, we shall know what happened that day, Naren didn’t beat anyone, the journalist got the push since Naren was going for an emergency case, you were blocking his way, we know each other, my in laws don’t know us, I understand you want quotes and reactions, but not at this price, that pregnancy had complications, doctor will have many things in mind, if you trouble him, what do you expect. The man says he could have said it. She says really, we have seen that clip, was the media calm to understand, its my marriage, its Sangeet today, you want an apology, you will get it, sit please. She asks Naren to come with her. Naren goes with her. She touches Naren’s feet. Everyone looks on.

Sonakshi says I m sorry uncle, on behalf of the media, whatever troubled was caused to you, I m sorry, they all are like my family, they have supported me always, I m sorry for their mistake. She says you all are my friends who stayed with me in my journey, your heart is hurt, I will apologize to you. Rohit says wait Sona. He holds her hand and says we are equal, remember, we will apologize equally. He says we are sorry on dad’s behalf. Sonakshi says sorry guys. The man says please don’t do this. She says if we don’t do this, you won’t come in my marriage, its my Sangeet, you have to be here till bidaai. Everyone claps. Family members smile. The lady apologizes to Sonakshi. The man asks are we ready to cover Sonakshi’s marriage. Reporters says yes. They click pics. Naren goes back. Suman and everyone smile.

Sonakshi signs the papers. She says thanks, arrangements were really good, send the food to any orphanage. Suman says Akhil managed it so well. Akhil says I m glad you liked my work. Sonakshi gets pics clicked with hotel staff. She goes to say bye to Rohit. Ajit says she is coming. She asks what’s happening, I will ask Raima, where is she. Rohit says she has gone home with Tanya. She says I had to say sorry to her, is Tanya fine. Yash says yes, Rohan is making arrangements. Rohit looks at him. She asks what. Yash says marriage arrangements. Suman takes her. Sonakshi greets Sippys. Sukhmani and Veena say we are proud of you. Suman asks them to come on time for mehendi. Naren says wait, I didn’t say bye well. He goes and hugs Sonakshi. Sonakshi smiles. He says welcome to the family. She thanks him. He says I m your Papa, no need to thank, God bless you. Everyone smiles. Veena hugs Naren. Sulochana looks on.

Eternal Love 16 February 2021 update: She goes to help Suman. Suman says hotel staff kept these gifts for us, did Sippys forget to take you. Sulochana says I got habitual, I will go by cab, your daughter is talented, she handled Naren and press so well, Naren didn’t do right, he isn’t happy with this alliance, he hugged Sonakshi and did acting, I always say the truth, I m worried for her future. Suman says future is bright, Sonakshi and Rohit love each other. Sulochana says marriage happens between two families, Rohit will support her, if he is also kicked out from the house, then… Sippys is joint family, you think about Sonakshi’s security, do you know what’s there in Rohit’s share. Suman thinks.


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