Eternal Love update Wednesday 13th January 2021 On Starlife


The Episode starts with Sana saying doctor will check Raima, don’t worry. Raima’s mum says I don’t want to be here, if Rohit comes here then… I have left Kolkata because of Rohit. Doctor comes and says Raima is stable here, she has a heart problem. Raima’s mum says I know, we got her to Pune for alternative treatment, we have to shift her to Chandigarh due to some personal problem. Doctor says we can do her surgery through Sapien 3 technology, we have to keep her here for some days. Raima’s mum says if Rohit knows we are here then…. Raima moves her fingers.

Sonakshi recalls Rohit. She comes home. Suman says I have seen you with Rohit, he came to drop you. Sonakshi says we are good friends, nothing else, I m helping you. Suman says if Veena tried to lessen the tension between the families, it doesn’t mean you will meet Rohit, I won’t accept it, go and sleep now. Sonakshi says there can’t be anything else than friendship between us. Its morning, Veena says I had a peaceful sleep after much time. Akash says Rohit went to drop Sonakshi home. Veena says we will have a party with friends and relatives on Janmashtami. Rohan says I was thinking Yash could sing a song.

Veena says Sonakshi will also be there for Janmashtami celebrations, I want her to meet all the relatives officially. Rohit recalls Sonakshi’s words. He says mom, it won’t be right to call her, our relation just started, many people will talk about it. Ajit says he is right, Sonakshi is an actress, she is popular. Veena says its a big function, the would be bahu has to be here. Rohit asks what’s bahu, I mean… what’s this, ask Sonakshi, will she make our private life public, otherwise its unfair to her. Veena says fine, we won’t call friends and relatives, we will just call Sonakshi and have small celebrations. Nishi says not fair, what about my mum in law, if we cancel this, she will think I cancelled it. Sukhmani says we will surely invite her. Akash says this is family, we should adjust, many times, we get solutions when we share truth. Yash says we understand, family is imp, but sometimes silence is also imp. Rohit says I have to go to hospital. Veena says I will talk to her.

She asks Nishi to adjust this time please. Nishi nods. Doctor calls Rohit and says a patient needs Sapien 3 technology, shall I send you details. Rohit says no, talk to Dr. Dimpy, she will coordinate. Veena says Rohit, I have messaged Sonakshi to come here for dinner. Rohit asks again. Veena says pick her on the way. Yash says just do as Veena is saying, Veena united Nishi and me, she knows what to do. Veena thanks Yash. She says be handsome and wear a smile when you go to meet her. Sonakshi sees Rohit at the door, smiling. She says what happened to him, why this fake smile. Rohit says mom asked me to smile when I meet Sonakshi. She laughs and says mumma’s boy, I have no problem with it, I also love my mom a lot, every guy looks for his mom’s qualities in his life partner, Veena is so sweet. Rohit says I have come to pick you, come, where did Ravi go. She says he will be outside. Pari gets ready. Suman hugs her. She says you look stunning, will Bollywood people come in the party. Pari says someone would be there. Suman says your friendship with Rohan is just to get contacts from him, nothing else. Pari asks her not to worry. She goes. Suman says Pari is smart, but Sona is emotional.

Rohit and Sonakshi see Ravi spending time with Sunita. Sonakshi smiles and says it happens on tv serial sets, Divyanka and Vivek worked on the same set and got married. Rohit asks did Ravi come for driving or to for this love story. He calls out Ravi. Sonakshi says so cute. Rohit asks did you come here to romance. Sonakshi asks Ravi and Sunita to go, its their off. Rohit says take the car also, I will go by bus. Sonakshi says drop her safely, she is part of my family, go. Ravi thanks her and gives car keys. Rohit says we will talk tomorrow. Sonakshi says its fine, go. Ravi says sorry and goes. Sunita hugs Sonakshi and thanks her. Rohit says he is my driver. Sonakshi says I know, I have a car and driver also, I can drive, don’t argue now, we had a deal that you will do what I say. He says you are commanding like a wife, nice, whoever marries you will strangle you or jump infront of the train, now drive my car and ask your driver to follow. She says I can’t tell what is real and what is not.

Rohan and Pari come in Rahul’s party. Rohan hugs Tanya and asks are you drunk. Tanya says no, I m okay. Tanya compliments Pari. Rohan introduces Rahul. Tanya says lets play rummy, Rohan don’t forget to get her a drink. Rohan says sorry, I will get a drink. Rahul signs Pari is amazing. Rohan says I told you. Naren says Rohit’s anger didn’t change, he doesn’t forgive anyone who make a mistake. Rohit looks at him. Ajit says don’t say this, he is the best, he has some funny habits. Sonakshi says tell me. Ajit says he sleeps with socks on. Rohit says serve the food, come. Sonakshi says I have to go home. Vimmi says I have made daal. Sonakshi says thanks, but mum would be waiting. Veena says Janmashtami is imp festival for us, we don’t fast, we just celebrate, come tomorrow. Sonakshi asks again.

Eternal Love 13 January 2021: Rohit says there won’t be much guests, nothing to worry. Veena says I forgot to call Suman. Sonakshi says she can’t come. Rohit says I have performed angioplasty on her, I have placed three stents, exertion isn’t good for her, she had a fever. Sonakshi says yes, she can’t come. Veena says I should go and meet her, we are about to build relations, I will call her. Sonakshi says no, she can’t strain her throat, she can’t talk. Rohit says she has throat pain. Nishi says it means you can’t come. Rohit says Sonakshi will come, her mom can’t come. He asks Sonakshi to come, they all will be glad.

Yash says you have to come, we celebrate the function with guests, this time just for you, we are keeping a simple puja and dinner. Sonakshi says fine, I will come, I want us to celebrate Janmashtami well, like we show on tv serials, I should return the favor, I will handle all the arrangements. Naren says wow. Nishi says great, she is already giving orders. She says you will be having shoot. Sonakshi says I will manage, I will explain the design to art director, until I finish shoot, she will decorate the house, I will come after pack up, I will meet you all tomorrow. She goes.


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