Eternal Love 6 January 2021: Rohit thanking Sonakshi for helping him reach Sumit. She says I m happy that Sumit got punished for his cheap act, he was doing this with Pari, I wish I could change the past. He says this idea will work in your serial. He sees his jacket and says you can help me, my jacket. She asks jacket, which one. He says I came on your shoot, you were shooting with Parag, you got drenched, I gave you a jacket. She says oh yes, that jacket, I returned it. He says yes, I have a habit to ask for same thing which I got again and again. She says I remember, you asked me to dry clean, I had kept it at home, so I felt so. He says no, do you intend to keep my jacket. She says no, why will I keep it, fine, I will look for it and send it to you. He asks sure. She says sure. Ravi comes and asks him to come, everyone is waiting, is he done with breakfast. Rohit says I will come, Ravi is oversmart, so remember the jacket, shall I take your leave. Sonakshi says okay bye. He goes.

She says I got saved, why did he think of his jacket, I will do touch up. She sees his jacket and says oh no, he had clearly seen the jacket, I was saying I don’t have it. She runs to call out Rohit. She says jacket… actually…. I had to dry clean, I mean it was done. Netra looks on. Sonakshi says I forgot that I had kept it here, take it, your fav jacket. Rohit says its fav but not so fav, you can keep it. He goes. Sonakshi smiles and waves to him.

Nishi says I should have been there, I would have beaten Sumit also, he thinks he is hero. She does aid to Yash. Tanya takes care of Rohan. Rohan says we have beaten him well. Sukhmani says you did good, Pooja you are lucky to have entire family standing by you, thinking of those girls who have no one to support them, be strong, that none can harm you. Everyone claps. Rohan comes and asks did you get the aid, come, its my department review. Yash and Ajit say we will come later. Nishi thanks Rohit and hugs. Veena smiles. Rohit says if Sonakshi didn’t help, this would have not happened.

Pari says this Rohan Sippy is a big builder, his company turnover is in crores, interesting. Suman gives the nightie to maid. She says Rohit had worn this, I can’t wear it. Pari asks her not to get angry, she will be proud of her one day. She says I met a guy and was researching about him, he has many contacts, he is a big builder, I thought to befriend him. Suman says my Pari got sensible. Rohan comes to his cabin. He jokes on Ajit and asks shall we start. Ajit says the new wing is ready, we have made an extra wing for patients’ families stay. Rohit says your work will get high, patients will increase. Nurse says we should thank Sonakshi, I follow her on social media, she posts a lot about this technology, people take her word more seriously than you. Dr. Dimpy says Sonakshi is popular, what if we invite her every month to talk to patients.

Eternal Love 6 January 2021: Nurse says Parvati’s magic. Rohit says I understand, YK and Ajit did you understand, you are marketing team. Yash says we have to talk to Suman. Rohit says you have to talk. Yash says fine, I will speak to her. Netra and Ritu come to meet Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks how will we manage without Sumit. Netra says there is channel meeting tomorrow. Ritu says you got saved in cooker blast. Sonakshi says yes, we shot it. Ritu says Kunal is missing, some people kidnap him, we will play the drama on Parvati, we will put Kunal and Parvati’s old moments on title track, relax, TRP will get high, Kunal will be found again. Sonakshi says and his face is damaged. Netra says then new Kunal will come, track is good, I will narrate it to channel tomorrow. Ritu goes.

Sonakshi says Rohit was feeling guilty, how would we manage without Sumit, all that, what… Netra asks what’s happening, you tell me, what about doctor surgeon. Sonakshi says nothing, we have started friendship, he is good at heart. Netra says yes, he taught a lesson to Sumit and said good things, if he wasn’t a doctor, I would have made him a hero. Sonakshi says our episode would never get completed by his logic. Netra says that doctor is a sweet person. Sonakshi says no, heart surgeon. Netra says sorry to call your heart surgeon a doctor. She goes. Sonakshi says Rohit is wonderful, he is impressing everyone, just like a new tv show, when a show is new, there is much nervousness, but gradually everyone starts to like it. She wears the jacket and says its good, what shall I gift Rohit, he has everything, its tough, think about it, give me the idea later. She goes.

Eternal Love 6 January 2021 starlife: Suman asks how could you think that Sonakshi will do anything for your hospital, we don’t want to keep any terms with Sippys. Yash says she has cut my call, she is a rude woman, fish market women are more sophisticated than her. Ajit says I wanted to refuse when Rohit asked me about this. Rohit comes and says Sonakshi will not take money for this, she returned the money, she said she doesn’t charge when she works for hospital events and armed forces, I will talk to her directly. Sonakshi thinks of Rohit and smiles. Rohit calls her and asks can we go for dinner if you are free, I need to talk. She says sure, where. He says don’t worry, I will pick you. She says its a good chance to gift him something, its difficult to decide gift for guys, we girls have many options, what shall I give, perfume, no, shirt, I don’t know the measurements, mobile phone, yes, its a good deal, he is a doctor, he must be attending many calls, one phone for patients and one for family. She calls.

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