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Family affairs update Friday 13 December 2019 Starlife

Family affairs update Friday 13 December 2019 Starlife,Riya asking Shanti to have food. Shanti acts and says who loves her so much like this, but the thing is Shanti lost all rights.

Raghav asks Riya to stop saying anything, and let Amma do anything. Bindu comes and fights with Nirmala. Nirmala cries and asks her to leave her. Ashok comes and stops them. Bindu says I just asked for kachori and Nirmala did not give me. Nirmala says I was doing puja and asked her to wait. Ashok says I will send snacks for you and I know how is Nirmala. He sends Bindu and asks Nirmala to smile. He says I can’t see your insult and asks her to start work.

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Mohit enters Shanti Sadan at night. He thinks its good they are downstairs, I can do my work. He goes to Preeti’s room. Nimmi asks Shivam to manage Riya. Raghav asks everyone to have dinner, and he will do son’s duty. Preeti says I m not hungry and goes to her room.

Vyom comes to Sharmili and asks for money. She scolds him and asks him to make his future by getting married. She warns him that they won’t get money from Sujeev. Vyom says I did not say I won’t marry, find any good family’s rich girl, I will marry. She asks what, are you ready, I have found the pic, I will show pic. She shows Preeti’s pic. He says girl is beautiful. She gets glad.

Preeti comes to room and gets shocked seeing flowers, her pics and I love you decorations. Vyom says I think I saw her somewhere. Sharmili asks him to find this girl, and keep this pic safe from Pari. She says Pari brought her sister’s proposal, but I rejected her. She sends Vyom.

Family affairs update Friday 13 December 2019 Starlife

Preeti cries seeing everything. Mohit comes and meets her. She asks what are you doing here, remove all this. He gives her a rose and she gets hurt by the thorn. He crushes the rose and apologizes to her. He says I love you a lot, I will never let you get hurt. She asks did you get drunk again, go from here. He says you are just mine, everyone say you hate me, I won’t let you become anyone else’s, I love you so much. She says my Mohit was not like this. He says I m Mohit, same, identify me. She asks why are you doing mad things. He says I will end all troubles, by filling sindoor in your maang. She stops him and shouts. Everyone hear her and rush to her room. Shanti also rushes. They all get shocked seeing Mohit and Preeti. Shanti controls her anger and goes.

Preeti says trust me, I did not do anything, I did not call Mohit. Shivam scolds Mohit. Mohit raises hand on him and says I love Preeti a lot. Shivam beats him. Raghav asks Shivam to stop. Shivam runs outside and beats Mohit. Preeti cries. Raghav takes Shivam. Nandu says I will see Mohit, and beats him. Nandu says its not love, this is such bad thing to go in the room and do all this, why are you after this family and beats Mohit. He scolds Mohit and asks him to go before he calls police. Raghav tells Shanti that they have to do something of Mohit, he is troubling Preeti. Kaushalya asks Shanti shall I drop Preeti at Renu’s place. Shanti asks her to do anything, and ask the head Riya. Raghav says Preeti is your grand daughter Amma, remember this.

Sarla calls Pari and says its good Sharmili did not see Preeti’s pic, don’t worry Vyom will marry your sister. Pari asks how, your idea is bad. Sarla says I will do what I m saying, Preeti will marry Vyom, Sharmili will like her. Pari says great, but how will this happen. Sarla says Sharmili will just make Vyom marry Preeti.

Vyom sees Preeti’s pic and smiles. Pari comes to Vyom and says I came to ask for something. He asks what, tell me. She asks him to marry her sisters, Sharmili did not see the pic and torn it, get married to my sisters. He asks how can I do this, you have not shown her sister’s pic to mummy. Preeti’s pic falls. Pari says it means you won’t agree to me. He says I mean mummy should agree. She says we should do some planning. He says fine, go from here now, mummy will get angry. He sees Preeti’s pic.

Shanti goes out of home and calls Amit. Sarla sees Shanti’s call and wakes up Amit. Amit says leave it, let me sleep. Sarla says maybe she wants to give her property to us. He asks her not to dream. She asks him to talk. Amit answers call and says I was sleeping. Shanti asks him to come fast and meet her.

Shanti and Amit go to Mohit’s house. Mohit asks them not to shout. Shanti slaps him. Mohit’s parents look on. Shanti scolds him and his parents and says I will not leave him if he comes to our house like devdas, he should not come there. Mohit’s mum asks is this true. Shanti says I m done explaining now, I m leaving now. Shanti and Amit leave. Mohit cries and apologizes to his parents.

Riya applies ointment to Shivam’s hand and pacifies him. She cries and apologizes to him, as all problems are because of her, it was all for Dadi’s good and she reacted this way. Shivam says you are Dadi’s problem, I told you not to do anything. She asks what shall I do then, I don’t want keys. Preeti and Nimmi come there. Preeti says I did not call Mohit, forgive me. He says I trust you, I wanted to talk to Mohit, but he crossed limits today. The one who loves never insults you. Preeti says I did not know Mohit is like this, I will not let him come in my life again. She cries and hugs him.

Shanti comes home. Raghav asks Shanti where did she go at night, she did not even tell them. Amit looks on. Raghav covers her with shawl and asks Amit why did he go with Shanti. Amit tells everything about Shanti going to Mohit’s house an scolding him and his parents, she did good, I m leaving. Raghav rests in Shanti’s lap. Everyone look on. Shanti blesses Raghav.

Amit comes home and tells Sarla that Shanti got mad, she went to beat Mohit. I stood as her bodyguard, don’t love Shanti, she is useless for us now. She says I m thinking to fit Preeti in Pari’s inlaws. He asks her to get treatment. She says listen, Pari did not give us any money, Pari is like cow, she will get money, Kaushalya and Raghav will be happy, Riya will come on our side, Raghav will give me anything I want, maybe Shanti Sadan too. Amit asks her not to dream. She says Preeti is characterless and lost name, if I get her married, they will agree to give me anything. They laugh. Raghav makes Shanti rest and says he will serve her, being her son and also because its good deed to serve a sanyasi. She sleeps on the floor. Raghav and Kaushalya sit by her side. Raghav massages Shanti’s feet. Shanti cries.

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