Family affairs update friday 20th December 2019 Starlife

Family affairs update friday 20th December 2019 Starlife, govt official coming and asking who stays at Raghav’s house. Sarla says I stay there, they gave me house to stay. He says fine, sign here.

Shivam checks the papers and reads Raghav gave railway quarters on rent, and he accepts this. Sarla smiles. Shivam says what nonsense, we did not give the house on rent. Officer says we know everything, you get house from govt and use it to get rent, give this papers to Raghav. Raghav comes and asks whats the matter. The officer says you have to come with us. Raghav asks why. Officer says you have given quarter on rent, come with us. Raghav denies that and goes with them. Shivam goes along. Shanti worries.

Nandu dances and tells the boy that Preeti told I love you to him. The boy says she said I love you to Lucky, not you. Nandu gets upset. Rani receives a card by courier and says love you dad written in it. She calls out courier guy and he goes. She says card is good, I will do the changes. Nirmala meets lawyer and says I will make Ashok and Sarla get divorced. Sarla cries and says what days are we seeing now. Pari asks Shanti to save them. Sarla asks her to first think of Raghav. Shanti asks them to shift here. Sarla asks how will we come here, Shivam earns but Preeti and Nimmi are here, shall I get my family here. Shanti says you are my blood, can’t I raise your children. Kaushalya looks at them.

Sarla starts acting and says we will end Nimmi’s matter now. Shanti says we will check that matter later, you leave now. Sarla and Pari leave. Kaushalya gets worried. Raghav and Shivam talk to the officer. Officer asks him to stay in office till tomorrow. Raghav says I did not do any theft, there is no warrant against me. Officer scolds him and asks him to have some shame. Raghav says don’t blame me, I have right to explain. Officer says explain to committee tomorrow, stand up, you give flat to sister on rent and saying you are honest, you are a thief. Shivam holds the man’s collar. Raghav asks Shivam to leave him, apologize to him, its my matter, I will solve this. The officer says I will not leave you. Shivam slaps the officer. Peons hold Shivam. Shanti tells Kaushalya that Sarla and her family will stay with us, give Preeti and Nandu’s room to Amit and Rani. Preeti argues over it.

Raghav and Shivam come home. Raghav tells everyone that decision will be taken tomorrow. He asks Shivam why did he get angry. Shivam says he was misbehaving with you. Shanti asks what did he do. Raghav says officer was talking bad, but Shivam slapped him. They all get worried.

Pari and Sarla have a talk about Shanti Sadan. Nirmala comes. Sarla argues with her and asks when will she die, make some program to die soon. Nirmala says I look fit and fine, but I will die some day, I want to stay happy and do all this, nothing else. Shanti asks Kaushalya to pack her bags, they are going to stay in Sarla’s house for few days. Kaushalya asks why. Shanti says you can’t think like me, just call Sarla and tell her we are coming. Nirmala shows the papers to Sarla. Sarla says I will get papers checked, I don’t trust anyone. Nirmala says sure. She thinks she has made two papers to show and get sign on. Kaushalya calls Sarla and says we are coming there to stay. Sarla asks what and gets worried. Shanti talks to Sarla and says we have to show that we are Raghav’s family and we are staying over there.

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