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Family affairs update monday 16th December 2019 on Starlife

Family affairs update monday 16th December 2019 on Starlife, Shivam and Riya leaving to go to Bua Dadi’s place. Kaushalya hides her face seeing Raghav.

He asks her to stop these fasts and other things, Riya will get children when time comes. She says people are gossiping that Riya has some problem and to take her to doctor, that’s why I m doing this, you have to support me, don’t see my face for 3 days. He asks was there no other option, I can’t manage to live without seeing you. She says its tough for me also, and goes.

Rani and Nirmala go to meet Prabha and give her sweets. Rani says I m feeling scared, what to do. Nirmala says nothing will happen. Prabha asks why did you get sweets. Rani says Nirmala married Ashok. Prabha asks why did you deny that day. Nirmala says you are my Samdhan, forgive me, I came to give you invitation to come for tea party. Prabha says I will come, and smiles. Rani and Nirmala leave.

Preeti calls Lucky and asks why did he not call her. Nandu says I was busy. She asks what is he doing. He sees workers going and says I m making house. She asks your own house. He jokes and says neighbors house, what are you asking, I will make my own house right. She asks where. Shanti calls her and she ends call. She goes.

Shanti asks Nimmi to get hot water for her. Nimmi gets dizzy. Shanti says I told you little work and you are getting dizzy, go and get water in a bucket.

Sarla gets angry seeing Rani and Nirmala together, and ask them whats going on. Rani says they went to invite everyone for tea party. Sarla scolds Nirmala and says she will cancel all the invitations. Rani asks Sarla to let Nirmala do what she wants, as she is alive only for few days now. Shanti asks Preeti to go market and get puja items. She asks about her mangalsutra. Preeti says it broke. Shanti asks how can you say this casually. Preeti thinks old woman has seen my mangalsutra missing, and not able to find her radio. Shanti asks are you saying bad to me in heart. Preeti says no and goes. Nimmi gets water bucket and faints. Shanti gets shocked and shouts for Raghav.

Family affairs update monday 16th December 2019 on Starlife

Doctor comes and checks Nimmi. Raghav prays for Nimmi. Doctor tells them that Nimmi is pregnant, you should give me sweets, Raghav is becoming Nana, why are you all shocked. They all look at Nimmi. Nimmi is in shock. Shanti says what is this justice with Nimmi. Doctor says everything is fine, take care of Nimmi. Shanti asks doctor not to tell anyone, Nimmi is widow now.

Doctor says I won’t say, but such things don’t hide. He leaves. Kaushalya says we wanted our family to go ahead and was wishing Riya gets a child, but Nimmi is pregnant. Shanti asks why did you remove ghunghat, and ruin the rituals. Raghav says its happiness, why are we sad. Shanti says I feel like I m seeing history, Nimmi is in my place. Preeti thinks Nimmi used to say she has bear a lot of problems, but she lied, she has enjoyed. She makes a face.

Nimmi cries and apologizes to Kaushalya. She says I should die, then it will be fine. Nimmi runs and takes knife to cut her wrist. Shanti and everyone stop Nimmi. Shanti throws knife. Raghav asks Kaushalya to take Nimmi upstairs. Shanti and Raghav cry. Raghav says how will we manage this. She says we will see everything, Lord gives problems to the one who has strength to manage. He says I can’t manage this. She says you don’t cry, I will handle things. She consoles him and cries.

Pari comes home and sees Nirmala and Rani making samosas. She asks Sarla whats happening. Nirmala says we are making food as many people are coming. Pari asks did you take permission from Sarla. Sarla says no. Pari says I think Rani made this plan, I will not leave Rani. Sarla holds Pari and stops her. Pari asks did you plan anything, I m just asking. Sarla says no, I did not think anything yet.

Raghav and Kaushalya are sad and talk about their dreams for Nimmi, and how Nimmi’s fate got unlucky. She says we have to manage Nimmi, she needs us, how will Nimmi pass her life, she has become widow in young age. He says even Amma is worried and sitting infront of dad’s pic, we have to prepare Nimmi for her future. She says I don’t understand what to do. They get sad.

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