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Family affairs update Monday 9 December 2019 Starlife

Family affairs update Monday 9 December 2019 Starlife, Kaushalya seeing the burnt saree and confronting Riya. She scolds her and asks for her kundli, as her Grah are not running fine.

Riya says but I switched it off. Shanti looks on smiling. Nirmala tells Ashok that she made his woolen cap for him as a gift. He asks what the need. She says you always supported me and stood for my respect, so keep this, I wanted to make sweater, but wool was less. He says you know my wife, you have many enemies, Sarla, Rani and Bindu, I don’t want Sarla to get hurt by anything, I liked this gift, you keep this cap, when I need it, I will take it, I don’t want you to do anything that hurts my wife, don’t feel bad, you can work peacefully here, you are independent now. She gets upset.

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Riya says I will apologize. Kaushalya says you just apologized to Shanti just half an hour before. Shanta says see now what I do, how will Kaushalya save Riya, and who will save Kaushalya from me. She calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Riya to leave. Riya hides the saree. Shanti asks Kaushalya what happened, why are you standing as statue, did you steal, is it about saree?

Kaushalya says I wanted to talk to you. Shanti says tell me, and argues on everything. Kaushalya goes to get laddoos. Shanti asks her to get courage till I come back. She laughs and leaves. Kaushalya says just Nimmi can save Riya now.

Pari eats grapes and says I m feeling good now. Sharmili asks Sujeev to call doctor fast. Pari gets worried. Sharmili asks her why is she getting tensed, pain happens in such time, once doctor comes and gives injection, all pain will go. Pari worries. She thinks to lie that she lost her baby, and Vyom’s marriage will stop, but now my plan looks like flopping.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to make this saree fine, Shanti will be back anytime. Nimmi asks her to get ghungroos. Kaushalya says don’t joke. Nimmi says get it fast, I will use ghungroos. Shanti comes home and calls Kaushalya. Riya says I think we should tell this to Shanti. Nimmi says no, don’t give her a chance to taunt you. Kaushalya gives her ghungroos and goes. Nimmi stitches the saree and makes some designs.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to get Sarla’s saree. Kaushalya says I will find it, I don’t remember where I kept it. Shanti says fine, tell me do you want to give it to Sarla and is there any other program. Kaushalya says no, I will get it. Shanti asks her to find it. Kaushalya worries and thinks what to do. Nimmi repairs the burnt patch on the saree. Preeti and Riya help her. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get saree fast as Sarla would be coming now. She says put the shagun ready, saree, bangles, sindoor, sweets and fruits.

She says tell me if Riya refused for this, I m Sarla’s mother and have to do this. Kaushalya goes to make plate ready. Mohit sees the flowers on the road and thinks of Preeti. Kaushalya brings shagun plate. Shanti goes to Preeti, and Kaushalya stops her. Shanti asks where are Nimmi and Riya, I will call them.

Family affairs update Monday 9 December 2019 Starlife

Doctor checks Pari. Sharmili asks her to check well, and goes out with Sujeev and Vyom. Pari thinks I did not know pregnancy test, else I would have called my own doctors to win game. Shanti asks Kaushalya whats cooking, why are you stopping me. Shanti gets angry and asks did Riya take me light getting the rule. Riya says Dadi is coming. Kaushalya says Riya is not sleeping, she is with Nimmi. She makes excuses. Shanti goes to Nimmi’s room.

Sujeev and everyone wait outside the room. Doctor asks them to come inside. She says I checked Pari well, its all fine. Sujeev asks so what is it, tell me. Doctor says Pari is not pregnant. Sharmili asks what. Pari shouts no, this can’t happen, how will I be without babies, I thought I will get happies with babies, now what will happen. Sujeev says calm down, you will become mummies some day. Mama asks doctor to come. Sharmili thanks Lord. Pari says I heard you mom ji, my dreams broke and you are happy.

Mohit makes Sorry I love you with the flowers infront of Shanti Sadan. Sarla comes there and sees all this. Mohit requests her to help him, he will marry Preeti. Sarla scolds him and says will you defame the love like this. Is this the way. She says your parents have no sense and insults him. H asks her to stop it. She ruins the flowers and he says no Bua ji, and gets angry. He says I did not defame Preeti, I love her. She says don’t shout, you don’t have sense, see you are making issue infront of them, when Preeti hates you, why are you after her. He says I love her, I will come here till Preeti tells me that she hates me. Sarla beats him and asks him to leave.

Preeti gives 10000rs to Shanti, and says I went to office yesterday, I got this. Shanti asks her to apply oil to her hair. Kaushalya worries seeing saree there. Shanti asks where is Nimmi. Preeti and Kaushalya hide the saree piece. Riya and Nimmi hide. Shanti takes Kaushalya and says we will see whats happening outside. Nimmi and Riya take the saree. People beat Mohit. Shanti asks whats happening Sarla.

Preeti says this saree won’t get repaired, Dadi will call us. Nimmi says we would have got in trouble because of you. Preeti says I saved you. Riya says don’t fight, concentrate on saree.Nimmi says ghungroos are less. Sharmili lies that she is also in grief and acts sweet. Sujeev asks Pari to come, they will go out. Pari says drop me at my mummies place, I miss her a lot. Sujeev says fine, I will take you there, stay there for few days. Pari says my house is small, my Dadis expired, so you will find it weird seeing them cry, I will go alone. Vyom says yes, leave her alone for some time. Sujeev asks Pari to go.

Shanti does not see Mohit. Sarla comes inside and sits on swing. Shanti stops her and says just Riya will sit on swing. Kaushalya asks Riya to get saree. Shanti asks whats happening, get saree. Kaushalya says yes, and worries. Shanti tells Sarla that Riya has ironed your saree, don’t know whats in her heart, she knows to show people their place, she is very sharp. Sarla says Kaushalya would have kept best saree. She argues with Kaushalya. Riya and girls worry.

Sharmili asks Pari to come out if her acting ended. Pari asks what. Sharmili says you wanted to go to your Maayka, I knew you will say this, you can’t fool me. Riya gets the saree. Kaushalya gives yellow saree. Shanti asks Sarla to take saree which Raghav got for her. Sarla says this yellow is good. Shanti gives the saree to Sarla and asks her to see. Sarla says this is also good. Sarla likes the ghungroos and says its very beautiful saree. Kaushalya and girls smile. Shanti looks on and asks Kaushalya how did ghungroo come in saree, did you change the saree? Kaushalya. Nimmi, Riya and Preeti worry.

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