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Tuesday 1 October  2019
Episode 135

Rani asks Amit never to tell anyone of Pati have gone missing.

Wednesday 2 October  2019
Episode 136
Shivam assaults Sujeev and Makdi for destroying Pari’s life. Sarla slaps Pari for marrying Sujeev. Pari lies to Sarla about being pregnant. Sujeev’s mother accepts Pari after Sarla apologises to her. Shanti scolds the neighbours for insulting Pari.

Thursday 3 October  2019
Episode 137
Shanti convinces Kaushalya to believe that Pari married Sujeev on her suggestion. Sharmili asks Pari to perform all the household chores. Lali asks Riya if she is happy at her in-law’s house. Ashok is unhappy when he learns that Pari is married. Shanti is reluctant to give a nek to Pari.

Friday 4 October  2019
Episode 138
Shanti gives it back to a few women who humiliate her. Prabha forms a union to protest against Sarla. Shanti asks Preeti to quit her job. Sharmili makes Pari mop the floor. Kaushalya requests Preeti and Nimmi to get married according to Shanti’s will.

Saturday 5 October  2019
Episode 139
Pari is afraid as Sujeev attacks her. She blames Sharmili for ruining her life. Shivam and Riya argue over Dadi’s decision to ask for Preeti’s resignation. Sharmili shows Pari the photographs of her and Sujeev’s marriage. Sujeev asks Pari to do all the chores. Mohit professes his love to Preeti.

Sunday 6 October 2019
Episode 140
Sarla and Amit set out to find the treasure hidden in Rani’s property. Rani frightens them, disguised as a ghost. Sarla and Amit fall into a pit. Shanti makes Riya carry out all her work. Rani enjoys freedom in the absence of Sarla. The goons chasing Amit, help him and Sarla out of the pit.

Monday  7 October  2019
Episode 141
The goons give Sarla five days to arrange the money. They take Amit with them. Shivam scolds Riya for not helping Kaushalya with the household chores. Sharmili warns Pari against visiting the locked room. Shivam apologises to Riya for his rudeness. Riya learns about Nimmi asking Bunty for money.

Tuesday 8 October  2019
Episode 142
Shivam slaps Nimmi for borrowing money from Bunty. Nimmi tells everyone that Bunty got her another order. Shanti blames herself for the wrong upbringing of her grandchildren and decides to take an ice water bath to wash away her sins. Kaushalya stops Shanti and takes the ice bath instead.

Wednesday 9 October  2019
Episode 143
Pari is shocked to see Sujeev’s split personality. An angry Shivam screams at Riya; says he regrets marrying her. Bunty convinces Riya not to leave Shanti Sadan. Pari refuses to help Sarla with money. Preeti escapes in the night to meet Mohit. Sarla decides to become a saint!

Thursday 10 October  2019
Episode 144
Preeti hides herself from Sarla. Mohit professes his love to Preeti. Rani tells Shanti that Sarla is missing. Preeti tells Nimmi that she has seen Sarla dressed as a saint. Sujeev confronts Pari for insulting his mother. Sarla lies to Shanti that she has cancer!

Friday 11 October  2019
Episode 145
Shanti becomes emotional when she hears that Sarla has cancer. The goons call Sarla for money. Riya asks Sarla for her medical reports. Sarla feels that Riya is doubting her illness. Rani tells Riya that Sarla is lying. Pari finds Vyom in a locked room. The ladies sell their jewellery for Sarla’s treatment.

Saturday 12 October  2019
Episode 146
Raghav returns home to find Riya arguing with Shanti. He agrees with Riya about depositing the jewellery in the bank. Sarla asks Rajinder and Bansi to arrange a fake cancer report. Shanti lies to Raghav that Sarla got Pari and Sujeev married.

Sunday 13 October 2019
Episode 147
Sarla gets a fake cancer report. Shanti hesitantly marks her thumbprint on the mortgage papers of Shanti Sadan that Raghav has brought. Riya learns that there are no cancer doctors at Mughal Sarai. Sarla asks Rajinder to set up a fake clinic. Riya decides to find out Sarla’s secret.

Monday  14 October  2019
Episode 148
Sarla scolds Rajinder for foiling her plan. Raghav decides to take Sarla to Delhi for treatment. Sujeev asks Pari to apologise to Sharmili. Sarla tells Raghav and Shanti to take her to Dr Bhola. Rani tells her aunt about Sarla’s ailment. Riya takes photographs of Sarla’s health report.

Tuesday 15 October  2019
Episode 149
Mohit disguises himself and goes to meet Preeti. Pari tries to manipulate Vyom to fall in love with her once again. The doctor looks at the report and tells Riya that the patient should be dead by now. Riya informs Rani about the same. Amit flees from captivity. Sujeev wants to take Pari to a psychiatrist!

Wednesday 16 October  2019
The goons kidnap Amit again and demand money from Sarla. Kaushalya tries to calm Shanti. Preeti is shocked to see Mohit in the house. Mohit tells her that he wants to marry her. Preeti too admits that she loves him. Nimmi helps Mohit escape from the house. Riya decides to expose Sarla.

Thursday 17 October  2019
Rani and Riya try to get Sarla’s blood sample. Sarla falls for their bait and provides a sample at the blood camp. Riya receives Sarla’s blood report. She stops Sarla from taking the mortgage money from Raghav. Riya tells the family that Sarla does not have cancer.

Friday 18 October  2019
Riya reveals to the family that Sarla is not suffering from cancer. Shanti returns the money to the lender. Riya accuses Sarla of faking about her ailment and exposes her. Shanti breaks her relationship with Sarla, when she admits to have deceived the family.

Saturday 19 October  2019
Sarla admits to her deeds after being exposed, but Shanti refuses to listen to her. Sarla reveals that Amit is in trouble. Shivam tells Riya that she has made a mistake. Sarla finds her hidden jewellery and helps Amit. Later, Shivam and Raghav go in search of him.

Sunday 20 October 2019
Rani files a missing report of Amit. The kidnappers provide Sarla an address for the money drop. The police surround the address given by the goons. Shivam clings to one of the kidnappers. The police eventually arrest the criminals.

Monday  21 October  2019
Sarla apologises to Raghav for her misdeeds. Kaushalya decides to perform a puja at Shanti Sadan and invites Sarla. Meanwhile, Sarla slaps Amit for being irresponsible. Shanti refuses to allow Sarla to enter the house. Vyom apologises to Sujeev for his mistake. Shanti refuses to forgive Sarla.

Tuesday 22 October  2019
Sarla asks Amit to not fall in love with Rani. Vyom slaps Sujeev for assaulting Pari. Amit asks the head of the kidnappers to let him join their gang. Sharmili apologises to Vyom. She tries to make him realise that Pari is after his money. Shanti decides to cast Riya out of house.

Wednesday 23 October  2019
Shivam asks Riya to not manipulate his family. Riya asks him to support her in mending the family ties. Pari provokes Sujeev against Vyom. Sarla asks Rani’s aunt to leave the house. Sharmili is worried as Sujeev and Pari go missing. Shanti provokes Kaushalya against Riya.

Thursday 24 October  2019
Kaushalya scolds Riya for arranging her guest’s accommodation elsewhere. Sarla is excited to see Pari and Sujeev when they visit her. Sujeev gifts his necklace to Sarla when she reveals her financial problems. Rani finds Ashok working at a food cart with Nirmala. Amit and Sujeev play cards.

Friday 25 October  2019
Raghav decides to let his friend’s son, Nandu stay in his house. Sharmili visits Sarla’s house looking for Sujeev. Sharmili warns Pari not to take Sujeev out without her consent. Amit tells Sarla that he has found a job. Sharmili holds Pari captive. Riya calls a doctor for Shanti.

Saturday 26 October  2019
Riya decides to organise a theme party at Shanti Sadan. Sharmili provokes Sujeev against Pari. Sharmili’s prisoner escapes from the locked room. Vyom brings food for Pari without Sharmili’s knowledge and ties her again. Shanti deliberately has the wrong medicines to get Riya into trouble.

Sunday 27 October 2019
The residents of Shanti Sadan enjoy Riya’s theme party. Sarla asks Ashok about Nirmala and his food cart. Ashok receives an order to vacate his house. The wrong medicines make Shanti unconscious. The doctor tells Raghav that Shanti has had the wrond meds.

Monday  28 October  2019
Amit joins a smuggling gang. Shanti regains consciousness and tells Raghav that Riya gave her the medicines. Raghav hauls up Riya for her negligence. Riya tries to prove her innocence but Raghav refuses to believe her. Pari lies to Sujeev that she was abducted. Shivam tries to calm Riya.

Tuesday 29 October  2019
Shivam tries to prove Riya’s innocence, while Riya apologises to Raghav. Pari sneaks out of her room to meet Vyom. Raghav asks Kaushalya to take the responsibility of looking after Shanti. He decides to give the medicines to Shanti himself from here on. Sarla is worried about losing the house.

Wednesday 30 October  2019
Rani’s aunt refuses to allow her and Amit to stay in her house. Preeti asks Mohit to speak to his parents about their marriage. Meanwhile, a railway employee, Sharma asks Sarla to vacate the house and throws out her belongings. Sonal tells Raghav about it.

Thursday 31 October  2019
Shanti catches Raghav with Riya on her scooty. Raghav and Riya help Sarla to save her house. Sarla blames Riya for her misfortune. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Sarla has got her house back. Anupam tells Shanti that he has transferred a property in Riya’s name.

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