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Family affairs update Saturday 14th December 2019 on Starlife

Family affairs update Saturday 14th December 2019 on Starlife, Raghav looking for Shanti. He tells Kaushalya to look around, and everyone come.

They all look for Shanti and hear her voice. They all go out and see Shanti asking neighbors for Bhiksha/donated food. The lady asks her what is this new drama, does Raghav not give her food. She scolds Shanti and asks her to go. Raghav asks is this way to talk to any elder woman like this. Shanti says don’t talk in between, let her say anything. He asks Shanti why is she bringing their respect on road. Kaushalya asks her to come home.

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Shanti asks for food. Riya gives her the food to stop her from asking others. Shanti gets angry and says so Riya is giving me Bhiksha. She goes inside home. Mohit wakes up. He recalls how Shanti slapped him. He asks his mum to open the door. She says she won’t open the door, he can’t be happy with Preeti. He says I love Preeti and will marry just her, open the door. She refuses. He fumes.

He gets call from work and says I will come in some time. He goes from the window. Shanti is making something. Kaushalya offers help. Shanti says give me some peace, don’t be after me, I have taken sanyaas, let me do my duty. Raghav says maybe I did some sins that you are beating me doing this, I m going, you all let Amma what she wants, carry on your work. Shanti thinks I will tell everyone that Riya made me take sanyas, and then make way for Riya’s exit by putting all blames on her. Shanti ignites fire to make stove and coughs. Kaushalya says let me do it.

Amit asks for parathas. Pari comes and surprises them. She says Sujeev did not come, I started morning walk. Sarla asks why that, you are fit. Pari says its rich people’s fashion, this is called style. Rani asks Amit to get such dress, I will also go on morning walk. Sarla laughs and asks her to do household work. Pari and Rani argue. Sarla asks Pari about money. Pari lies and boasts she is rich. Pari takes a paratha and asks for butter. She argues with Rani. Pari takes Sarla to talk. Rani thinks there is some planning by Pari.

Family affairs update Saturday 14th December 2019 on Starlife

Mohit’s mum gets his breakfast and worries seeing window open, and Mohit gone. She says Preeti made him mad, I have to do something, I will show them their place, and looks for their phone number. She gets Shanti Sadan’s number and smiles.

Shanti coughs and everyone worry. Raghav and Kaushalya ask her not to do all this. Shanti asks her not to help. Kaushalya says its my Dharm to help you. Riya cries by the smoke. Shanti thinks Riya will be hurt and leave this house soon. Riya helps Shanti. Shanti asks them not to help and her hand burns. They all worry. Shanti worries. She stares at Riya. She tells Kaushalya that now they will value her, as her shadow will not protect them now. She asks them to leave her alone, and kneads flour.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to leave Shanti on her own, why is she becoming mother india, do your work and let Shanti do her work, I will manage everything, trust me. Kaushalya agrees. Pari likes parathas and says Rani makes good parathas. She asks Sarla her plan, so that her mind gets calm. Sarla says I understand, I also want same thing. Sarla asks for money for the idea. Sarla sees Rani and says people like to hear other’s conversation. Rani worries and Sarla scolds her asking her to go. Rani goes.

Sarla tells Pari that she will use misunderstanding for Vyom’s marriage, she will do anything for Pari, they will create confusion in Sharmili’s mind, she won’t know Preeti and Pari’s relation, we will present Preeti as rich girl, she will not know Preeti’s family. Pari asks how will you get Preeti’s family. Sarla says I will make Sharmili like Preeti and make her bahu. Pari compliments her for such ideas. They laugh.

Sarla asks her to praise any girl whom Sharmili likes, if you like her, Sharmili will dislike that girl. Rani is restless to know Sarla and Pari’s planning. She serves food to Amit and he stops her from going to Sarla. He asks how to eat this, get some curd or chutney. She says I will ask Pari if she needs chutney too. He says no need, let Sarla and Pari talk.

Riya asks Shanti to stop being adamant and holds her. Shanti says enough, you wanted change. Riya says nothing like that, you are misunderstanding me. Shanti says you are hiding your greed for power, this will result bad, you will get hit on your head soon. Riya says I want you to be happy. Shanti says this is her fight for her identity.

Pari says Sharmiili hides pics. Sarla asks her to break lock and see pic, you keep being good to Sharmili, I will see other things. Pari says I will try. Sarla says I told you my plan, give me money now. Pari asks are you not ashamed to ask money, leave this. Sarla asks 500rs. Pari argues. Sarla takes money from her purse and they both argue over money.

Kaushalya takes vegs for Shanti. Shanti asks her not to help. Kaushalya apologizes. Nimmi comes and says I want to have aloo parathas today, Dadi also liked it. Shanti says enough and threatens them that she will die. Kaushalya says no, and scolds Nimmi.

Shanti eats rotis she got and says I don’t insult food. Raghav comes and looks on. He asks Kaushalya to get a plate. She says I will make breakfast soon. He asks her to do just what he said. Pari comes home and talks to Sharmili. She tells her about some rich girl and acts sweet that she can get Vyom married to the girl whose pic she kept. Sharmili calls her drama queen. Pari says I like your choice, you will think good for Vyom. Sharmili and Mama look on. Raghav takes roti from Shanti and eats it. He says I m hungry too, and eats the same food. Shanti cries. Riya tells Nimmi that they can get unwell, we have to do something. Nimmi says yes, but I can’t do anything openly. Riya says I will cook food at 5am, so that we give food early to Shanti. Raghav gets call and says I m reaching. Kaushalya says I will make something. He says I will be on roti and salt all day today and leaves for work. Shanti cries and looks at Riya. Riya goes upstairs. Shanti stares at her.

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