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Family affairs update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Starlife

In Family affairs update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Starlife, Shanti being annoyed with Riya. Nimmi helps Riya in making dinner.
Sarla tells everything to Amit, and says if Raghav knew I did this, he would have done my visarjan.
Amit says I feel Riya knows black magic, she has controlled Shivam, Raghav and Kaushalya. Sarla says I know Kaushalya wants Shanti’s rule to come in her house. Amit says get her kundli. Rani hears them and thinks why is he asking kundli, does he want to marry Riya. She goes to them and asks why is he asking Riya’s kundli. Sarla and Rani argue. Rani asks for some gift and Amit jokes. Sarla laughs on Rani. Amit is frustrated about his life. Sarla gets Shanti’s call and sends Rani out.
She asks Shanti is everything solved. Shanti says everything went wrong, I have given keys, swing and my house to Riya. Sarla asks what did you do, you are burning your Lanka yourself. Shanti says I would have died being frustrated. Sarla hits her head and cries. Amit asks what happened. Sarla tells him that Shanti has given her place to Riya. Amit worries and asks how will we get money from Nani now. Sarla says I m worried that Amma can come here to stay with us. Amit says no way, I don’t like her, she is history for me. She asks him to get a saree. He asks why, I don’t have money. She says I m thinking to gift saree to Kaushalya, I just taunted her and now I m thinking to get friendly with her, as Kaushalya and Riya are managing Shanti Sadan now.
Riya asks Nimmi to call Kaushalya, and makes dinner ready and arranges the table. Raghav asks Kaushalya not to be angry, come we will go for dinner. Kaushalya refuses. He says how will Riya manage alone, help her, teach her. He says I have to go for duty in morning, I will go for dinner and have to sleep early, you come. He goes. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to come for dinner, Riya cooked everyone’s fav food. Kaushalya refuses again. Nimmi asks who will make Shanti have food then, come, no one had food till now. Kaushalya goes.
Ashok and Nirmala clean the stall. Nirmala says whatever happened was not right. Sarla got hurt, you are good that you stood for me, but if you feel I should leave stall, you tell me, I will go. She cries and says I don’t want your house to break because of me. He asks her to stop crying, its not her mistake, they should trust each other, I don’t care about the world. He asks her to smile and go home now. He gives her some money and takes money box for Sarla. She smiles.
Sarla serves food to Amit. Rani brings roti for Amit. Sarla asks Amit to return agency to Riya. He refuses. Sarla says I m scared, what if Riya takes revenge from us. Amit takes it light. Rani looks on and asks why is Sarla crying. Sarla says I m fine, don’t hear out talks, go and do your work.
He asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks him not to be with Riya. He says Riya knows work, she explains me, even I know work but she just helps sometimes, I promise I will make her leave from Shanti Sadan. She asks him to think well. As they maybe out of this house too. He asks her to have food. Sarla says Rani made food, so I should check. Amit changes the food and gives his plate food, saying Rani will make good for me right, have this one.
Everyone sit for dinner in Shanti Sadan. Riya says I will call Shanti. Kaushalya asks her not to say this again, I don’t eat food before my husband and mum in law, I will call Amma. She serves food to Raghav. Raghav takes the food plate for Shanti. Shanti is resting in her room. Kaushalya and Raghav come to her. Raghav asks Shanti to have food. He says I will not touch food till you eat food. He says I had to keep Riya’s respect, so I had to raise voice on you, its very wrong to take Agnipariksha of other’s daughter, I did mistake doing a father in law’s duty, I m sorry. Riya, Shivam, Nimmi and Preeti look and pray that Shanti gets convinced.
Raghav asks Shanti to have food and goes. Shanti cries and takes food plate. Raghav feeds her food. Everyone smile. Shanti hugs Raghav. Shanti feeds food to Raghav. Nimmi, Preeti and Shivam also feed Shanti and hug her. Shivam signs Riya to come. Shanti says I m done having food and goes. Riya asks Shanti to keep the keys, I don’t want this. Shanti asks are you afraid of taking responsibility, run the house and show me, we want to see how new generation works. Raghav says I will not get in between this matter. Shanti asks Shivam to say. Shivam says I m with Papa, I will go and have food. Shanti asks Riya to teach her how modern bahu runs home.

Family affairs update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Starlife

Nimmi says I think Riya will have many problems, everyone got fine, Shanti had food, but Shanti did not take back keys, this did not happen in 25 years. Nandu comes. Kaushalya asks Preeti to serve food to Nandu. Preeti asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi says everything changed, and my fate is same.
Sonal comes home and Rani asks did Amit sent this for me. Sonal says no, my friend told me to return this box to Amit, there are some reactions of this cream. Rani says fine, I will keep this box, and give this at agency. Sonal gets Nupur’s call and tells Rani that she has to go. Rani smiles seeing the box.
Sharmili and Pari argue over Pari’s supposed pregnancy. Preeti cries recalling Mohit. Nimmi consoles her and says if you really love him, I will help you, I will call Mohit and ask you both to elope and marry. Preeti says I can’t think of doing that, I can’t cheat family, who tried best to support me.
Shanti comes out and sees her swing. She moves it and cries. She recalls Riya’s words. She imagines Riya laughing and sitting on the swing, challenging her to see. Kaushalya looks on as Shanti stares at swing.
Its morning, Nimmi asks Preeti not to be angry, and says I want Shanti’s keys. Preeti asks are you mad. Nimmi says I want to see what Shanti keeps in her cupboard. Preeti gets a call from office.
Riya tells Kaushalya that I did all work in kitchen, shall I go office. Kaushalya asks her to go. Preeti asks Shanti shall I go office to collect remaining salary. Shanti asks her to take Riya’s permission. Riya says I will take Preeti and Nimmi with me. Shanti sits on the bench instead swing. Kaushalya asks for money to make sweets. Shanti asks her to ask Riya. Sharmili and Mama are outside. Preeti hides and asks Nimmi to let that woman go. Sharmili calls Pandit and asks about that girl. Mama tells Sharmili that they will find that girl in marriage bureau and takes her. Sharmili sees Preeti there and stops. Preeti gets shocked.

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